Special Valentine’s pastries presented by Patisserie petite Amanda

To celebrate the forthcoming Valentine’s Day, five special pastries – I ♥ YOU Macaron, Dõme D’Amour, Verrine D’Amour, Cupid’s Mille Feuille and Cupid’s Croissant will be available at famed model Amanda S.‘s patisserie petite Amanda on 7th Feb, 2014.

1. I Love You Macaron

petite Amanda has tailored its version for this special day. These specially designed macarons are filled with rose ganoche and a mixed berry filling. It comes in five in a pack with the message – “I ♥ YOU”. Each letter is written individually on each macaron. Message of love does not come any more literally than this.

2. Dõme D’Amour

This dome shaped dessert is full of surprises. What is hidden within those rose lychee mousse is a heartwarming mixed berry compote. For some extra texture of sponge, it has been placed on top of a thin layer of pain de gêne sponge. Dõme D’Amour forms a perfect metaphor of one’s heart which makes it an ideal gift for your loved ones on this special occasion.

3. Verrine D’Amour

The Verrine is held in a heart shaped ramekin, made by Le Creuset. The ramekin is a limited edition item exclusive to petite Amanda. This delightful creation is composed of a layer of mixed berry compote, thin pain de gêne sponge, lychee mousse and topped with rose bavarois. Not only it looks amazing but also tastes heavenly.

4. Cupid’s Mille Feuille

Cupid’s Mille Feuille is made up of sheets of most feathery puff pastry, filled with sumptuous rose raspberry light cream and vanilla light cream. To finish this Valentine’s Day special, it is decorated with a rose petal and a fresh raspberry, adding extra sparkles by dustings of gold flakes.

5. Cupid’s Croissant

The traditional French pastry has been revamped for this special day. This fragrant pastry is topped with diced dried raspberry and brushed with a layer of sugar coating to sweeten the day a little bit more.

* Pre-order is Available except 14th Feb