IWC 萬國錶「小王子」紅色星光特別版 11 月 29 日「珍貴時計」拍賣會登場

UNDATIERTES HANDOUT - This customized Pilot's Watch Double Chronograph Edition "Le Petit Prince" (Ref. IW371807) features an innovative red jumping star display for the day of the week. Every day, one of seven stars in the inner circle of the dial lights up in red to symbolize the visit of Antoine de Saint-Exupery`s little prince to a different planet. The same seven stars are also engraved as a decoration on the back of the watch and include the name of the inhabitant with whom the little prince is currently passing the time. (PHOTOPRESS/IWC)

香港蘇富比與瑞士高級鐘錶製造商沙夫豪森 IWC 萬國錶將聯手呈獻 IWC 萬國錶飛行員追針計時腕錶「小王子」特別版 (型號IW371807)*,此錶將於2015 年11 月29 日在香港蘇富比藝術空間舉行的「珍貴時計」拍賣會(詳情容後公佈)上矚目登場。

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這枚獨一無二的珍貴特別版時計結合多種複雜功能,專為飛行而設計,匠心獨運的錶盤鑄刻著安東尼‧聖艾修伯里(Antoine de Saint Exupéry傳世名著《小王子》的奇妙歷程。此枚腕錶的拍賣收益將全數撥捐安東尼•聖艾修伯里青少年基金會,以資助香港心光學校 。


《小王子》的故事多年來廣為傳誦,深受各方喜愛,更被翻譯成逾260 種語言。小王子從他的小小星球出發,走訪七個星球,在這奇妙旅程中遇見不少引人入勝的人物:國王、愛慕虛榮的人、酒鬼、商人、點燈人、地理學家,以及令小王子難以忘懷的玫瑰。

IWC 萬國錶飛行員追針計時腕錶「小王子」特別版的巧妙設計讓佩戴者重溫小王


UNDATIERTES HANDOUT - This customized Pilot's Watch Double Chronograph Edition



這款腕錶的其他強大功能包括自動上鏈、長達12 小時的累計計時功能,當然也包括IWC 萬國飛行員腕錶的軟鐵內殼提供的強大防磁保護。本拍品為限量 1,000 枚特別版腕錶之一,更是當中唯一配以紅色星光的腕錶,份外罕有珍貴。


IWC萬國錶飛行員追針計時腕錶「小王子」特別版IW371807 型號

「Pilot’s Watch Double Chronograph Edition “Le Petit Prince”」特別訂製精鋼自動上鏈追針計時腕錶,配備計時碼錶功能、擎停裝置及日期顯示

• 自動機芯79420,29 顆寶石,44 小時動力儲存• 防磁軟鐵內殼• 夜藍色錶盤,鍍金夜光指針,阿拉伯數字、寶石形及方形夜光時標,外圈分鐘及秒鐘刻度,交錯格狀飾紋錶盤顯示秒鐘、30 分鐘及12 小時計時,日期顯示視窗,紅色跳行星盤顯示星期

• 精鋼錶殼,藍寶石鏡面,旋入式錶冠,錶底附特別鐫刻

• 錶殼、錶盤及機芯印有品牌標誌• 精鋼錶扣• 直徑44 毫米,厚度17 毫米Sotheby’s Hong Kong and Swiss luxury watch manufacturer IWC Schaffhausen are proud to offer a customised watch – IWC Pilot’s Watch Double Chronograph Edition

‘Le Petit Prince’ (Ref. IW371807)* to be auctioned in Sotheby’s Fine Timepieces Sale (further details to be announced) on 29 November 2015 at Sotheby’s Hong Kong Gallery.


collaboration with IWC Schaffhausen to auction the Revolution commemorative watch in our October Sale to benefit Smile Asia, we are delighted to work with IWC again to offer this unique Pilot’s Watch Edition ‘Le Petit Prince’ at our upcoming Fine Timepieces Sale at Sotheby’s Hong Kong Gallery. Sotheby’s and IWC have worked closely together for years and we are honoured to join forces again in support of the work of the Antoine de Saint Exupéry Foundation.”


The much-loved tale of The Little Prince has been told and re-told through generations, and has been translatedinto more than 260 languages and dialects. At the heart of the celebrated young character’s allegorical odyssey are his journeys to seven planets, upon which he meets an array of seven unique inhabitants: the king, the vain man, the drunkard, the businessman, the lamplighter, the geographer and finally a rose.

Each stage of the little prince’s journey is incorporated into the design of IWC’s

specially-created Pilot’s Watch Double Chronograph Edition ‘Le Petit Prince’.

The midnight-blue dial of the watch includes a surprising and playful feature: a

jumping red star display is arranged inside the faint line of the circle at its centre.

Each day of the week, this captivating display lights up a different star in red,

symbolising the different planets visited by the Little Prince. They, along with

the names of their inhabitants, are engraved on the back of the watch. The

reverse side of the case also features a portrait of the prince himself, allowing the

wearer to know which realm the little boy is visiting at any given moment.


In addition to the poetry of the ‘jumping stars’, the Pilot’s Watch Double

Chronograph Edition ‘Le Petit Prince’ combines all the features of a watch

designed for flying. Among them is the chronograph split-seconds hand

complication – also known as a double chronograph – whose sophistication is

often underestimated. Its two stop-watch seconds hands, mounted one on top of

the other, present watchmakers with a challenge, and allow the owner to reliably

record intermediate times, even within the same minute. Further impressive

functions in this fascinating variant include automatic winding, chronograph with

aggregate time recording up to 12 hours, and a soft-iron inner case as protection

against magnetic fields. Whilst being the only timepiece with this red star it is

part of the limited edition of 1000 pieces.



The Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Youth Foundation contributes to improving the everyday lives of disadvantaged

youth and helping them attain better futures by financing long-term educational and cultural programmes with

local non-profit organisations. The proceeds from the sale will benefit Ebenezer School, the one and only non-
profit agency in Hong Kong that provides education and training for the visually impaired in the city. In support,

the school networks with partner organisations to offer training and internship programs to aid students’ career

development upon graduation. Those attending the school gain invaluable skills for professional environment as well as comprehensive education, giving them vital tools and access to a better future.


Steel Automatic Split-Second Chronograph Wristwatch With Stopwatch Function, Small Hacking Seconds Date And Midnight-Blue Dial With Red Star Display, Ref IW371807 Pilot’s Watch Double Chronograph Edition Le Petit Prince, Made In 2015

• cal. 79420 automatic movement, 29 jewels, 44-hour power reserve

• soft-iron inner case for protection against

magnetic fields • midnight-blue dial, gilt luminous hands, Arabic, dagger and rectangular luminous indexes,

outer minute and seconds track, subsidiary guilloché dials for constant seconds, 30-minute and 12-hour registers,aperture for date, day display in the form of a jumping red star

• steel brushed and polished case, sapphire glass,

screw-down crown and back with special engraving

• case, dial and movement signed • with a steel buckle

•diameter 44 mm thickness 17 mm