Genus: AgkistrodonSpecies: Agkistrodon piscivorusAdult Length: 80-90 centimeters (2.5-3 ft.). It has a dark stripe that runs through the eye and extends to the back of the head and may have a faint orange stripe down the center of the back. Copperheads have dark brown blotches on the underside, and about 23-27 rows of keeled scales on the back. The dorsal scales are smooth, and count to a total of 15 rows. This species field guide introduces you to the numerous flora and fauna species in Louisiana. So, how does that large number of Louisiana snakes translate into New Orleans snakes. Genus: PituophisSpecies: Pituophis melanoleucusAdult Length: 122-254 centimeters (4-8 ft.)Category: Constricting Snakes.

Majority of these are non-venomous, and the venomous ones count to a total of just 7 species discovered till date.

Genus: VirginiaSpecies: Virginia striatulaAdult Length: 15-30 centimeters (0.4-0.9 ft.)Category: Small Garden Snakes. Also, if you spot any of these or have seen them in the past, don’t hesitate to leave a comment in the section below.

Copyright 1999 - 2020 Louisiana Sportsman, Inc. All rights reserved. Physical Characteristics: The snake possesses a series of wide red and black rings, that are lined by thin yellow rings on the whole body. It is either tan or gray with black spots on the back and the sides.

They are referred to as rainbow snakes, due to their shiny exteriors with three red stripes running down the back, yellow colored sides, and undersides. Genus: NerodiaSpecies: Nerodia rhombiferAdult Length: 45-165 centimeters (1.4-5.4 ft.)Category: Water Snakes. They can be recognized by their shiny black bodies with a red underside featuring black crossbars. If you see one, don’t panic or run around. Snakes may not be anyone’s favorite creature to spot in their yard, but they are fascinating reptiles and a part of Louisiana’s natural heritage. Fill out the form below and we'll get back to you within 1 hour. The belly is a dull gray, cream, or yellowish. Genus: LampropeltisSpecies: Lampropeltis elapsoidesAdult Length: 30-60 centimeters (1-2 ft.)Category: Mimic Snakes. Genus: ColuberSpecies: Coluber flagellumAdult Length: 63-228 centimeters (2-7 ft.)Category: Diurnal Snakes. Timely hospitalization and antivenin can cure a victim.

Many urban areas hare not hospitable to snake populations. There are 19 rows of keeled scales, and a distinct white spot on the head, which is absent in the eastern counterparts.

Average adult length is about 15 inches, with a maximum length of only 25 inches in Louisiana. The dorsal scales are slightly keeled with occurring in 27 rows. Their heads are typically slightly darker than their bodies. The snake has keeled scales dorsally in 19 rows. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. It’s rich in biological diversity due to its unique geographical location on the Mississippi’s coast and the supporting humid subtropical climatic conditions. Snakes are natural predators, so killing them will only increase an area’s … Usually a brown to brownish-yellow color overlaid with a series of dark, brown to black diamonds along its spine that are outlined by a row of cream or yellowish scales.

Adults are 48 to 59 inches long.

Venom Intensity: A cottonmouth’s bite is rarely capable of causing death. The Mississippi River and Lake Pontchartrain are the city’s star attractions. That being said, the majority of snakes in LA are harmless and are actually beneficial to the ecosystem as they limit the amount of insects and rodents and contribute to the “balance of nature.”. A pale stripe of the respective color is present on either side. Genus: ColuberSpecies: Coluber constrictorAdult Length: 50-165 centimeters (1.6-5.4 ft.)Category: Diurnal Snakes. They eat water based amphibians such as sirens and salamanders. A dark band lined with light brownish stripes diagonally crosses each of its eye.

The top of the head has reddish bands narrowing between the eyes. Mar 18, 2015 - Photos and information about snakes of the Southern U.S. See more ideas about Snake, Louisiana, Hognose snake.

Taxa to include. We respond to dozens of messages daily from people needing help identifying snakes and have more than 12,000 followers. The head is black, except for thin white stripes extending from the eye to the angle of the jaw. Physical Characteristics: Yellow, brown, tan, or reddish brown with a series of large reddish or orange spots running down the back lined with black borders; similar smaller pattern on the sides.

Their venom is hemotoxic, which kills blood cells and causes tissue damage. North America is home to a diverse range of snakes. The underside is pale white, yellow, or gray, with crescent-shaped dark spots. Genus: ReginaSpecies: Regina rigidaAdult Length: 38-76 centimeters (1.2-2.4 ft.)Category: Water Snakes. Its underside is whitish with spots; a pointed snout; and 27-33 keeled dorsal scales. Physical Characteristics: These reptiles mostly wander in the southeastern regions of Louisiana. The rattles on the end of their tails are made of interlocking rings of keratin, which is the same material our fingernails are made of. If you spot a snake and aren’t sure whether it is venomous or not, always keep a safe distance, approximately equal to the body length of the snake.

You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. The venom consists of certain tissue-destructive enzymes but is free of any neurotoxin. Home to several venomous as well as non-venomous snakes, Louisiana has been a constant attraction to snake enthusiasts who visit the area to study these reptiles.

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