But Spark Delivery represents Walmart’s first attempt at building its own internal platform that allows drivers to sign up for delivery slots and access order details. $2400 a MONTH.

Spark Delivery represents Walmart’s latest attempt to fend off Amazon by leveraging technology, though the service is very much like Amazon Flex, a delivery platform that effectively lets anyone who owns a car become a courier. It’s easy to see how Walmart could make Spark Delivery its default service for all deliveries across the U.S. — but for now it will continue to rely on third-party delivery partners. I recently started delivering for Walmart Spark Delivery does anyone else work there? At the time of writing, Walmart’s delivery services cover nearly 40 percent of U.S. households, spanning nearly 100 metro areas. Walmart has offered delivery services for a while already, initially partnering with Uber and Lyft before ditching the ride-hailing firms in favor of the likes of Postmates, DoorDash, and Deliv. Troubleshooting. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Cookies help us deliver our services.

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Moreover, the big online retailers just can’t get enough drivers to fulfill demand for super-fast deliveries. Postmates delivery drivers deliver all sorts of things. As a Spark Driver, you will bring a smile to many busy families by delivering groceries to their doorstep. 1. share. This company operates in many cities across the United States. report. In the role of administrator DDI will be responsible for managing recruiting, screening and background checks, payment, and accounting, among other services for drivers. This partnership will ultimately serve as the backbone to the new Walmart service, which will be known as Spark Delivery. Close. This diversity means you may find more delivery gigs. The new Spark Delivery service is a crowdsourced platform which provides another way for Walmart to deliver groceries to their customers. Spark Windows ASIO Driver . There’s more! Sign up to be a Spark Driver today, and earn money on your own schedule. Monday - Friday

PRESS RELEASE: Walmart Tests New Last-Mile Grocery Delivery Service, Independent Contractor Management Solutions •. Importing Playlists from Apple Music/Spotify & Auto Chord Usage. … hide.

save. Walmart Spark Delivery Driver. Earn money delivering packages & materials. You get to drive around in your own vehicle with no passengers; it’ll just be you, your delivery… Driving opportunities and the gig economy is BOOMING. The grocery giant is working with a third-party company called Delivery Drivers Inc. (DDI), which manages contract driver recruitment, screening, payments, and more.

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