I am afraid In have not read any of his books yet. They all look like Brahm and Parabrahm. I believe that Jews after the Holocaust gave awards to some Christians for doing the Right thing [of standing by the Jews and protecting/saving them]when Hitler and his Madness overran Europe;i couldn’t recall its name.If there was a similar award for Hindus,then she is one of the Few who would merit it.

Sometimes, when reading or listening to people talk about Hinduism I get the feeling, intuition, that there is a great play and importance of the labyrinthal corridors its practitioners like to get themselves lost in. They are only violent on religious grounds when fighting exclusivist religions, primarily Christianity and Islam. The important contribution of Dvaita philosophy of Madhavacharya to Hinduism is that Atma and Brahm (also known as Vishnu or God) are eternally and ontologically two different realities, one is subordinate to the supreme other, respectively – a big and daring separation, at that time, from the Advaita philosophy of Shankaracharya and still maintain unity between Shaivism and Vaishnavism. Tags:Advaita, akshar, Ananteshwara, ansh-anshi, antah-prakāsh, ātmā, Avatars, bahir-prakāsh, Bāl-Gopāl-Krishna, Bāla-Gopāla, bhakti, body, Brahm, Brahmā, Brahmins, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Chandra, consort, cycle of rebirth, Darshan, deities, deity, demigods, devas, devatā-tārātamya, devatās, Devi, devotion, divine, Dvait, Dvaita, element, eternal, Gnānis, God, Hari, Hell, hierarchy, Hindu, Hinduism, Imperishable, incarnations, Indra, jiva-traividhya, jivas, Karmas, Karmis, Krishna, kshar, Lakshmi, Lakshmi-Narayan, Laxmi, liberation, Madhavacharya, Māyāvādis, Monotheism, Mukti-yogya, naras, Narayan, Nitya-sansāri, Parashurāma, Pārvati, penultimate, perishable, philosophies, Philosophy, polytheism, Prasthan Trayi, premlakshanā bhakti, Rādhā, Radha-Krishna, Ramanujacharya, Rishis, sarva-prakāsh, sarvottama, Shad Darshan, Shaivism, Shankaracharya, Shiv, Shivalinga, Shivalli, Shivarupya, Shri, Shuddha, souls, Sriman Narayan, Supreme God, Surya, swarup-tāratamya, Tamo-yogya, Tāratamya, tattva-gnan, Truth, Udupi, ultimate, Vaishnava, Vaishnavism, Varun, Vāyu, Vedānta, Vedic, Venugopala Krishna, Vishnu, worldly, worshiping Posted in Dvaita philosophy (contd.

Only those who reject Catholicism although they know it is the truth, is held to be guilty. This is why I say Hinduism is the true religion.

Until Madhavacharya’s period God was worshiped alone. I am not saying that you should follow a religion exclusively on claims that it is the absolute truth, but rather, no religion can be true if it does not claim to be the only truth. Your post is awesome but I see two problems. These text are classified into : Shruti (heard ) which means hearing . There is no logical incentive to belong to any religion that believes in moral relativism. My life was stuck. Even scientists have difficulty in reducing everything to just one particle and one force. All religions are religions not one is better than the other but to claim yours has been around since the beginning of time is false no one knows what is the first religion on earth, and in fact 98% of religions close to the prehistoric time was all pagan religions the worship of many gods, and goddesses. In hinduism, it is often said that women are supposed to treat their husband’s as gods. That period was unifying Brahm with God or unifying Shaivism with Vaishnavism or rather tending towards replacing Brahm with God. Therefore, bodily relations are simply bodily relations and are limited to the current birth only. It is considered to be more rooted in experience than belief or ideology, and inclusive of all because of its applicability to people in all places and at all times. Hinduism describes about many brahmands. Other religions too have elements from Hinduism, Christianity and Islam mainly expound Bhakti Yoga and so on. The Idea of the Perennial Philosophy. Sagun Brahm is larger than even the largest objects combined. The christian bible clearly makes earth a couple of thousands years old. To enable wide dissemination of news that is in public interest, we have increased the number of articles that can be read free, and extended free trial periods. The poor are given goodies and are brainwashed, hatred is the only way they can preach the poor into conversion, whereas on the otherside, i case oof hinduism it is educated and selfseekers alike take up hinduism. It is the final resting place of no return for the liberated souls (muktas) where all the souls are equally divine (divya), bright (tejomaya) and luminescent (prakāsh-yukta), equidistant from God, and forever enjoy the bliss of God. Hinduism has allowed enquiry and debate which other religions would have classed as heresy. This is adharmic behaviour and should be avoided. He is eternal, without beginning and end, forever stable, and unchanging. In Hinduism, there is description of a super-soul or universal soul called Purush or Ishwar. As far as i know all the Prophet asked to pray to God i.e Allah Ta’ala. I am nobody to say their way is wrong. Christianity has reason and historical evidence on its side. To help you bring attention to your doshas and to identify what your predominant dosha is, we created the following quiz.

It’s a support for truth and fairness in journalism.

Some of them do not want to hang out with me because I am a Hindu. Also, there is possibility of salvation outside the church, atleast in Catholic belief.

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