To each their own … shotgun, that is. The right shotgun with the right combinations of weight, barrel length, gauge and action, along with the right ammunition and chokes that a shooter feels comfortable with will vary with everyone. The front sight clamps to the end of the barrel and is tightened via a set of screws. It has been on my gun for over a year without any issue. One of the most specialized applications for a shotgun is turkey hunting. The twelve-bore can handle a variety of loads with enough power to bring down those tough longtails in both early and late seasons.

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If you are going to be using both slugs and shot, then you should zero the dot to slugs. It’s a shotgun designed laser that I love. You won’t need a crazy level of magnification, and the Bushnell Trophy Shotgun Scope is a 1.75-4x power compact optic designed for slug guns. Its effectiveness, as with any shotgun, lies in the variety of loads that can be used in conjunction with the correct chokes. This also allows you to mount the optic to guns without needing to tap them for an optics rail. Not to be forgotten is the single-shot break open shotgun. The 1 MOA dot can be zeroed for slugs and be quite precise for hunting or just long-range engagements in general. For some, it is the only gun in their cabinet. A little weight helps with smoothing out your swing. (AR15 fans scream in 1, 2, 3). He’s a lifelong shooter who just happened to be mediocre enough with a gun and a keyboard to combine the two and write. You should pattern your shotgun for different distances and you should know the distance you can engage with a shotgun.

Weaver's dedicated shotgun and muzzleloader scopes are engineered specifically for the unique performance of these firearms and give hunters maximum performance out of these short to medium-range guns.”, About Jason Reid: A ring-neck’s determination to survive lies in the pheasant’s favor. Hunting ring-necks means trouncing through both small and large landscapes. We’ve got a dedicated section for the AR-15 here.

Their new optics were outstanding, but the reason I had so much fun at the booth was the Laser Saddle for shotguns. Thus the best place for the Dead Ringer sight is in the trash can. The Scope uses a simple circle X reticle that is far from complicated and well suited for short-range slug gun shooting. Pheasant hunters need a shotgun that can be carried across miles of tall grass and through acres of dense thickets, cattails, and thick, weedy brush. Thank you for this review. Red Dot scopes are popular sights for their uniqueness and speedy target acquisition. These sights make reaching out with slugs more precise than a standard shotgun bead.

So does every pump shotgun! At this low cost, it’s a simple solution to a simple platform. I’ve been a huge fan of shotguns for years, and one thing I have learned is that the sights on your shotgun are more important than you think. We’ve built dozens of AR’s and we’ll cover all the best AR-15 upgrades such as handguards, triggers, BCGs, gas blocks, and more. Subscribe to Pew Pew Tactical's sales and deals email. There’s a popular adage that “a pair (meaning two barrels) beats a flush in the uplands.” That being said, the classic pheasant hunter shoots a lightweight break-action open shotgun. You got to aim the gun like any other, and that means using the sights. Eotech optics provide a combination of features that compliment shotguns very well. Bear in mind, the right shotgun for one hunter may not be the right one for another. Slug guns offer more range than shotguns, but not much beyond 200 yards. I have the old slug gun to thank for many filled freezers and filled wall space. These sights are outstanding for long-range slug work, and precision buckshot work. Quick target acquisition, fixed focus & unlimited eye relief. We all have burned through a box or more just to arrive at this conclusion. Were it not for them, I couldn't hunt anymore because I could not see the sights. Beads are often quite small, and they can be difficult to see, especially in low light, or if you are in a hurry the bead can work, but they are not the end all be all for shotguns. A little oil on the action bars, occasionally inspect the magazine tube and you’re set to go. XS sights are well known for their big front sights designed for handguns.

When it’s all said and done, the shotgun that will be used for pheasant hunting needs to be comfortable in the hands of you, the shooter. Remington 870s are not tapped in most models and must be tapped to install the rear rail and sight.

It’s obvious that the 12-gauge shotgun is the most popular choice, and many consider this the best all-around option for pheasant hunting. Pump-actions are excellent choices for beginners as an entry-level gun. Copyright © 2020 Pew Pew Media, Inc. All rights reserved. Our favorite guns and gear that we've tested and fully recommend. I have absolutely no experience in shooting a 28-gauge, but speaking with those that do, the 28 is lethal inside its effective range of 30 yards. Written by Edgar Castillo| January 16, 2019| This was 11 Am in the desert on a cloudless day, it was bright outside, but I can still see and use the laser.

Red illuminated 4 M.O.A Dot with 11 brightness settings. AmmoLand Editor Comments:  This article was updated to reflect changes in product improvements/availability on 07/26/2017.

Why not any of the Truglo sights. Visit an outdoor or sporting goods store. A recent study shows that 46.26 percent of the Project Upland community shoot a 20-gauge — versus 31.57 percent who shoot a 12-gauge.

The shotgun that you’re planning on taking out into the field needs to be durable, accurate, and something you’ll enjoy (not just tolerate) carrying in the uplands, woods, deserts and fields. Let’s explain some of these features. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Jason Reid is a writer and business professional from upstate New York. He is interested in helping folks protect themselves with firearms and shoot better at the range. Another advantage to carrying a double gun is that the action can be easily broke open to safely cross fences and maneuver over tricky and tough terrain such as jumping creeks and sliding down banks. Slug guns are quite popular in states where it’s very flat and rifles are prohibited. I love the fact you can install these sights at home and get a set of Ghost ring sights on your shotgun.

Best of all they require zero gunsmithing to install. It’s affordable and will fit a variety of shotguns.

Pumps work in almost any weather. These sights are not for everyone, and not for every 870. Most consider the 20-gauge’s ace-in-the-hole is that it simply feels good in a bird hunter’s hands. “All-steel construction. But in the hands of well experienced bird hunters, the pump can be lethal. Roosters are strong medium-sized birds. Its simplicity makes it a valuable entry level shotgun for pheasant hunting for beginners and youth. America has for some time transitioned to the 20 in large part, because 12s have always been so heavy. These guns shoot pretty far so a variable scope is a great addition to a slug gun. The pump shotgun, indeed, has many virtues. TruGlo Pro Series Magnum Gobble-Dot Shotgun Sights, Gun Deals: MFT 30 Round 5.56 NATO Polymer AR15 Magazines $9.99 Each, Gun Deals: Vortex Strike Eagle 1-8X24mm Rifle Scope w/ Mount $394.99 FREE S&H CODE, Gun Deals: LSI Citadel Boss-25 AR-12 Gauge, Semi-automatic, Shotgun $474.99 FREE S&H, Pre-Order: 50 Round Boxes Winchester 9mm Luger 124grain, FMJ Ammunition $17.99, CMMG Bravo 22 LR AR Conversion Kit – The First Kit That Doesn’t Suck ~VIDEO, What “Unsigning” the Arms Trade Treaty Means for American Gun Owners ~ VIDEO, Daily Gun Deal: Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 SportRifle .22LR Magpul MBUS sights $449.99, The “Other” Model ’94 Lever Action Rifle: Marlin 94 Rifle, Second Amendment Makes Clear: Americans Are Not Subservient To Government – Part Two, Arkansas Passes Significant NFA Gun Law Reforms in 2019, TruGlo Pro Series Magnum Gobble-Dot Sights. However, if you want a bombproof, well-proven design for defensive and combative use these sights are an excellent go-to option.

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