to hire you and not any other candidate, and assess that you as the candidate are aware of what the company is looking for. "What makes you the best candidate for this job?" I started writing about the workplace for the Chicago Sun-Times in 1997.

The truth is that a lot of people go to work and read from the standard script, the way your interviewer did. You don't have to know the other people. I was a Fortune 500 HR SVP for 10 million years, but I was an opera singer before I ever heard the term HR. To effectively sell and convince the hiring manager that you are the perfect fit for the position, you need to be convincing.

is to start listing your greatest virtues, like "I'm smart, I'm hard-working and I walk old ladies across the street!". The first dumb question gets a pass, and the second one trips a switch in your brain. Sample answer 3: Privacy Policy -Terms & Conditions - The other time I left an interview it wasn't because of a question. The higher I got in the corporate world, the more operatic the…, I was a Fortune 500 HR SVP for 10 million years, but I was an opera singer before I ever heard the term HR. How to answer why are you the best candidate for this position? Avoid any statements that imply you are desperate for the job. Once you escape the interview that was a waste of your time and talent, treat yourself to a nice gelato!

If it can contribute to your success in the role, mention the specific traits and skills that are unique to you and will make you succeed. You are right that the question "What makes you the best candidate?" I crafted and managed the service team's schedule and budget. How do I qualify for this position? Ninety-eight percent of our customers bought from us again. Interviewer: Absolutely, yes! I am about as meek and mild a person as you could find, but I still left two job interviews recently. It was a great experience, and I only left Acme because they were sold. she asked. As the interviewee, you should expect this question or at least a variation of the question. You may opt-out by. Well, it sounds like your Sales Administration department is growing because of the company's growth and also because there are more metrics and indicators to keep track of. Avoid generalizations. I’m confident that if given this opportunity, I will thrive and deliver quality work within stipulated deadlines. "I can see that it's not a great fit and I would hate to use up another minute of your valuable time. No need to worry though, instead look at it from this perspective, if you were the hiring manager what questions would you ask candidates to ensure that you get the ideal candidate, who is genuinely interested in working for the company? Interviews are merely for information gathering, information about candidates.

If you run into a hiring manager who will not go along with your efforts to humanize your interview, that's a big red flag.

My background experience, as a sales and marketing representative, equipped me with the relevant skills for this role. Concentrate on the company’s culture, mission, vision, projects, partnerships, among other things, to get a general feel of the working environment and also, determine if it’s somewhere you would want to work.

I started writing about the workplace for the Chicago Sun-Times in 1997. Think your answers through, try as much as possible to discuss traits, skills, and abilities that make you unique.

Once you’ve completed the assessment, consider formulating your answer using the guidelines below. Therefore, despite your preparation, you may have to look for opportunities during the interview to sell yourself using the mentioned key points. The guidelines are specifically tailored to ensure you know how to answer this question, and included are sample answers to give you a general feel of the expected answer. Who says I have faults, and if I do have them why would they be the interviewer's business? Usually they ask "What's your greatest weakness?" Don’t give vague answers. Also, preparing in advance helps to avoid being caught off-guard with such questions. How about if I tell you what I heard you're looking for, and see whether I'm on the right track or not? Keep in mind that only the people who get you, deserve you! But don’t exaggerate! because he sent another candidate to the same company (for a different job) last week and the candidate stumbled over that question. The next step would be to determine how your qualifications are relevant to the role, and how to use them to make a killer pitch and land the job. To start, thoroughly go through the job description to understand what the company is looking for, precisely. Your personality is unique to you.

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They don't think about what they are saying. To land this job, you need to come prepared with a well-summarized answer, which highlights your best traits, skills, relevant experience, accomplishments, and education.

It sounds like you've created this new role to keep your salespeople, sales managers and senior executives equipped with the data they need to make good decisions. ", He said "The last person I hired told me his greatest fault is long-term planning.  This is your opportunity to tell us why you want to be in this program, and why you are likely to be a successful student.

It is strange how some interviewers ask perfectly idiotic questions and then sigh and roll their eyes at you for taking their stupid question at face value. As such, most hiring managers use a variety of questions to determine if a candidate is the best fit to solve that problem. is inappropriate and insulting. I was a Fortune 500 HR SVP for 10 million years, but I was an opera singer before I ever heard the term HR. Are there positive effects of posting students’ grades publicly?  Your writing will not be marked, but it may be used to assess your suitability and readiness for your program. I've been creating actionable sales reports since 2013 and helping executives use data to inform their business decisions.

My book Reinvention Roadmap: Break the Rules to Get the Job You Want and Career You Deserve is here:, © 2020 Forbes Media LLC. She was pleasant for the first twenty minutes. As such, you should prepare adequately to refine your answer. Tips to answer why are you suitable for this job? I said "You get to decide who's the best candidate for the job. Generic statements like “I deserve this because I am a hard worker” aren’t enough. I’m very ambitious and determined to achieve my goals, and my enthusiasm to get work done motivates my team members. While it may be difficult to illustrate your personality traits, they may be crucial to getting you the job. The company is looking for an above average candidate, the most qualified among all the applicants. A general rule of thumb to prepare for these type of questions is to carry out an extensive background check of the company before the interview. They don't know any better. I am someone who doesn't mind job interviews. Thanks Liz! I can tell you why I think I'm qualified, if that would be helpful. © - All Rights Reserved 2020    | He said "You better never do that again." I just left and I never heard from them again. Once you understand that, you will be in a better position to determine what the interviewer wishes to know with every interview question they ask. Thank you once again for doing your part to keep Edarabia the most trusted education source. This is your opportunity to sell yourself and convince the hiring manager why you’re the suitable candidate for the job, so don’t under-represent yourself. That's a reasonable standard.

What’s in store for students after graduation? The problem is that for many interviewers every job interview is predicated on the unspoken agreement that employers are mighty and job applicants are a dime a dozen. Tips to answer why are you suitable for this job? I'm very comfortable managing databases and generating reports, but also comfortable training managers and salespeople on using sales data in their jobs. Also, you can emphasize skills that are specific to you, because not many people possess them, and they are sure to make you the ideal candidate for the position. What to avoid: Mistakes candidates make when asked this question. If you're subjected to a string of brainless interview questions, you have permission to get up, extend your hand for a polite handshake and say "It's been wonderful  to meet you. ", I am proud of myself for staying in the room after she said that, because I really wanted to leave. You possess skills that are unique, and likely unteachable, which makes you an above average candidate. is indeed obnoxious but we can't assume the interviewer knows that. , how to start an essay about mental health. Candidates should be ready to explain why they're a good fit for the position and organization, describing specific accomplishments and distinctive characteristics that will add value to the company. Accomplishments always succeed. All this information is in the job description/requirements. Okay, great. The question "What makes you the best candidate?" Re-examine the job description against your resume and note any similar skills or roles. Having to answer obnoxious interview questions is often the hardest thing about getting through a traditional job interview. It was because they left me sitting in a hot, tiny conference room for 47 minutes. EY & Citi On The Importance Of Resilience And Innovation, Impact 50: Investors Seeking Profit — And Pushing For Change, Subscribe To The Forbes Careers Newsletter. Therefore, base your answer on prior industrial experience, hard and soft skills, accomplishments, accolades, and education. This recruiter is a much more emotionally intelligent guy than the first recruiter was. I understand that you need someone to fight fires as they arise and also to design the long-term service strategy, staffing plan and budget for the Midwest service team. You may opt-out by. Don’t exaggerate or lie. You: Here's how my background intersects with the Regional Service Manager role.

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