You travel on down several dimly lit levels -- past the silent film theater, the antique televisions, the Hitler collection, the blacksmith shop, until at the very end....there is an antique car restoration garage, where the paint fumes will almost kill you." You’ll also find three other antique stores throughout the city. Incredible! They plan to film episodes of the hit series AMERICAN PICKERS throughout the region in October 2017! "We're going to be watching it, with everyone else," Keppers said of her plans for Monday night. I would so love to see your My aunt worked in the shop for years, and I would spend the occasional day hanging out with her and exploring the museum below. While he did sell some of his items, others were just too good to part with. North Shore Architectural Antiques has a special pull with anyone who loves renovating older homes. George decided to open a car museum in Rolla, and with the help of his old friend Donna Douglas, drummed up Route 66 business using her association as a tie-in. Reports and tips from visitors and Roadside America mobile tipsters.

"He just loved the history of it.". In a related note, the annual festival George Carney headed up called "Ozark Extravaganza" on the grounds of the Rolla/Vichy airport is also no longer in existence. "Mike and Dave and the crew were all great to work with," Keppers said. Take a historic walking tour of this northwest Minnesota college town to check out two of its three antique stores that include Willow & Ivy Gift Shop, a blend of new and collectible merchandise in the historic City Hall, and Crookston Floral and Antiques, with kitchenware, nostalgic signs and advertising, and collegiate sports memorabilia. Thanks to the Driftless Area’s unique geography and climate, Preston and the … I’ve driven by it for over 20 years wanting to stop in. Submitted photo, 2208 Trott Ave. SW / P.O. Start Streaming Learn More. Check out our maps for places to dine and shop. REQUEST A FREE VISITOR’S GUIDE After they graduated, he decided to collect antique cars and Miss Douglas became America's beloved "critter cutie," Ellie May Clampett of Beverly Hillbillies fame. Enter Your Starting Point and Ending Destination to get turn by turn directions along with overhead Map Views.

They include a program fee assessed for the cost of any remaining components not covered by insurance, materials, site fees and meals. We accidentally stumbled upon this dusty relic after having a burger at Steak-n-Shake. Look for more antique stores, such as Annie’s Attic, and second-hand shops along Highway 25 or in the historic downtown overlooking Buffalo Lake. Further north, look for Second Hand Rose, a flea market along Highway 61 near Beaver Bay. There are additional out-of-pocket expenses not billed to insurance. She recalls spending hours with her dad as he waited for a chance to bid on items at auctions.

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