Coach 2015年秋季女裝系列預覽Coach 2015 Fall Women Collection Preview

COACH  2015年秋季女裝系列





系列發掘剛毅與溫和、實用與奢華、傳統與叛逆,以及新穎與悠然懷舊之間的張力The charm of the familiar. Cult wardrobe pieces, with tradition and authenticity, modernized and made personal, with an individuality born of New York City.

American originals melded together to become more than the sum of their parts. Shearling, bikers, the Stars and Stripes, silk bandana prints. A sense of freedom inspired by the cinematic, dreamy romance of the great American landscape.

Defining one’s identity, while belonging, being part of the gang. A magpie-like highly personal mix that touches the senses.

An honest, un-precious approach to luxury.The ultimate desirability of skins in their most elemental form. Imperfections that addcharacter, ease and suggest a life before, restored and madericher for it.

Exploring the tension between toughness and a soft warmth,utility and luxury, tradition and rebellion, the new and a laid-back nostalgia.