Flip the brick, make the whole shit do an aerial Imma come up this is my time Hit the shower, you might stink, hello (Yeah) Look at my neck, that's an ice tray (Its Breezy Baby) Shawty broke my heart and now she sucking on the tip Live off verbs, and I live off of nouns New Rollie made me proud of my wrist Cash on the dash Sleeping on me no mattress

I could put my bets on it Her ass so fat, it's amazing (Amazing) And we moving like flash Yeah, my boys on the block selling O's, no Cheerios Make em stand side to side Got cold, had to go get a mink

New Patek on my wrist (gang) White diamonds them shits hit pink (gang, gang) Got cold, had to go get a mink (gang) New finger ring sit like a sink (gang, gang) This a light jet, this a flight day All my bitches want me to take a vow Got a bitch on the clip Rap star or do he sell rock? Had that lil' bitch, that's on MySpace Cool blood, but my money Crip Aye (aye) Bitches bad, yeah, they all migrate (Uh) Saint Laurent on my shoes, these not Vans Way more coochie than Kay Slay (Ayy) Swerving the lanes Her ass so fat, can't fit Saint Laurent all on my shoes, these not Vans I am a octopus, I cannot breathe without water Please stop talkin', bitch, put dick in your mouth

How you deal with all that hate?" I throw twenties in her face (Ayy) Come up with the shine like a nigga got sets on him New finger rings hit like a sink (Water) White diamond bling Can't take no pic, no flick (No cameras)

You a bad bitch, then we can link (What?) I don't wake up in the mornin' for cereal Red dot for a chicken, he popped

Finna pack my pockets That shit daily (i been doing that shit daily man) Was that a pair of boots from Rick? Niggas be geeked on cash that they had [Chorus]

New Patek on my wrist Lil shawty play but i know she got that fine whine [Chorus] Tell lil' bitch, I got cake (Ayy) Bitches bad, yeah, they all migrate (Uh) AP make me proud of my wrist I did not get in Canada Triple S got that extra grip (Grip) MC, told the bitch eat my cock Yeah, I'm the same nigga bustin' through your stereo

Im tommy [Verse 3] Buckets like curry Yeah nah (aye) Log dich ein um diese Funktion zu nutzen. I fucked on that nigga little bitch White diamond bling (Uh-uh)

White diamonds, them shits hit pink (Yeah, yeah) New Richard on my wrist (Woo) What you sayin'?) Man, I never saw this bitch before (Uh)

I got these niggas all on me Gats out they acting Like a nigga got cheques on him New Patek on my wrist (Yeah) During his performance at Lollapalooza 2018, Uzi revealed the song’s title to be “5 Min,” a reference to the song’s run-time of 5:43. Okay, and your girlfriend like my drip (Drip) And she said "Lil Uzi so great (Uh, uh) You can't play me

(Uh-uh) KD easy money New Patek on my wrist (Yeah) White diamonds, them shits hit pink (Yeah, yeah) Got cold, had to go get a mink (Yeah) New finger rings hit like a sink (Yeah, yeah) Well lil' bitch, I got cake (Yeah)

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