They have bridge courses and everything and most commands will pay for it if you have the time when you get to a team. You can be an assaulter in CIF with an 18d MOS. Though they’re primarily trained with an emphasis on trauma medicine, they also have a working knowledge of dentistry, veterinary care, public sanitation, water quality and optometry. Ranger medics are classsd 68W W1, so they have to do the standard 68W shit and later get upgraded W1after SOCM. We also really don’t go to the long course ever, although it can happen. If you go through the 68W program and then through the SOCM course later, it will blow your mind how much better the SOCM course is. A lot is treating villagers and foreigners. Bottom line I wanted to be a sf guy before I even thought of rangers; regardless of my 18 mos. Back at the first crash site, the CSAR team works to secure the crash and to extricate the dead and wounded. If you are extremely lucky as in 1/100 you might get to go to JTAC as i know 1-2 guys who did.

The platoon can't afford to lose you. MagNeato wrote:I will say that all Ranger medics complete both the regular 68w medic course and SOCM and there is really no comparison.I get asked a lot in 2nd Batt what the course is like by the 11Bs and the best way i can describe it is by saying that regular medics are comparable to infantry AIT in terms of level of skill and SOCM grads are comparable to an 11B that has been in Batt a while. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. If you are one of the following feel free to correct me, do not just post here-say. He later gave me some advice... go 68w with option 40 (since my goal is to be an sf medic and later transition to the civilian med feild). This may be a silly question, but what if one had a civilian RN qualification before going into either SEAL medic pipeline? They all do civilian paramedic. You do get BAH so you can make some Money living with your boys in Mississippi. You get a SOTM card and civilian paramedic coming out which allows you to do work only in NSW. It used to get you civilian. You could earn up to $40,000 in cash bonuses just for enlisting under certain Military Occupational Specialties. Every Ranger can do IVs and other intermediate medical skills, as far as I know. (68W), Medical Laboratory Specialist

The course qualifies 18D students in the advanced skills and knowledge required to . This changes though so you could go through at the end. Or is it just bureaucratic BS? The PaYS program is a recruitment option that guarantees a job interview with military friendly employers that are looking for experienced and trained Veterans to join their organization. What gets a lot of guys is its the first time in their life they have really had to study for something. SEALs are not HMs so we get fucked when it comes to doing medicine as we are technically not allowed to practice in the US. ...I have been dead set in the 18x program. Always super impressed because they train medicine constantly. Learn more about total compensation. Then you can register for the motor skills later. You're always doing pig labs or some other shit. SFMS is designed to teach 18D’s the knowledge and skills required to perform . Is there any good reason that the longer, more expansive course lands you a lower level civilian medical cert? The medical logistics specialist is primarily responsible for receiving, storing, recording and issuing Army medical supplies. This is still the gold standard in SOF Medicine and the only place you come out with the Advanced Tactical Paramedic card.

Special Forces Medical Sergeants are required to maintain their medical licenses and skills annually. Bragg and the army are extremely gay and dealing with the bullshit there was worse than most of the pipeline, but it really is the best place to learn the skills. Maybe the ranger route isn’t a bad one with the 68w contract. Freefall if you are lucky. Introduction - Army 4th year HPSP student. You will get some shit for it, but it happens i would say maybe 2/10 SEALs wash out. Just to add on, since some dudes are asking, the army SOCM course is requiring guys to take the paramedic exam before they graduate. PJ Medicine: Additional block during the 6 month apprentice course and included in exercises throughout. That is the basic rundown.

From my understanding is that only a couple units actually deploy as SOF attached to other units. I also would like to go to halo and dive. I would probably try to take the Nremt test in socm after you do ACLS if i had to do it again because at that point you have everything you need to pass. He later gave me some advice... go 68w with option 40 (since my goal is to be an sf medic and later transition to the civilian med feild). He continued to tell me that this would allow me to insure I’d be a medic and I could later go to sfas and I’d be better prepared. Any specific advice about each that could help my decision? perform duties as a Special Forces Medical Sergeant.

I think I’d like the rangers and I’d probably have more respect in a sf group if I was a rangers but still can’t find the clarity I need before I sign. Those who want to serve must first take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, a series of tests that helps you better understand your strengths and identify which Army jobs are best for you. You will do 1-3 platoons probably before you start getting to LPO level and you have to let the junior guys handle this so you can work on big picture stuff. I can add to the PJ (Air Force Pararescue) portion of the summary.

You will have the option to put in for these courses throughout sqt. You are treated better because you are dealing with other team guys on the reg. We also do medicine probably the least in our career path before you promote out of it. You are not a real 18D until you complete the long course. The thing about the army and being a 68W ranger is if you fail out of SOCM you go to the regular army. The operating room specialist assists the nursing staff in preparing the patient and the operating room environment for surgery and for providing assistance to the medical staff during surgical procedures.

The rest are in the rescue wings and do things like the television show. Still solid guys. Especially if it’s something I really want I have to be willing to try as many times as it takes and not be worried about making it through the first time. It's just so hard to get past the the bureaucracy of SARC that I feel this "homegrown" corpsman piece would be a better bet.

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Reach out and we'll help you get there. Due to the wide variety of missions, Special Forces Medical Sergeants are trained tacticians, paratroopers and survival experts, as well as trained in many forms of combat. Ranger Special Operations Combat Medics are affectionately called “Doc” by the men. This is a lot of places though. The combat medic specialist is primarily responsible for providing emergency medical treatment at point of wounding on the battlefield, limited primary care, and health protection and evacuation from a point of injury or illness. Two options both follow the same basic progression. (68D), Provide initial medical screening and evaluation of allied and indigenous personnel, Provide examination and care to detachment members, Supervise medical care and treatment during missions, Operate a combat laboratory and treat emergency and trauma patients, Develop and provide medical intelligence as required, Using land warfare weapons and communications devices, Prolonged medical care in austere environments, Readiness to accept a challenge and face danger, Ability to stay in top physical condition, Ability to remain calm in stressful situations. (18C), Special Forces Weapons Sergeant It is also outstanding training. No need to register on your own for the skills or written paramedic cert; it is part of the pipeline. We are supposed to be only battlefield medics. You will also most likely go back and attend the long course. Thanks man, that helps a lot. SOCM versus SOTM. Focuses on combat/rescue medicine i.e. We have some of the best medics in the world. I was stuck between these as well. Help me out man. Your orders are also screwed because you can end up at regular recon battalions babysitting marines or you could go to raider. Do you think that they can get guys who are average intelligence to pass courses like SOCM? Learn more about education benefits. As far as 18B/C/D/E, other than then guard units, I've never heard of an 18 hopeful getting the MOS they want as a guaranteed hard choice. You have the skill sets so its as easy as registering for the test. Special Forces Medical Sergeants have very demanding physical requirements.

First of all, don't listen to someone give advice about SF if they failed Selection. SOCMs attend the course at Fort Bragg aka 18D. 18D definitely does trauma when it happens, but there's more preventative care on locals and such. To me I feel like I’d be playing into fears of not passing sf selection instead of fully committing to sf. As a demolitions specialist, the engineer sergeant can carry out demolition raids against enemy targets, such as bridges, railroads, fuel depots, and critical components of infrastructure. You have a much better shot going into the navy first than the marines.

They also have the opportunity to earn the Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certification. I really like the work sf does especially the medics. Since people that need rescuing will likely be injured, all PJs are highly trained in emergency/trauma medicine. as supervised providers in CONUS environments, and allowing 18D’s to provide health care as independent providers OCONUS New within the past 5 years. They can screen for Dam Neck as well but they are attached not part of the squadron as a team guy would be. Having said that I decided on Ranger because I didn't really want to have to trust a group of people that our government might have deemed as slightly less "bad" at the time than the people we would otherwise be fighting and I sure as hell wouldn't want to rely on them in a firefight.

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