Aion Cleric guide to Infinity Shard/ Katamalize/ Hyperion, EVE Guide for Newbies Everything You Need To Know, Tera Slayer Guide (Post Awakening, Post Propulsion), Denny Enduring Omnidirectional Tracking Link, Federation Navy Omnidirectional Tracking Link. A system with lower truesec and higher numbers of belts is more desirable for ratting. AFK ratting is not possible with this class of ship, and ontop of this you need to familiarize yourself with the different mechanics surrounding capital ships to give yourself the best chance of survival when ratting, and to make yourself the most ISK. With this in mind, you'll only want to use your fighter's MWDs when recalling, as during combat the increased speed messes with their application. When the rat is in range the box will flash solid red, and it will not engage any other target until you leave, die or it's jammed. A super just makes you a much bigger target and costs a fuck load more to replace. I would recommend a second character in another carrier instead. Environment) combat is by hunting NPC pirates, or "ratting". if you figure you already are ratting in a carrier, thinking of swapping to a super means: a. more isk as you increase your DPS massivelyb. belonging to a pirate faction. Begin killing rats as soon as they appear, always prioritizing smaller ships. The Number One Rule of running sites in a carrier is to ALWAYS KEEP YOUR FIGHTERS MOVING. In exchange for this though, the carrier is among the most action-intensive ships to fly in Eve. Damage types to tank: Kinetic and Thermal. Does not require constant attention. The lowest hauler spawns start at 250K ISK bounties and drop tritanium or pyerite (usually about 1 million units). And so, like missions, you should fit weapons on your ship that are effective against the rats' native resistances. Sit completely still in the site. HugoRich (HugoRich) December 19, 2018, 3:29pm #5 Typical ammunition choices to look out for at market: Any laser crystals, EMP projectile, Mjolnir missiles and rockets, Amarr drones like Acolytes and Praetors. When ratting in a station system in 0.0, don't warp to an outpost when hostiles enter local. The Misconception: We have all heard some people claim they get 70 million ISK ticks, and we have also heard people say they only get a consistent 35 spiking to 40. Do note however, Dire Pithum Mortifiers shit out thermal missile damage at extreme ranges with ridiculous explosion radius/velocity so you may need to tank more thermal damage than these numbers would lead you to believe. So assuming that's true it seems possible. Let rats scram you. I have now finished the preliminary report on Carrier ratting, requested by Leadership due to the massive amount of misinformation floating around in space. It's the classic risk vs. reward decision that you find in almost every aspect of EVE. Fighters are controlled in a special way compared to drones, so do as I say and set your default orbit to 4000meters. You killing their rats means they have to deal with warping out and possibly losing ships to rats when they respawn instead of just tanking them with a designated ship. Since the majority of ISK is gotten through loot drop, and since loot is dropped at random, the reward for You also gain an obscene amount of tank, and capital status which makes you by default important enough to send a ping and drop our capital forces to save. The super response won't even be there in time to save a fully tanked chimera. All hybrid charges do bit of Thermal damage on the side. Like the title says are ratting supers practical. For example, if you use 150mm railguns, your optimal is 12km (not taking skills or ammo into account). When ratting you should never, ever minimize local. See something out of date? align rigs and mods are largely useless since you align to your next site while clearing your current one. This is effective if you're a little light on tank, but missing a single jam cycle is pretty unpleasant. OK, then - let's begin....,, If you have even resists and want to plug one more, fit EM. Don’t listen to those people. Search the wiki for the ship you will use for a suggested build, so people don't laugh when you shield tank when you should have armor tanked, or vice versa. It will be as brief as I can make it as I know you are busy, calculations will be left out, this will be quick and dirty, so let us get started. Some frigates will warp jam (disruptor or scrambler) and web you. Gallente T1 Battleship Commander spawns can also drop highly valuable loot, like a rare pirate faction item worth many millions in the market. Hello All, Keyes reporting in. This fit merges qualities of the Max-Tank and Max-Tick configs and removes the NSA entirely. When a rat has a yellow flashing box around it, it's targeting you but not yet in range. If there are standing defense or ADM fleets running in your constellation you should try to join these. Hunting rats is a popular activity for pilots who want more fun and profit, especially in low-sec and null-sec space, where the rats tend to grow to unusual size (and therefore, are more challenging and lucrative to destroy). In order to fit it for pure ratting, you need to be in an alliance that has a good INTEL channel, I cannot stress this enough, make sure the space is safe before you undock your expensive ratting carrier. Scrams: Word's still out on if this does anything useful. At the beginning of the last wave, align out to your next site. However, some use missiles, which will hit drones. As the analysis has been done before by others we will just provide the priorities of sites here: This is the priority in which you want to run sites, personally I do not run Ring Sanctums because I found their damage output to be a little too high for my liking, whereas the other sites provide decent ISK and low Risk. These are also the resistances you should be fitting on your ship as well. Start aligning early, and try to make sure you won't bump into anything on your way out. Text for posting a class ad in the EVE University forum: New Eden is full of (non-player) pirates - more generally known as "rats" to capsuleers.

How much extra risk is at hand cause you're flying a ship that literally everyone wants to kill?

Commander rats are tougher than normal rats, but should pose little problem to a capsuleer flying the same ship size as them. (Faction) Sanctum / Drone Horde (hardest). There is a good reason to do this: when you kill a lower value spawn of rats, it tends to be replaced with a slightly better spawn, until you reach the maximum value spawn possible in your system due to its security status, and then the cycle begins again with the lowest value rats spawning. Minmatar Supercarrier In the bottom half of the window, under "Scan Results", make sure your Scan Result Filter is set to "Show all". I'm pretty sure there was a dude in BoT when it was still huge that ratted in a revenant and he was claiming 90m ticks. I currently rat in a carrier and am thinking about getting a super but don't want to lose my main source of income. As the truesec decreases the spawns become more valuable, and in systems below -0.75 truesec there is a chance for an officer spawn. (There seems to be an unlimited supply of high quality rats which are generated out of nothing. The tank config of this ship is designed to give you a chance to get support on field if you get tackled.

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