The adult ladybugs and their larvae will attack the eggs of larger pest insects as well. gives you access to a host of care sheets, photos, guides and public discussions about praying mantids, stick insect, beetles, spiders, and more.

Control fleas naturally with our Flea Exterminator nematodes. Keep an eye out for the larval form of the Hippodamia convergens ladybug, pictured to the right. document.getElementById('cloak3ad4173ac501b2eaf75ace6f1d627818').innerHTML = ''; Note: If you live outside the U.S., proper customs and import documents must be obtained, To order anything on this website call (916)726-0855 or you can email us at, Click Here to download our Order Form. Any orders received after 12:00 pm PST will be shipped on the following shipping day. Due to the unpredictable temperatures at shipping warehouses, they can NOT be shipped over the weekend.

Use ladybugs to control aphids, spider mites, thrips, mealy bugs, scales, white fly eggs, and soft bodied insects in your yard, garden or greenhouse. We guarantee that our product will arrive in a healthy condition, three to four days after ordering.

If possible, refrigerate for at least one hour before releasing. Praying mantis egg cases hold between 100 and 200 baby mantises. Now you can purchase bulk sizes of many of our products on our website on the product pages. Contains: 1,500 Live Ladybugs PLUS 2 Praying Mantis Egg Cases. Learn more about our live packaged ladybugs and how much you need. 1,500 adult pre-fed ladybugs, covers aprox. Much like how you can buy 1,500 ladybugs right on Amazon, you can do the same if you want a pet Praying Mantis.

A Fantastic Addition To The Garden Or As A Science Project! We however, do not ship over the weekends in extreme weather, since any beneficial will have a high mortality rate. Any of these products can be bought or special ordered through most of these nurseries. This email address is being protected from spambots. Copyright © 2020 - Natural Pest Controls. The ladybugs will lay their eggs on the underside of plants, the larvae resemble ‘little alligators’. A package containing 1/3 of a cup, or approximately 1500 ladybugs. It is best to release the ladybugs during the cool of the evening. This email address is being protected from spambots. Designed by CalWeb Internet Services, Inc.. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Mantis egg cases are commonly released by gardeners looking for general garden pest control without chemicals. This is typically enough for a garden up to 2000 square feet. The adults will lay eggs throughout the gardening season. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Ladybugs eat dozens of pests per day as an adult. for more information. Control fleas naturally with our Flea Exterminator nematodes. home | about us | ladybugs | praying mantis | faq's | contact | *shipping, Beneficial Insects for All Your Gardening Needs, © 2011 - 2020 Northwest Beneficials | Bend Oregon | 541.213.9999.

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