The name of the organization is the Interpretation of his mom’s name, Osguma, which represents a “Red Jacket” in Choctaw. [15], On July 12, 2017, after pleading no contest to the charges facing him, Hayden was sentenced by Livingston Parish Judge Robert Morrison to a third life sentence for rape. Hayden's daughter Stephanie and son-in-law Kris Ford also appeared on the show as well as working at Red Jacket.

She told police that she was raped 22 years before when she was 12 by her father, Hayden.

He served in the US Marine for a long time. William Hayden – Founder and owner of Red Jacket Firearms.

After serving for six years in the US Marine, Will Hayden realized he wanted to do something larger with his life, become his own boss, and release his entrepreneurial spirit.

Of course, the show’s idea and its implementation are the intellectual property of the participants. Dean Mark Rozell of the George Mason University Schar School of Policy and Government, and the Hayden Center’s Executive Director Larry Pfeiffer provided welcoming remarks and introduced the moderator and panelists for the event, which was part of the Hayden Center’s “2020 Vision” series on the 2020 election and national security. [5] Hayden was additionally accused of aggravated rape by his oldest daughter.

Though, he is 1.68 m tall, he weighs about 90 kg. So, What Happened to Red Jacket Firearms & Will Hayden? Stephanie Ford – Company Manager (Will’s daughter). Probably a payment rift, you may guess? [11] In January 2015, he pleaded not guilty.

By age 12, he began building firearms. He says in the article, "Hell, he put me through a wall with a punch when I was five... From that moment on I realized I had to pick my battles carefully. Hayden was represented by a public defender at a later court date. Hayden was born to Rachel and Will Hayden in Lousiana in the 1980s, but no actual date of birth is known. He is best known as the star of the 2011–2014 Discovery Channel reality series Sons of Guns. Initially, an employee of his store, Rebecca Ramsey, testified against the businessman. The girl was 12 years old at the time. Victory is victory."[4]. ATN X-Sight II HD 3-14 Smart Day/Night Rifle Scope Review. [2], From 2011 until 2014, Hayden received nationwide fame when Sons of Guns - a reality TV program focusing on the specialized firearm builds at Red Jacket - aired on Discovery Channel.

However, sometime in 2014, the show ceased to continue airing. The lawyers said that confidential conditions for their representation hadn't been met, but that there was "no bitterness" between them and Hayden.

Yes, Hayden was that good.

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