COACH 尖沙咀廣東道旗艦店重新開幕 舉行慶祝派對 容祖兒擔任壓軸嘉賓COACH BACKSTAGE Party to Celebrate Canton Road Flagship Reopening


為慶祝Coach尖沙咀廣東道旗艦店重新開幕,品牌於2015年11月2日舉行一連串慶祝活動,於下午舉行剪綵儀式及酒會,晚上移師中環設計創意地標「PMQ元創方」舉行首個香港Coach Backstage慶祝派對,邀請各界時尚人士一同參與這時尚盛事。

Coach Backstage慶祝派對集時裝與音樂於一身之時尚盛事

首個香港Coach Backstage慶祝派對,由著名DJ Keint為派對打響頭炮,以音樂帶領一眾來賓投入熱鬧的派對,隨後全能音樂藝人恭碩良與其樂隊演繹多首樂曲,令派對氣氛更熾熱。亞洲樂壇天后容祖兒更以壓軸表演嘉賓身份隆重登場,穿上Coach 2015秋冬系列的Biker裝飾皮革外套,配搭黑色半截裙,以一身型格造型,施展表演魅力,於派對舞台上獻唱多首耳熟能詳的流行歌曲,掀起高潮。多位當紅藝人及時尚人士亦紛紛出席,朝聖這個年度時尚盛事,包括韓國當紅偶像組合f(x)隊長宋茜(Victoria)Twins ─蔡卓妍與鍾欣潼、謝婷婷、汪圓圓、陳曉東、Shine成員徐天佑、周汶錡、馬天佑、榮文蔚、陳栢熹、黃愷、林煒珽、盛品儒及蔡一鳳等,各人親身演繹Coach 2015秋季系列各款時裝及手袋,把率性鮮明、時尚摩登的紐約魅力一一呈現。

Coach Backstage慶祝派對除集動感音樂及潮流時裝外,亦同時加入數位影像元素,於派對場地設有專為是次活動而設的拍照亭,讓明星藝人及時尚賓客體驗拍照樂趣,並可即時分享上傳至社交網絡媒體,讓即使未能出席的人士可一起感受派對的歡樂。Coach, the leading New York design house of modern luxury accessories, is delighted to announce the reopening of its Canton Road Flagship,offering a sophisticated retail space crafted underthe guiding concept of modern luxury.The renewed store joins the stellar cast of top-notch brands at Harbour City,TsimSha Tsuiinthe heart of the city’s most prestigious shopping destination on Canton Road.Framed by glass facade, the three-story store is accentuated bythe luminous glow of thebrand logo. The4,000-square-footretail space featurethe completecollection of men’s and women’s wear, handbags, accessories, shoes and watches.Calibratedfurniture lendsa cozy home-likeatmosphere to the interior,which comes to life witha video wall featuring the latest campaignvideos.

In celebration of the grand reopening of Coach’s Canton Road Flagship in TsimSha Tsui,the brand holds a series of festive events on November2, 2015.Followingtheribbon-cutting ceremony and cocktail receptionin the afternoon, the celebration continues at PMQin the evening.The creative hub in Central plays host to Hong Kong’s first Coach Backstageparty which sees animpressive turnout of who’s who in fashion.

Coach Backstage: The Fashion-Music Celebration

Famous partyfixer DJ Keintbrings up the heat in Hong Kong’s first Coach Backstagewith dynamiticbeats, followed by the all-round artisteJun Kungand his band who whip up the party atmosphere with smashing hits. The party culminates inthe entrance of theAsian pop diva Joey Yungas guest performer. Dressed in Coach 2015 FW Biker leather jacket and black skirt, the superstar brings the house down with her biggest hitsandcharismatic style. The annual star-studded event is joined by Victoria, leader of thepopular K-pop girl group f(x), Charlene Choiand GillianChungfrom Twins, Jennifer Tse, Irene Wang,Daniel Chan,Chui Tien You from Shine, Kathy Chow, TianyoMayao, Yvette Yung, Harris Chan, Wesley Wong,Veronica lam, James Shing andMichelle Chua. The guests are styled inCoach 2015 FW RTW and handbag collectionto pay homage tothefree-spirited, daring and modernNew Yorkattitudeof the brand.

Coach Backstage is a celebration of groove andvogue with digital elements. Photo booth is in placefor attending stars and fashionistasto have fun under the lensand upload photosto social platforms to share the delightful evening.