Not since that wild night he had with Annabeth, but that was another story. There was once a time that I was his favorite student in his eyes.

Athena was forced to her elbows as tears ran down her cheeks. She said she couldn't take how I'm such a seaweed brain and that I'm too stupid to be a normal demigod.

Tears graced her cheeks and Percy stopped and stroked Annabeth's face lovingly.

People have been trying to tell me to move on and I'll be better. She had to dip her head and back a bit then she took Percy's cock in her mouth. My life has always been full of misery and pain. He then remembered something he read and with one hand he searched out Annabeth's clit. He had better have a good reason for coming in my cabin without an invitation and it better not be anything that involves trying to lift my spirits up from my heartbreak.

Everyone had been talking through each other while the others had been getting there wishes. It felt so good. For a while, they walked in silence.It was Piper who broke it first: "What's going to happen between us now you're immortal?

He knew there would be a condition.

Athena asked impatiently.

"Fill me up Percy! She widened her eyes, but before she could say anything, Percy slammed her down on him while also thrusting up, making the tip of his dick push her cervix a bit open. He greedily kissed her back, his hands on her hips, pulling her body flush with Percy's.

Percy asked, not really knowing what he exactly wanted. It felt amazing and in a small part of her brain she wondered if Percy felt the same, but that would be asked later. Perseia (fem Percy Jackson) was betrayed by camp and her father. I've been sitting on this smutfic for a while now, hope you enjoy. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. He spun around to find a slightly soaked Annabeth, his girlfriend.

Read chapter 4 warning lemon from the story percy jackson guardian of the goddesses and demigoddess by haremkingnaruto (NaruAnko for life) with 8,078 reads.

Percy arrived on Olympus for the rewards along with the other six heroes. Athena thought. She took Percy's cock and aimed right at her cunt.

Most of the time in my cabin, I just lie in my bed doing nothing but rot in my pain and sorrow. What he found interesting was that though Athena was known to be a virgin goddess like Artemis, she had no hymen whatsoever. He could just tell. Annabeth happily obliged, opening her mouth a bit, letting his tongue slip in.

This is basically nothing but sex, lemons, and limes. But this wasn't any kind of strength I've ever felt before. she asked a bit fiddly."Sure." She liked the feelings she was feeling and wanted more. She'd not demean herself by getting on her knees and servicing the son of Poseidon. The chapters for this story I'm gonna try to keep at a length of somewhere between 1,000 to 2,000 words. They were both moaning and groaning due to their coupling.

She knew she had to.

Percy nodded and eased his rod into the goddess. Suddenly, a throne started rising besides Hestia's. With one hand holding herself up she used the other and forced Percy's head further into her. This was so much better than one's fingers. He then pushed back in hard breaking it.

She began bobbing her head as she sucked and swirled. Poseidon said. Chapter 1 After the giant… Fan Fiction – all books Smile! But I always refuse, even when he orders me to do at least one camp activity or threatens to make me do chores for all over camp if I don't cooperate with him, I refuse and just lock myself in my cabin.

He's been trying to get me to participate in camp activities again. It also seemed to glow a bit and it also gave off some heat. Percy nodded and eased his rod into the goddess. Annabeth had read a lot about giving fellatio and felt confident in what she was doing to her boyfriend.

Percy was gasping for breath after getting blown by his girlfriend.

Patience has never been a virtue of mine, and I don't think lightly when people waste my time.

Percy said a bit disappointed. "I know, it's just… You're not going to grow old. 58.2K 956 25. Cum in my womb!" Her touch along with the hot water was working its magic.

Just then, he picked up pace, roughly face-fucking her until he felt his cum about to come. The sudden intrusion made Annabeth close her eyes and fold her arms besides her, screaming out his name in pain and pleasure. Athena was feeling something welling up inside her that she had not felt before. Who knew his Wise Girl had such a talented tongue. Disclaimer: I do not own Percy Jackson, nor this story.

Percy removed his head panting, his face covered with Annabeth's juices.

A/N: here's the special treat. He walked to his father's temple, as that'll be the place he will stay until his own temple is constructed. He growled.

Sex felt amazing. At the same time he pushed his cock into Annabeth. She wasn't as good as Annabeth, but she had skill which made him wonder where she got it from. ""No" she whimpered, loving the way he was dominating her."AAH!" This is basically nothing but sex, lemons, and limes.

sheltie1987. Percy asked staring right into Annabeth's eyes.

"Ariadne was also mortal but became immortal when Dionysus took her as his wife."

The goddesses will most likely be described differently than how Rick Riordan described them.


It was a new sensation coupled with her recent orgasm it felt amazing. ""You wanna unlock your true form and flash?" She giggled when she saw the look of pure bliss in his eyes and started bobbing her head up and down his shaft again while also swirling her tongue around it, making him drown in pleasure.She slowed a bit down, so Percy put his hand on her head and encouraged her to take her old pace.The slurping sounds turned him on even more and he started pushing her deeper.

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