DK Cuppa Tea Cafe 5款天然維他命水排毒瘦身

DK Cuppa Tea is a new trendy outlet in Sheung Wan created by a certified nutritionist. Its true health menu including 5 miracle fruit infused detox waters ($48/bottle) and “Unlimited Green Buffet” including freshly cut invigorating hydroponic salads ($148/person salad bar). After winning the healthy food lover’s heart with their low fat chocolate fondue and high tea set, DK Cuppa Tea continues to bring new healthy food concepts and has now extended their line to the Sheung Wan area aiming to take care of all the busy bees in that neighborhood. Juice detoxes are so last season.

The five detox waters include one for avoiding water retention, which contains cucumber, lemon, lime and grapefruit aimed at flushing far from the body; the fat burning water uses apple cider vinegar, apple, lemon and cinnamon to flush out nasty toxins and is proven to lower the number on the scale; the water for craving control and beautiful skin uses cinnamon, apple, strawberries, mint and lemon; the maximum detox and vibrant health water is made up primarily of green vegetables, which provides an effective natural body cleanse of the digestive system.

For those looking for a proven weight loss solution and not afraid of a challenge – DK Cuppa Tea carries popular American personal trainer Jillian Michael’s Secret Detox Water. This detox water is not only proven to help drop water weight and to minimize bloating, but those that usually struggle with a traditional diet will be happy to hear that the secret detox water is not intended to be a meal replacement. The drink is to be consumed for SEVEN DAYS straight along with meals and unlike the traditional juice detox. The special recipe is highly effective in removing impurities from the body, as the ingredients used are all natural diuretics. We dare the health conscious who want to try a detox challenge that thinks outside the box. (A seven-day challenge package is $266, which comes out to and affordable $38/bottle)

To satisfy a sweet craving and the perfect end without compromising a healthy meal, DK Cuppa Tea has added to its menu a gastronomic lavender latte topped with truffle-infused coconut cream complete with a sprinkle of real lavender to provide a true cup of relaxation with refined taste ($68/each)

Address : G/F, No. 19 New Market Street, Sheung Wan