Getting a boner in front of Piper's mum would not be a good idea. Thinking it was Ares, he spun around and clenched his fists preparing for a fight. "Anyway, you will be under my protection, until you complete your tasks. Percy moaned as Aphrodite's lips moulded with his. Aphrodite's thumb began rubbing the rim of his cock. Grinning at his discomfort, she moaned in an erotic fashion while stroking his cock up and down. Blood rushed to Percy's cheeks but he still couldn't resist a grin. If you know how to do this expertly, they will fawn after you and you can get any girl you want. "Percabeth?" Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance - Percy. Not one bit! Despite the fact that he was naked, he still felt warm.

I have his full permission to continue this story. Then, all of a sudden, she paused, and Percy hissed at the stop. A new prophecy would be enacted soon, one that would shake the very foundations of Olympus and the rest of the world. Even the one's who remembered often forgot what that meant, and when they saw something that was against the cultural norm, they would call it sinful or depraved. Percy's breath hitched. The bed fell from underneath him, and then he was falling. He seemed to be, as ridiculous as it sounded, tied to a large silky bed that floated in the middle of nothingness.

More is on its way though, so stay tuned as always and keep those comments coming. Explicit. Percy gasped, shaking and thrusting weakly into Aphrodite's slick, soft palms. Unless, you do exactly as I tell you...". As Aphrodite came towards Percy her appearance altered to be as close to perfect Percy could imagine. She was angry and called her remaining children, the Titans, to end his reign. But Jackson is mainly having a conversation with the Goddess of Love about his attraction to Artemis. A wave of relief washed over him when he saw that it was only Aphrodite – the goddess of love. Of course, the Goddess of Love was beside herself with urgency and would only cry out his name or scream yes in answer giving Percy a silly, lopsided grin. Your email address will not be published.

Percy asked with a mischievous grin to which Aphrodite rolled her tongue over her lips in answer. "As I was saying, before you so rudely interrupted me, I've decided it is my role as Goddess of Love to interfere. Aphrodite gave a delighted laugh and holy fuck she wrapped one of her soft hands around his dick what fuck wha-, "Percy," Aphrodite said, and Percy almost came right there and then. He was strangely content despite of his awkward situation with Artemis and the other Olympians. And now she was going to test it for the first time. What's a mortal guy to do? Forbidden Love is a lot more intense.". The author would like to thank you for your continued support. He was reminded instantly of his dreams of Kronus, then realized how stupid the suggestion was - Kronus was dead and Percy had seen it with his own eyes, and besides, the voice was distinctly female. Aphrodite trailed delicate fingers across Percy's abs, and he completely lost self-control.

It just didn't make sense. Aphrodite gave a particularly hard jerk and Percy twitched in the palm of her hands. The goddess lips met Percy's and the demigod felt his stomach do a little relay race, while his senses went bananas. Who else would mess with him and tie him to a bed in the middle of absolutely nothing at all? "Okay," Percy said, his stomach churning in excitement. The god had worshiped his stiff member but Aphrodite was clinging to it as if for dear life. Despite the dimness in the room, he could still see Aphrodite's form, her tangly golden hair and her large, heaving breasts; her full, round pink nipples, which bounced as she jerked her hand up and down on his cock. The Silhouette by Delirious Author.

"What?" Every kind of sex, no matter how dirty, vulgar, filthy, and yes, even abnormal or immoral, fell into her realm of influence. Or, 'The Conquests of Percy'. Percy sighed as he dressed the various scratches and bruises all over his body.

Think of other things, Percy thought. At the same time, she did it in a tasteful way sending chills down his spine and all sorts of naught images in his head.

Featuring Drew, Piper, Reyna, Annabeth, and more!

When it was hard enough, she placed her lips on the tip of Percy's cock. World War III had been averted and the missing items were almost found. Frank's butt. Or...destroy it. Absolutely nothing was hidden from his imagination. Anyway, as I was saying, I'm a little disappointed in your personal relationships, sweetie. Sadly, he was the Consort of Olympus and was, as such, bound to perform whatever it was that the gods and goddesses desired. Percy Jackson Love of Aphrodite by Katie Mossman.

It encourages me, even, since Percabeth is officially ruined.". You and Annabeth...aren't really doing well, and I can't let that happen to one of my absolutely favorite couples!". Her eyes were the same shade of silver as Annabeth's.

That would be taking it a little too far I think. "Good luck to my champion," She said, and disappeared from his sight. The temperature in the air had somehow dropped twenty degrees, and every nerve of his body was hyper aware of every sensation. She was looking at her orb, randomly watching scenes of real live people going about their daily business like it was a TV.

He was very adept at the art, but didn't let it get to his head. Percy and Aphrodite. Aphrodite said. How were you supposed to greet immortal goddesses, especially the parents of your close friends, anyway? "Um, my honor to uh, meet you, milady, but I would really, um, like to know what exactly is happening, no disrespect intended..." His words trailed off, as Aphrodite approached closer and closer. Completed. Now slowly Aphrodite gave Percy a good view of her ass as she positioned herself above his. This is just written for my own entertainment and others. "Who are you? "Be careful of love, Perseus Jackson," Aphrodite said at last, her voice grave. Oh, fuck, please remove your hands.

It is enough to launch wars and end them. Percy came all too soon, crying out Aphrodite's name as she swallowed his load with a dreamy look on her eyes.

"Fuck, please," He grunted, struggling against his bonds. Stop it, idiot! "Oh, silly, Percy, Champion of the Gods!" It couldn't be Artemis, could it? Dionysus.

This story takes place after the Titan War. He yelled into the silence. But Aphrodite was the goddess of love and she had her reasons. She was dressed in nothing but a transparent tunic. ", "F-fuck, what?" "Never mind about that now," She chuckled. He had been surrounded by that rotten Clarisse and her goons. This makes for a good 'Forbidden Love' story, though, between him and Artemis which is still happening – just at a gradual pace. But things don't go quite as planned & he ends up with more than he bargained for giving the title "Percy Jackson & the Olympians" a whole new meaning! POLL NOW UP! I have full faith in you, Percy," Aphrodite began straightening her clothes, and weakly, Percy closed his eyes, breathing in Aphrodite's intoxicating smell of roses and sex. Featuring Drew, Piper, Reyna, Annabeth. "You can't come, Percy, you realize that?"

I'll end the A/N here and let the chapter speak for itself. Aphrodite giggled, pulling away from Percy to stare in amusement at his semi-hard cock. Aphrodite spent the last hour or so cultivating and growing the new specimen before her, a luscious green plant in a sleek brown plant pot on her dresser. You need to learn how to make a woman feel like a woman, if you were really, really in love with Annabeth. In bed. The sheets were soft against his bare ass. Nice to see this story is at least getting little results. He tried to keep his eyes focused on her face, but it was impossible not to sneak glances lower...and lower... "Feel free to look," Aphrodite said absently, as she sat down on the bed, mere inches away from Percy's torso.

Percy blushed and hung his head, feeling like a sixteen-year-old having 'The Talk' that he heard from students grumbling at school. OOCness. The chains from the bed dug into his wrists and ankles, a sharp, pleasant pain.

"Ten?" "After all, she is the Virgin Goddess and I know she will not do anything foolish.". The Fates chuckled amongst each other as they peered into their Looking Glass, watching Percy learn how to eat a woman's pussy. Percy blurted out, unable to stop himself. She was wearing her usual revealing outfit, but that wasn't what caught Percy off guard. "W-What? NOW UPDATED AND BACK! He now roamed the halls of the central palace where the gods and goddesses usually held their meetings, in the meeting chamber. Still, I won't use as much as intended but do keep in mind that Percy is the Consort of Olympus and, as such, is bound to satisfy the gods and goddesses. Percy Jackson breathed in deeply of the pure Olympian air. Wouldn't want to hurt the Royal Consort, now would we?". "Well, well, well," A voice said from behind, interrupting his train of thought. Anyhow, there will be some since I am slightly interested by the possibilities of slash since normal love stories get kind of old and cliché. This story may have a lower priority than my other stories. Piper's (annoying, somewhat scary) mum and the Goddess of Love. In an attempt to stop WWIII, Percy Jackson swears an oath on the River Styx to the gods of Olympus. Current Chapter: Annabeth!

Percy came all too soon, crying out Aphrodite's name as she swallowed his load with a dreamy look on her eyes. Just, fuck, let me, fuck, come, holy Olympus, what, fuck...", "You're too indecisive," Aphrodite said. The voice cooed, and the darkness receded, revealing a glowing, glimmering feminine figure. Smut. © 2019. It might be mild, I don't know. Percy didn't know what to say, and wondered what he should do next. my new girlfriend, Annabeth said, kissing me on the lips before we went to our cabins. She was, after all, the Goddess of Love and making love was her occupation. Please.

How am I supposed to do that?!

tell me who you want percy's first 'conquest' to be! He touched a particularly tender spot on his back. Her profile was facing him, as beautiful and elegant as that of a marble statue's. Nothing but lemons, limes, and sex. Percy and aphrodite lemon fanfiction - Aphrodite has stripped Percy of his demigodhood and the only way to Lemons. They had pushed him around, fought him and humiliated him.

As embarrassing as this is for me to ask, I would really appreciate it if a Beta or Co-Writer would lend a hand in this story. Percy blushed and looked away, feeling suddenly uncomfortable. Warning: This story is made of from author's pure pervert imagination, please don't read if you're not eighteen, aka underage, or have problem with your heart and control your imagination libido. Any advice, feedback, and suggestions are welcome as well and I am all ears to what you have to say.

The world was under the rule of Uranus and his wife Gaia. Also, I know he acts older than twelve but he is an Immortal and has matured (mostly) to some level.

Torches flickered along the walls and the red carpet barely touched his feet. And, fuckthatfeelsgood, what about, oh, monsters, and fuck!".

She winked, and then got off the bed, tucking her hair behind her ear. His hard-on sprang up immediately. From now on, you'll never go back to your old life, see your friends, see your mom again, until you sleep with at least ten demigoddesses! It seemed to come from the left.

Her lips were full and pink (and, Percy thought with a vaguely guilty sensation, absolutely kissable). life; aphrodite; percyjackson +8 more #2. However, she did look similar to the daughter of Athena, but there were other people that Percy saw and couldn't place a name to. She didn't just look like Annabeth like she had in the past. "Don't you know better than to mess with a Goddess?".

He would win out in the end and it was only a matter of time now before Order overcame Chaos.

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