The major exhibition BAGISM in Shanghai chi K11 art museum

BAGISM in Shanghai K11 Art Mall demonstrates spirit of The Artisanal Movement

bagism exhibition k11 art mall shanghai Mr. Adrian Cheng

New World’s brand personality, The Artisanal Movement, is founded and curated by Adrian Cheng, the Executive Vice-chairman and Joint General Manager of the Group. The Artisanal Movement is a journey of expanding one’s imagination, not only limited to design and aesthetics. Backed by a strong belief in “WE CREATE, WE ARE ARTISANS”, every individual is an artisan. Adrian and his team continue to seek and collect the most exquisite art collection pieces, ensuring that every item is imbued with a rich heritage and cultural inheritance. BAGISM in Shanghai K11 Art Mall is officially launched on 14th July, 2016, as a dialogue between contemporary art and historical fashion, fully demonstrates the spirit of The Artisanal Movement.

Shanghai K11 Art Mall, holding the core concept of Art, People, and Nature, merges art, culture, fashion and design. With its imaginary exhibitions and cross-over projects, it brings the public close to art. In 2016, K11 will make a buzz to combine art and fashion, bringing the first Bag crossover contemporary art exhibition in the world named BAGISM. The exhibition will showcase more than 300 bags of 400 years, together with art works from 15 contemporary artists. The exhibition, carrying out dialogues between historical bags and Chinese contemporary art, will bring the audience an eye-dazzling journey beyond time and nations.

Entitled “BAGISM”, this exhibition is a nod in the direction of John Lennon and Yoko Ono who used this term during their famous press conference on peace in Vienna, on March 31, 1969. K11 pays its respects to the two celebrities, which is a presentation of bags and contemporary art behind those “–ism”.

Co-curated by French curator Elisabeth Azoulay and the Chinese emerging curator Penny Liu, the exhibition also invites well-established fashion editor-in- chief and curator Shaway Yeh as consultant. They will try to initiate four topics: history, feminism, celebrity, and art, using historical bags to showcase the history and our present life.

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Exhibits include Hermès bags used by Grace Kelly, personal bags of fashion legend Elsa Schiaparelli and Yves-Saint Laurent, bags designed by Coco Chanel, precious designs from luxury houses of Dior, Louis Vuitton, Prada, and also collections of socialites Jane Birkin and Carina Lau.

With Bags more widely used in our modern life, artists begin to retrospect more on the subject. If bags can be combined with artistic creation, is it possible to make a subject of thoughts out of simple accessories? The exhibition BAGISM – We are all in the same bag! Also brings artworks from artists in Greater China, with nine themes including desire, message, life/pattern, gender, ready-made, tradition, advertisement, social engagement, and consuming. Works from 15 Chinese artists, He Cairou, Hu Weiyi, Li Shuang, Liang Yuanwei, Liao Yijun, Luo zhixin, Jin Shan, Peng Wei, Wang Haoran, Wang Enlai, Wang Sishun, Yu Ji, Xu Zhen, Zhang Enli and Zhaoyao,( Alphabetical order by name ) will also be presented, carrying a dialogue with historical bags and fashion.