Scared by the heights, Frederick began crying, prompting Zuzu to try and reassure him, stating that boys shouldn't cry.

The Zuzu pack holds the Frightfurs, Ancient Gears, Predaplant, Lunalight, and other archetypes, if you are looking for them. They became frantic when they realized that Zuzu has finally escaped and are currently active in efforts to find and bring Zuzu back under the protection of Crow and the Lancers.

With the score tied at 1-1, Gong Dueled with Kit Blade to determine the You Show Duel School's fate.

He noted that she was still thinking about the masked Duelist, and that it was throwing her concentration off. Yuya informed her of his desire to defeat Jack and bring smiles to the people of New Domino City, end the war, and return home with their comrades, bringing a smile to Zuzu's face. Her skirt was lengthened in the dub to cover the bare skin showing on her legs but starting from the Arc League Championship Arc, her stockings are lengthened instead. Arc-V” bei YEP! Yu-Gi-Oh! Remembering about Yuya's encounter with Yuto and Yugo, Zuzu thought that Yuri was the latter. Zuzu and her counterparts in tubes behind the Professor. Each Booster Pack is divided by the anime series they are based on, and depict a character from that series. While she reached for an Action Card, she ended up sliding off the ice shelf and into Olga, who was Dueling Gong at the time, resulting in both Duels being combined into a Tag-Team Duel with Zuzu being paired with Gong. Julia then showed up, believing that the Duelist had attacked Marco, and attempted to Duel him herself, but as Zuzu desperately tried to calm the group down, her bracelet glowed again, transporting the Duelist away. Yuya showed up afterwards, as Skip had sent him to find her. Frank explained that the Commons were the same, yet they didn't act like Shay did. Zuzu recognized the Duelist as the person who had chased her, and the Duelist introduced himself as Yuri. Zuzu was able to convince both of them to stand down, and Moon Shadow agreed to let Sora try to rescue Yuya from captivity under Jean-Michel Roget, while suggesting that Zuzu and the kids come underground to hide from Sector Security.

[30] They made it to Yuya's Duel against Aura Sentia right as he used her "Polymerization" to Fusion Summon; when the Duel ended, Yuya thanked Zuzu for her card as he returned it to her, since it had been an important factor in helping him clinch the match. Thinking that Yuya was coming like before, it turned out that it was not Yuya, it was Yugo, who arrived on his Duel Runner. Seeing Celina not believing her story, she suggested that Celina meet Shay, the Xyz remnant she was looking for, to confirm her story. Aura and Zuzu have a rivalry for Yuya's affections, despite him being largely oblivious. They asked her how she knew Yuya was here, and learned that she had abandoned her Championship match to see him. Julia countered with "Brilliant Spark", but Zuzu dove off the Action Field's bridge to snatch an Action Card before Julia could use it for the effect, winning her the Duel with "Bloom Diva". When he started asking why Yuto and Yugo both looked like him, Zuzu commented that Yuto had also told her that Lulu looked like her.

That leaves a lot of possibilities for decks and play styles, but how do you get that DP to get those booster packs? Together with her surname, her name is a reference to singer Susan Boyle, in reference to the Deck she uses. Instead, we'll cover the archetypes and what kind of cards to expect in each pack. Yuya fell into the pit, but to her relief he escaped and she clapped with everyone else for Yuya and Iggy's Duel. The Duel Chaser forced a Turbo Duel, and Yugo finally asked for Zuzu's name, since he hadn't before.

Syrus is known for Cyber Dragons, so you'll find them in this pack. She congratulated him after the match and again smacked her father to calm him down. After fighting Yuri throughout the night, she made her way to a hiding spot under the ice to hide from him, but Yuri easily located her. Zuzu's worries deepened after Yuya was driven into a corner, but Gong reassured her that Yuya hadn't given up yet. While in the Underground Labor Factory, Zuzu wore one of the factory's uniforms: a dark red full body suit with a hood and brown shoes without socks.

Like the others she was shocked at Sergey's transformation and questioned if he was even human.

Traditionally, Hiiragi is used as part of a demon ward on Setsubun. Zuzu introduced Sora as her teacher, and assumed that he had defected from Duel Academy. The Jesse pack is the one you want for Shaddol support, along with Crystal Beasts, Fairy Tale support, and Venom and Worms support. Zuzu's outfit consists of a sleeveless light-blue and white shirt with a green musical note on the right collar, along with a pink tie, which she wears with a maroon skirt, dark stockings, and pink sneakers. After a long, tight match, Zuzu eventually defeated Micky after using "Crystal Rose" to Summon her "Bloom Diva", successfully snapping Yuya out of his daze.

Shay and Yuto care for her due to her likeness to Lulu, and Sora and Celina are protective of her as she is their first friend and opened their eyes to the lies and cruelty of Duel Academy. When they met for the first time, Yugo mistook her for Rin. Fortunately, Shay was able to rescue Tarren and return him to Zuzu and the kids. Don't forget to follow me on Twitter and Instagram as @christyxcore. It is what they are asking because some Boosters do not unlock even when you beat the entire normal Campaign. As they returned to Duel Academy, Celina reported that she had captured Zuzu. Zuzu asked her why she was doing this, but Celina merely replied that the Lancers would be defeated. Zuzu uses a "Melodious" Deck, focusing on swarming tactics through cards such as "Sonata the Melodious Diva" and "1st Movement Solo", giving her early access to her ace, "Mozarta the Melodious Maestra". stehen fest",,,, Zuzu is the only female lead to defeat the, Like the past female leads, Zuzu is the fifth to get brainwashed by the enemy.

They were interrupted when the Topsiders residents finally noticed them, and they had to flee on Yugo's Runner. [24], After Declan forfeited the Duel due to an emergency at LID, Zuzu tried to console Yuya after he realized he was not the only one who could Pendulum Summon. When they finally reunite, Celina was alarmed to see Zuzu and yelled at her to run away from the Obelisk Force. The combined impacts this and his attack blasted Zuzu into the air, causing her to crash through a building. She then saw Julia up ahead in the streets, heading down an alleyway, and giving her friends the excuse that he was doing something that she'd just remembered, she pursued Julia. Before she could hear anymore, he left had to leave for his treatments and she noticed that his leg was injured, learning from Alexis it was Aster's doing. !cardsearch_link "A" Cell Breeding Device, !cardsearch_link "A" Cell Recombination Device, !cardsearch_link 30,000-year White Turtle, !cardsearch_link 4-Starred Ladybug of Doom, Campaign>Yu-Gi-Oh>A Duel with Dartz!-Dartz (3), !cardsearch_link A Feather of the Phoenix, !cardsearch_link A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon, !cardsearch_link A-Team: Trap Disposal Unit, !cardsearch_link A-to-Z-Dragon Buster Cannon, !cardsearch_link Absorbing Kid from the Sky, !cardsearch_link Abyss Actor - Comic Relief, !cardsearch_link Abyss Actor - Curtain Raiser, !cardsearch_link Abyss Actor - Funky Comedian, !cardsearch_link Abyss Actor - Leading Lady, !cardsearch_link Abyss Actor - Mellow Madonna, !cardsearch_link Abyss Actor - Sassy Rookie, !cardsearch_link Abyss Actor - Trendy Understudy, !cardsearch_link Abyss Actors' Curtain Call, !cardsearch_link Abyss Playhouse - Fantastic Theater, !cardsearch_link Abyss Script - Abysstainment, !cardsearch_link Abyss Script - Fantasy Magic, !cardsearch_link Abyss Script - Fire Dragon's Lair, !cardsearch_link Abyss Script - Opening Ceremony, !cardsearch_link Abyss Script - Rise of the Abyss King, !cardsearch_link Abyss Script - Romantic Terror, !cardsearch_link Abyss-scale of the Kraken, !cardsearch_link Abyss-scale of the Mizuchi, !cardsearch_link Adreus, Keeper of Armageddon, Campaign>Yu-Gi-Oh>Fighting for a Friend-Joey (3), !cardsearch_link Aegis of the Ocean Dragon Lord, !cardsearch_link Aether, the Empowering Dragon, !cardsearch_link Aether, the Evil Empowering Dragon. Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution is the perfect way to get your Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy Of The Duelist: Link Evolution for the Playstation 4 While the three unintentionally led Security to Zuzu, she apologized for dragging the three children into her mess and urged them to flee, but they refused to abandon her. She later expressed surprise that Celina was in the Friendship Cup as well. She was then surprised when Yusho appeared at the stadium and challenged Yuya to a Duel.[98].

After Zuzu told Yugo what she knew about the interdimensional war, the two cooperated to warn everyone about it. [23] After the Duel ended in a DRAW, she watched the tiebreaker Duel between Yuya and Declan Akaba. Julia then showed up again before them, asking where the masked Duelist was, believing Zuzu to be hiding him. Zuzu also has a tendency to hit people on the head with a paper fan, primarily Yuya and her own father (adoptive actually), whenever they do something foolish. Les chiffres sont fournis "en l'état", à titre d'information uniquement, et non à des fins commerciales ou de conseils.

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