… Sparrow tattoos are usually associated with freedom, love, and commitment, but there are many other great meanings that can be attached to these designs. Making your swallow tattoo design on the hand is also a great idea. Of British origin in the early days of sailing, it was the image of a barn swallow, usually tattooed on the chest, hands or neck. There is so much going on with this swallow tattoo design because there are a lot of elements like a sailor’s compass, roses, and two banners which says loyalty and honestly. Tattoos have evolved over the years; at first, someone with a tattoo was looked upon as rebellious or with connections with the mafia. This is a beautiful and pretty amazing swallow tattoo design that is made on the shoulder and the chest of this wearer. Because it has so many elements I really do think that it should have been done with some colorful ink because it would have looked very chirpy and cheerful. Or just add some colors to your chest swallow tattoo design which can be looked like this right here.

The origins of the swallow tattoo go back to a … This swallow tattoo design is pretty simple and basic but yet looks amazing.

This is a perfect design if you want a blend of art and tradition. The addition of the stars adds that magical vibe to it. This swallow tattoo is best when inked on the chest, back, or ribs. A tattoo like this looks good on people with fair or wheatish skin tones. For sailors, in particular, these birds offered them directly to find kind when they were stuck in the sea. This swallow tattoo design is colorful and very magical. Swallow and Spring: Swallows are chirpy birds that are associated with spring because they represent freshness and hope. The Easton Bible Dictionary provides the following definition, meaning and emblem for the Swallow Christian Symbol in the Bible. This swallow tattoo design is amazing on the hand as it is pretty simple and dark. It offers a lot of space and best if you want to show a whole scene instead of just the swallow or any other bird. This swallow tattoo design looks pretty amazing on the hand where it is also very visible and looks great. These two swallow tattoo design is made on the waist of the wearer and looks pretty amazing.

According to tales, sailors possess Swallow tattoo on their chest, hand, and neck. Both these swallows represent the dual aspect of nature thus this tattoo is very significant. If one has many Swallow tattoo, it indicates a very experienced and valuable sailor. It looks pretty amazing and describes contemporary art rather than the realistic or traditional art form. This swallow tattoo design looks very colorful and amazing with this little banner which seems to be a dedication to the mom. I would have preferred if you can add some colors to it and make it seem more vibrant but even so, this design looks pretty awesome. This swallow tattoo design is made right near where the heart is. This swallow tattoo design is made on the ribs of the wearer which looks very joyful. Swallows are often connected to love and this tattoo represents just that. A simple swallow tattoo design is pretty great to be made on the chest. … In mythology, the bluebird is the universally acknowledged sign of happiness, prosperity, good health, and the arrival of spring. This design not only looks very contemporary but very stylish and artistic too.

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