Canon 佳能 多合一打印機 全新驚喜價格發售New Price for Canon MAXIFY Business Inkjet All-In-One printer & imageCLASS All-In-One Laser Printer

佳能 Canon MAXIFY 商用高速噴墨多合一打印機及 Canon imageCLASS 多合一雷射打印機  最新發售驚喜價格

佳能 Canon MAXIFY MB5370 商用高速噴墨打印機及 imageCLASS MF217w 雷射打印機售價將



新建議零售價 HK$2,588

原價 HK$2,788

 多合一功能: 彩色打印 / 彩色掃描 / 彩色影印 / 彩色傳真

 內置同步式自動雙面掃描器大大提高雙面掃描速度1

 高速文件打印每分鐘23/15頁1

 配備雙重抗水高密度顏料墨水,令打印文字更清晰持久

 支援高容量墨水,大大減低打印成本

 內置Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n及以太網路介面作網絡分享打印/掃描/外送傳真

 直接儲存傳真和掃描文件至USB記憶體

 MAXIFY Cloud Link雲端應用程式,無需接駁電腦從打印機直接打印多種網上內容及

 支援雲端電郵打印及「Google雲端列印TM」遙距操控打印機打印相片及文件2

 透過網路功能掃描及傳真至網路資料夾

 支援AirPrint,即可透過iOS裝置無線打印網頁或文件3

 Canon Print Inkjet/SELPHY 智能手機應用程式作直接相片打印、掃描及雲端打印4

 自動雙面打印

 支援操作限制功能大大減低運作成本

 50頁自動雙面送稿器作多頁影印/掃描

 3″ 彩色輕接觸式顯示屏,大大簡化操作程序

 Wi-Fi存取點模式,無需經路由器即可直接連接流動裝置至打印機進行打印

 內置雙送紙盤支援500張一般打印紙

 隨機附送中英文字辨識軟件 1 根據 ISO/IEC 24734 計算。打印速度根據 ISO/IEC 24734 計算,於連續打印中,打印機速度或會減慢以防止機內溫度上



等掃描設定而有所不同。以預設設定(彩色掃描或影印,300dpi)為例,打印機會於連續或短時間內多次送紙約 80 張後切換


Canon ImageCLASS MF217w:

新建議零售價 HK$1,888

原價 HK$2,088

 支援免費流動打印及掃描應用程式#1作無線打印及掃描

 AirPrint及Mopria○R 無線打印流動裝置上的網頁或文件#1

 內置Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n無線網絡及以太網路作網絡打印、


 可調校式操控盤,隨意自訂角度,方便操作

 6行文字輕觸式LCD,支援顯示繁體中文

 首頁打印時間只需6秒,打印/影印速度為每分鐘23頁

 35頁自動送稿器,方便傳真、影印及掃描使用

 Super G3傳真,256頁傳真記憶New Price for Canon MAXIFY Business Inkjet All-In-One printer  & Canon imageCLASS All-In-One Laser Printer.The new price of Canon MAXIFY MB5370 & imageCLASS MF217w will be effectivefrom now on. Details are as follows:


Canon MAXIFY MB5370:

New Suggested Retail Price: HK$2,588

Original Price: HK$2,788


Feature Highlights

 All in one: Color Print / Color Scan / Color Copy /


Color Fax1


 Built-in single pass auto duplex scanner for ultra fast


duplex scan


 High speed printing at 23/15 (B&W/CL) image1


 Dual Resistant High Density Ink for sharp and long lasting text


 Support high capacity ink tank to reduce running cost


 Built-in Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n and ethernet for network print/scan/out going fax


 Fax and scanned document direct save to USB drive


 MAXIFY Cloud Link application for direct printing of online contents and scan to


email without computer2


 Print From Email and “Google Cloud PrintTM” for remote document and photo print2


 Support scan / fax to network folder through network


 AirPrint wireless print supported for direct printing of web pages or documents 3


through iOS devices


 Canon Print Inkjet/SELPHY smart phone application for direct photo printing,


scanning and cloud printing4


 Auto duplex print


 Support operation restriction function to reduce operation cost


 50-sheet Auto Duplex Feeder for duplex scan / copy


 3″ touch color LCD for quick and easy operation


 Wi-Fi Access Point Mode for wireless printing from mobile devices without router


 Built-in dual cassette supports up to 500 sheets plain paper


 Bundled with OCR software


1 Calculated according to ISO/IEC 24734. Print Speed calculated according to ISO/IEC 24734. During


successive printing, the printer may slow down the operation to prevent the internal temperature from


rising. When scanning or copying a certain volume of documents continuously from the ADF, the printer


may switch to “waiting mode“ in which paper feeding stops for several tens of seconds after each scan,


in order to prohibit overheating the paper feeding mechanism of the ADF. The timing of the “waiting


mode” may vary depending on scan settings such as color/mono, resolution and so on. In case of the


default settings (scan or copy in color, 300dpi), the printer switches to “waiting mode” after approx. 80


sheets of paper feeding continuously or repeatedly in short period.


For more details, please visit


iOS version must be iOS4.2 or later


4 iOS version must be iOS7.0 or later; AndroidTM version must be AndroidTM 2.3.3 or later. For more


information, please visit


Canon imageCLASS MF217w:

New Suggested Retail Price: HK$1,888


Original Price: HK$2,088

Feature Highlights

  • Support Mobile Printing and Scanning App#1 for direct printing and scanning
  • AirPrint & MopriaR for direct printing web pages or documents through mobile device#1
  • Built-in Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n wireless network and ethernet for network Print, Scan and PC Fax Out
  • Vary-Angle Operation Panel for easy viewing
  • 6-line touchscreen LCD with traditional chinese display



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