Cole: Perhaps, perhaps this was a bad idea to fight him in Ninjago City. How he came and his fellow Warlords came to dominate over the others, enslaving the Destruction Oni. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Episode 123: Fire and Ice Don't Mix Part 1, Episode 124: Fire and Ice Don't Mix Part 2. Vengetron: And how are you going to stop me?

As the Ninja defeat the Ice Samurai after learning where the time blade is, they get in Neuro's Mind Bike and race to the Monastery to stop Zane from getting the Reversal Blade.

Kai is the focus character.

In order to stop Supremo from achieving this, they shatter the two Stand Arrows they brought for him. Dark let me borrow it, so it has to be true.” Thinking back on it, Cole doesn't remember Mr. This angers, Supremo, which leads him to slicing Wu's throat, killing him. Zane: Vengetron must've taken them with him. He doesn't even know the full extent of his own powers yet.

Mr. Vengetron: I am Vengeance, I am destruction, I am Vengetron. Kai is the focus character. Wu insists he doesn't know the location, and so Supremo unleashes his Stand, American Zero. One that has total control over all Dragons. The second arrow belongs to him, and he is looking for the third in the Monastery. He was eager to set out on another adventure.

A waste of talent and power. Ninjago Divided Timeline Season 13 (subtitled Battle Tendency) is a completely original story.Lloyd is the focus character for this season, and Sovrano Supremo is the main antagonist. The red mist radiates with Vengeance. Supremo used his Stand again and is now controlling Zane. He throws the blade to Wu barely in time before the ninja and his mentor were destroyed.

The other four Ninja soon find out that they too have their own special abilities, separate from Elemental Power. It's why I can't have him around. Kai: There is one last thing we haven't done yet. Ninjago Epilogue: Episode 2 The War On Ninjago City, Season 13: The End of Fire and Ice Episode Transcript List,

771009 - Ice-ergy Encounter - $39.99 Minifigs: Zane, 2x Ice-rgy Samurai, Captain Confusion and Snowbot Figure | Pieces: 771010 - Time Lord's Ice Spire - $59.99 Minifigs: Kai, 2x Ice-rgy Samurai, Time Lord with Elemental Clock and Reversal Blade. Kai: You may have created Frost Magic, but I've learned much about it.

Supremo finds that the Ninja have broken out of their ice cages, and Lloyd's eyes are glowing with energy. Number in Series Vengetron and the Oni Warlords serve as the antagonist while the Oni serve as the villainous faction. When the Ninja are forced to retreat, Kai is left behind and is tortured to tell Zane the whereabouts of the Reversal blade, hidden in Season 7.

Sovrano's hatred towards the Ninja only fueled them. off of a fan-made suit made by Ninjajaynuva on Instagram. Next Story Supremo stabs himself once with one, causing it to climb into his skin. Go with Kaya, she will take you to a safe place. Clutch Powers entered the same ancient temple as them, and found a golden treasure chest, and inside was a golden arrow; upon touching the arrow he was overcome with a strange sensation to stab himself with it. Zane: It would be wise to remain ready for a fight. It's Kai's turn in the spotlight to share the power of his Stand, Fireside, against the lunatic Marvin Black and his Stand Golden Slumbers, who gains energy from Black's good feelings. It was a late Sunday night, and it was just him and Clutch in the building.

Dark tells them that the only way for Stand Users to even be alive at this point would be if someone went around stabbing people who are 'worthy' with the Stand Arrow.

Cyberball Run.

On their journey, they are suddenly stopped by a Stand User with the ability to eat dreams. The Ninja recruit Neuro, the master of mind to bring the location of the Reverse Blade back to Lloyd's mind. The "special abilities," are called Stands. Zane: Pixel and I have scanned the area. These are strange times for Lego Ninjago fans in North America. Ninjago Epilogue: Episode 2 The War On Ninjago City, And Kai leads the Sarcusis into battle against the Oni upon the Dragon King's back. This season takes place on Ninjago Earth-30, an alternate timeline where Zane sacrificed himself to save Ninjago City from a plague of darkness and the other Ninja gain Stand abilities.

Skylor: Nya, we need to get you a safe distance from here. Meanwhile, the Oni Warlords march upon Ninjago City, with their massive titan backing their force, all seems lost. In the Explorers Club main HQ, Clutch Powers was deciding out his next mission. He exited the temple and returned to his crew, stabbing them all with the arrow.

The Serpentine don't prove a threat to me either. Finally, with the two arrows in hand, the Ninja arrive at the ancient temple once again to save Wu. He battles them with his ability that the Ninja soon realize is not only an ability, but a physical manifestation of the man's fighting spirit-- he calls this ability the Pied Piper. Vengetron: That would be completely foolish off you.

Kai engages his father in single combat, beating him with the help of the enhanced powers given to him by the Dragon King. He recreates the two Stand Arrows, and attempts to stab himself again with them, but his arm is frozen solid. The other Oni Warlords arrive in Ninjago with their forces. They excavated old ruins and opened ancient temples as their jobs. Ninjago Epilogue: Episode 2 The War On Ninjago City,, The season in its entirety is a JoJo reference, The season is styled like that of a JoJo part, with episodes of the enemy Stand's name appearing in the title as well as "Part 1," and "Part 2.". Mr. Jay frowned, "we aren't seriously going through with this are we?". Just seconds after Vengetron arrives. A place where I've been to before. Their next best bet is the new curator of the Ninjago museum: Mr. Elemental readings are off the charts. Zane is victorious. It is only right for it to return to it's "prime," and erase the countless realities that have spawned from the perfect world. The Ninja, being powerless, cannot stop Zane. Unfortunately, they find another enemy Stand User has beat them to it. With Titanium's moisture manipulation, he can combine the moisture in the air into the fragments of the arrow, and freeze it to return it to it's rightful shape. This article is a Hot Article! Next Story Zane is the mascot and focal piece of this season. Other, more powerfull Stand Users will surely seek them out... but they will be ready. Pied Piper's ability, which is to hypnotize his enemies to lure them into his trap, ends up luring Jay and Nya into a ditch. Fire 'N Ice And I will ensure that he never does. Years prior, another explorer attended the same temple and found the same arrow and was overcome with the same urge to stab himself. I won't let your child grow up without his or her father. And his general, Captain Confusion? They fight across the rooftop. Vengetron speaks with Skylor, telling about how the first four Oni came into existence. This season will be released in summer 2020. These are strange times for Lego Ninjago fans in North America. We mustn't underestimate him. The second Oni invasion has come. One man stands in the courtyard. The news articles, Tweets, and blog posts do not represent IMDb's opinions nor can we guarantee that the reporting therein is completely factual. The Ninja arrive at the Oni Temple, learning that Vengetron has summoned his army. Kai: Nya, we may not be related by blood, but that doesn't mean I'm going to stop protecting you. The temporal shift in the Reversal Blade, with the Fire, Ice and Energy Elements create a portal is created to a new realm that transforms randomly into different times of Ninjago and is littered with and evil army of Ice Samurai with Energy powers. Hatewave: And what will The Omega do when he gets his hands on Kai? The Ninja have won, yet again, but are now cursed with these new Stand Abilities. Season 13: The End of Fire and Ice

Discussing the Realms they know about. He has taken Wu hostage, and swears he will kill him if he does not reveal the location of the third arrow. All the Stands are named after songs from various bands and albums.

Season 12: The Abyss The Hands of Time controlling Ninjago's North American fate are wildly unpredictable and fans begging for Netflix distribution have had enough. Sovrano laughs a terrible laugh, having achieved his final goal. Kai fights against Sarcusis and Oni in the Abyssal Realm. Banishing the Oni to the Departed Realm, to never be seen again. After learning about an ancient ruin in Southern Ninjago that is said to lead people to go missing, the five Ninja depart on a journey to explain the mystery of this temple. A Requiem Stand allows the user to pursue their ultimate desire, and for Sovrano Supremo it is to return the Multiverse to it's routes. But the sheer numbers of the Oni quickly makes them realise that they may be in over their head.

Jay: Holy... How are we suppose to fight someone like that. This is also the first season to have two separate parts, separated by Volume One and Volume Two. Vengetron: A descendent of mine, just is interesting. Lloyd brings up the question, why these enemy Stand Users are attracted to them and attacking them? Sovrano's Agents and the Seekers of the Arrow serve as this seasons villainous factions. Vengetron gives Skylor a history lesson in Oni history, presenting his origins, and his three children as his heirs. Nya used Dangerous Night to regenerate Wu's loss of blood, reviving him. Galvatream Kai: My father is on another level compared to The Omega.

Cole: Come on big guy, I'm sure you can handle us. CBS trimmed ‘The Amazing Race’s’ double-header for election coverage, so when will that episode air now?

Assuming that the tale was false, the Ninja decide to leave, not before Jay is struck with a sharp metallic object on the way out. Who are these villains? Kai and Manticore arrive at the Dragon King's nest where they discover that it's guarded by many different Fusion Dragons. They use Time Lords' Time and Energy powers combined to reset the clock. He calls himself Supremo, and the Ninja made a grave mistake investigating the ancient temple. Dark explained that the Ninja must have been struck with the shard of one of those arrows, which gifted them their new abilities. American Zero has become Ultimate American Zero Requiem... the ultimate Stand. Ninjago Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Author Along their journey they are stopped several times by Supremo's agents and other people seeking out the Stand Arrows. As Lloyd is about to fail to Zane, Kai finds the Reversal Blade in Lloyd's sword sheath in his room behind his bed in a secret compartment. Then, with the two remaining Stand Arrows, he stabs American Zero twice. And dark secrets from Kai's past... are brought to the light. (Vengetron creates a cloud of red mist, blinding all for a short while.).

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