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If you want to get ready for VR in your home or office, check out the Ultimate Guide to HTC Vive from our friends at VR Heads to get yourself fully prepared for VR on your Mac! This headset is powered by the SteamVR platform, which was announced as part of the VR for Mac support package and offers the most complete VR experience for users at the moment. These three critical software components ensure a significant majority of VR apps and games currently enjoyed elsewhere will be supported on the Mac. There are several available to purchase today, but in order to provide a quality visual experience inside the headset, there are certain hardware and software requirements which must be met. For the non-developers, the 27-inch iMac Retina 5K is getting refreshed with Intel's Kaby Lake CPUs along with AMD's Radeon Pro 570, 575 and 580, which will be good enough for running VR when they get the High Sierra update. Wireless PC Streaming/Oculus Link. Today, with Apple’s long-awaited release of updated AMD Vega Boot Camp Software Graphics Drivers for Boot Camp, the iMac Pro offers a MUCH less complicated solution that that should encourage VR app developers to create more content for the so far neglected Mac community. This dev kit isn't actually an in-house solution: It consists of a Sonnet eGFX Breakaway Box with an AMD Radeon RX 580 (8GB VRAM) inside, which is more than enough power to run VR. It’s time to install Boot Camp and Windows 10, plug in your VR Headset, install the Windows Mixed Reality Portal and SteamVR, and download Google Earth VR, Space Pirate Trainer, and Plex. It’s a small build with really only one level that gets more and more difficult as you progress, but its execution is excellent and this game shows what VR can do as you dodge incoming laser fire and blast alien attackers … Space Invaders all grown up. That’s it!!! SteamVR beta will allow you to enter the virtual reality environment, a VR room from where you can launch virtual reality apps, but there are basically no apps to launch once you get there. This is the future of media consumption, a gigantic flat screen TV wherever you want it … remarkable. Apple started using the Intel Core i5-4590 in the iMac starting with the 27-inch 5K model released in Mid 2015 and the MacBook Pro started using this model or greater in the Early 2015 models. However, you may will experience one other small problem. To create a high-end Virtual Reality experience with an iMac Pro, you need: Hardware 1. Step 5: INSTALL STEAM AND STEAMVR – a) install Steam in Windows 10 and create an account [here], b) download SteamVR from the Steam Store [here]. Virtual Reality on a Mac is finally ready for prime time! SteamVR has loads of apps and games, but is still fairly buggy running in Boot Camp, whereas, the WMR Portal is quite stable but lacks the breadth of the Steam software library. This means if you have something newer than a Mid-2015 iMac or MacBook, you have the processor needed to run VR applications. In short, the Samsung HMD Odyssey is the best Virtual Reality Headset currently available. However, putting together a working high-end VR system on your Mac is MUCH easier than it was a few months ago … and, much more stable. *NOTES – We recommend dedicating at least 128GB for the Windows Partition. The only VR headset on display and in demos at WWDC right now is the HTC Vive. Also, we have thoroughly enjoyed watching movies on Plex in the virtual world as you can basically expand your VR screen a large as you want it. © 2020 Verizon Media. Fortunately, Boot Camp Assistant makes this VERY easy to do … complete instructions on how to install Boot Camp and Windows 10 can be found below. I would like to receive news and offers from other Future brands. If you are not a developer, the best thing for you to do right now is wait for the official release of macOS High Sierra. It's a Radeon Pro 575. Although the Vive worked well and has, by far, the most available stable software via SteamVR, the Samsung HMD has higher resolution, sporting dual 3.5″ AMOLED (1440×1600) displays that provide for an absolutely gorgeous image.

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