Do you have any experience in up-selling? Focus on Customer Value; Intolerance of Waste; Dedication to dignity, value, and employment security; devotion to stewardship of stockholders; involvement as citizens in the community. Assure the interviewer that you are accustomed to working with multiple department managers at a time. I am a social person and I always strive to be the best I can be. what tool does the deli use to ensure we have enough variety for our customers and that we are able to sell as much product possible before it expires, how many vendors are to be in the staging area at one time, at what PPM should the test strip read for QSan, which form must a customer obtain to place a professional photo on a cake, placing dark cookies around lighter cookies would be an example of what merchandising technique, when should you use the the Hold Harmless Agreement sticker, anytime a customer asks you to decorate, change, or alter an item not supplied by Publix, what antibiotics does Publix offer at no cost. If I work in a positive environment with a forward-thinking team, I am a very happy employee.

The 1960's were a booming era for Publix.

Math. What chemical is authorized to clean the meat department freezer, what could be the cause of an item not scanning at the register. What is your customer service philosophy? If you could choose to work in any department at Publix, which would you choose? Do you prefer doing work on a routine day-to-day basis or do you prefer mixing up your routine occasionally? Q: Why is it so hard to get hired with Publix? All interview questions are created by and are not official interview questions for any organization listed on

", "All of the colleagues I have worked with have shared a very respectful relationship with me. $44 Publix turned 50 in 1980 and celebrated by kicking off a … Tell us about your previous work experience? They are designed to offer helpful advice and tips to job seekers looking for work at Publix. Application process what 2 chemicals cannot be mixed in the deli, what is the MSDS and where can it be found for all of Publix approved chemicals, material safety data sheet; Publix connection: resources, What are the 3 stones of the 3-stones knife sharpener, to make a payroll correction after Saturday, what is the last to submit it to be put on the same period.

I’m a customer service employee now, but am interested in broadening my skills.

Assure the interviewer that you are capable of handling cash and credit card transactions. . Where would you want to see your career with Publix take you? what is the proper temp of dough when mixed, what are the sub-departments of the meat department, where does the price sticker go on products when putting out to sell. the 6-inch rule is designed to safeguard products by keeping them off the floor and away from potential contamination by pests or cleaning chemicals and aid in effective cleaning. "In my last position I worked in the stocking department and was required to answer to the deli, bakery, and fresh produce managers. "In my most recent position we had an ongoing concern with our most popular stock depleting before the new shipment would come in. For example - how log a specific food can be displayed for - how quick does a fridge need to get down to a specific temperature - etc always look to add value to the role you play, carefully order and handle product to prevent out of stock product and ensure product quality, job efficiency, controlling supply usage, preventing damages, awareness and report losses or theft, recycling, enhancing your role, adding your value and achieving tasks quickly and efficiently and correctly adds to the security of employment, Dedicated to the Dignity, Value, and Employment Security of our associates, following the standards and policies maximizing your sales and profit, Involved as Responsible Citizens in our Communities, the promise and guarantee to provide premier customer service and quality products to our customers, " We will never knowingly disappoint you.

The most exciting part of a new job is that you have so much room to grow and learn. I am very interested in applying, however I am not available on Fridays due to a family obligation. I truly believe that we can all learn so much from each-other. A: Oh, a trifecta of questions, I love it!

With an additional 63 professionally written interview answer examples. I am very good at making customers feel at ease while I ring them through. "I had a boss that regularly forced overtime on employees at the last minute with no opportunity to make childcare arrangements or plan changes. Have you ever caught a coworker stealing? Publix is the largest and fastest-growing employee-owned Super Market chain in the United States. Describe your working relationship with your previous or current colleagues. When I see that employees are unfairly treated, it bothers me. I can't really answer some of these questions, as I'm heading towards the start of my 4th week so far working at Publix as a Front Service Clerk (Bagger). ", "I have researched your company online and see that you have been around for over 50 years, first starting out as a family owned and operated local grocer. ", "If you are looking for a shorter term solution: "I am looking for a temporary position for the summer. Order Formula. I am looking for a competitive salary in my next position. Although I don't have much experience I know I would be able to manage the workload. Good luck. Q: When will Public green wise store be completed and open in Tallahassee Florida? A: Great question! (Hint: we’re all about providing premier service to our customers).

A: Hi! if you buy decor from the grocery department what kind of voucher is this? A: Hi, we’re always looking for great techs and we have opportunities in all of our divisions right now! Q: I have a MA in Marketing and would love to Market Publix, but Lakeland doesn’t hire outside of Lakeland, plus I’m about 80 miles from Lakeland, but would still like to Promote Publix. 3) Why do you want to work for Publix? "You can see on my resume that I have strong tenure in my previous positions. Prepare answers to common interview questions. ", causing customers to say "I always shop at my Publix" by providing premier service from friendly knowledgeable associates; convenient, clean, pleasant, and excitable shopping experience; variety of in stock product at competitive prices, Providing premier service by understanding and exceeding needs, communicating the importance of training, create food safe work environment, becoming the premier quality deli retailer, Deli Manager, Assistant Deli Manager, Deli Clerk, Deli Utility, Cheese Specialist, Prepared Foods Specialist, Responsible for total operation of deli including associates, production, profitability, and supporting deli RBU initiatives, assisting customer, maintaining product levels, production and sanitation, maintaining proper balances, operation and safety of equipment, packaging sale products, special orders and trays, cleaning, stocking, and answering phones, the way to keep inventory organized, creates organization, clean visual and support for the workplace, Sort and Remove - sort through the existing and removing the unnecessary by establishing backstroke Base inventory levels, Shine - using opportunity to clean the workplace, Set Locations and Visual Cues - setting locations for Base Inventory items and creating signage to maintain the correct location, Standardize - integrating set locations. Since Publix is a “promote within” company, our store management roles are generally only open to current associates. just dip for at least 1 minute, how often should you clean the milk and egg display cases, when can you use the auto-scrub machine to clean the floor of your walk-in cooler, what document provides details on implementing a vendor supported reset, what report can you use to find info about open inventory transactions prior to counting, what system do you use to reset an applicants password, what 4 deli plant products have a smoked flavor. How would you handle a situation where a fellow employee is not pulling their workload? ", "I can bend and lift; however, 50 pounds may be more than I can handle at this time. I am focusing on keeping up my grades in high school and working to save money for college. how often should you used a vacuum to clean the Tie-Metic? A: Yes, Paula. Watch for a position called the Recipe Development Technician. 8" round? I would be happy to work my way into a cashier position once I have proven my capabilities at Publix. We’re planning to open in the summer – probably late July or August. If for any reason your purchase does not give you complete satisfaction, the full purchase price will be cheerfully refunded immediately upon request. "I am most motivated, on the job, when tasks are organized, and the vibe is positive. Our interview questions and answers are created by experienced recruiters and interviewers. Second, it is because these associates are intimately familiar with our culture and will perpetuate it through mentoring and by setting great examples for our newer associates. Our goal is to create interview questions and answers that will best prepare you for your interview, and that means we do not want you to memorize our answers. Give me an example of a time when you went above and beyond. ", "In my grocery store experience, I have worked primarily with receiving stock and inventory, and have spent some time in the produce department as well.

Tell me about a time when you disagreed with your boss. Below you’ll find 20 questions our Facebook fans asked that a trio of Publix recruiters replied to. Subjects. Well I am a senior in high school and I have taken up small jobs like babysitting but this would be my first real job. If possible, I'd like to work at Publix while I'm in college. ", "I am new to my career so I am looking for a job that will give me great training and a positive work environment. We worked together for a couple of overtime hours that day and were able to catch her up on everything. I am very anxious to prove my worth in a workplace setting. This position contributes to creating recipes for the Publix Aprons program. Publix does have full-time and part time opportunities available. Get answers to your biggest company questions on Indeed.

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