These Kroot can also be accompanied by Krootox and Kroot Hounds, variations of the Kroot genus who have become trapped in a genetic dead end.

Fire Warriors who work hard enough, can be promoted to the rank of Shas'ui. The Kauyon is essentially an ambush, where the enemy is drawn by use of a "lure" into a carefully prepared killing zone. Its high rate of fire and long range make it arguably one of the best weapons for a battlesuit. Any ideas for Tau wording for something similar to ronin?

It fires drone-guided missiles that seek out the target and track them down regardless of where they are hiding.

The 3rd edition Tau codex had a mini-dictionary you could use to pick words from, or you could make some up. No results for this name... What Does Tau Mean? Their names consist of 3 parts. The rank of a person in T'au society is second only to the caste they are born into in determining their position in T'au culture. Thus, the T'au named Shas'O Vior'la Shovah Kaius Mont'yr (see below) would be broken down as follows: T'au and their Kroot allies, fighting for the Greater Good. The Devilfish can receive a number of weapons upgrades that make it a much stronger and more useful transport for the T'au. Gladius' AI loves going after the weakest units first, so you can save many a Fire Warrior team by having sacrificial drones draw aggro. A fun, if slightly broken, new addition to Gladius. Another option is for the Stealthsuits to strike deep into enemy territory during the battle. To know that their great leader had fallen can make many of the hardest veterans flee from the battlefield. The proposed causes of this range from the psychic (as displayed in the T'au novel Fire Warrior) to the biological, that the Ethereals' diamond-shaped forehead ridge produces a set of pheromones that make T'au, and to a lesser extent other intelligent species, open to suggestion. T'au Commanders are the highest-ranking members of the Fire Caste.

Their interstellar vessels therefore take much longer than Imperial vessels to traverse the vast distances between the stars, having to "skim" the surface of the Warp rather than making extended, long-distance Warp jumps directly through the heart of the Immaterium. The T'au also make extensive use of small AI-controlled Drones, typically equipped with guns or shield projectors, these drones can be used to protect teams of Fire Warriors and battlesuits and support vehicles. During this time, the T'au's legends tell of the first appearance of the Ethereals at the city of Fio'taun. The honour blade is used to settle disputes between Ethereal Caste members in stylised bloodless duels. All things considered, Warhammer 40,000: Gladius’ T’au DLC is a must for anyone who plays Gladius in TYOOL 2020.

However, at least Fire Warriors can overcome morale loss via the Bonding Knife ritual ability. Across the world of T'au, Ethereals emerged, each with the same quiet authority and message of harmony and cooperation. Shas'O Ke’lshan Shas’Vral is the name you helped me make, ty once again.

La'quath'rra pulled a scapel out of her belt and thumbed on the miniature vibro-blade as drones and other surgeons r. Hello, I've been trying to find out what the name "T'suka" means for my Coldstar Commander because I rolled it using the Kill Team name generator. One Tactic is when a squad of Fire Warriors stands in front of the task force, making use of the superior range of their weapons to soften up enemy formations.

However, due to their superior range of vision in the electromagnetic spectrum and a predilection for patience, the T'au have proven themselves to be extremely efficient sharpshooters with the ranged plasma weapons they rely upon. The Battlesuit plays an important part of any T'au army for they are not only the commander but they can be very deadly themselves.

It can be a very efficient infantry killer as well. Constructing a Tau name is thus fairly easy. There are several modified versions of the standard XV8 Battlesuit for use by commanders only. Simply click again to get 10 new random names. The pulse carbine is also equipped with an underslung photon grenade launcher (see photon grenades below) for further stopping power. The Gladius team nails it once again. Well, I soon found a way to make neutral Guardsmen spawn in the field and be recruitable by the same ability. So I think the word "T'su" means something like, "Truth", "Correct", "Accurate". This weapon is used by the Vespid Stingwings. Normally close friends, the bodyguards wear the same type of battlesuit as their commander. The first, Commander Shadowsun, appeared to have a more human face than male T'au; being smoother and sleeker with larger eyes, a nose-like facial feature and a "Y" shaped facial slit.

A much larger version of the Kroot Rifle. Each force is usually drawn from the same Sept, and is called a Hunter Cadre.

A selection of T'au weapons recovered from the battlefield. The Burst Cannon is the bigger cousin of the Pulse Carbine.

Even with its smaller size, this weapon can lay down some impressive firepower. In the absence of any role-playing game featuring the Tyranid specifically, this table is … Of note is the command of Commander Farsight during this period. The T’au are technically small potatoes in the universe of Warhammer 40K. The T'au are known to use Ion Cannons and Railguns on their ships and vehicles, as well as various guided and unguided missiles.

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