Partner Aggro 6 %

This is my first post here and i'm glad I found this community.

Otherwise Duel Commander will die.

because that just hinders the opponent and doesn’t end the game on the spot – Price, on the other hand, will simply be gg immediately 90% of the time it’s cast. A deck's commander is also known as its "General" for historical reasons.

If you want to be on the kraken/leviathan plan, then go with, You might also need to mulligan pretty hard for.

Deck help. Now supporting MTG Arena decks!.

CMC: 3.02: Tokens : 1/1 Elemental, Chandra, 3/2 Eldrazi Horror, Treasure, 1/1 Human, 0/1 Elemental, 1/1 Goblin: Votes: Ignored suggestions: Shared with: Views: Similar Decks See space. I don’t think so. This site © 2020, LLC 11 - 0 Commons. So if you are a 30HP player, I’m proud to inform you that you are now playing on Leviathan Commander. Certainly much of why it’s not that ubiquitous has to do with Vial Smasher decks not playing white – without Vial Smasher in the format, I’m 90% certain that every aggro deck except Mono-Red/Green will be white-based in part because of this card.

We still encourage shops and associations to organize trials, in the format of their choice.

Partner Control 11 %. There will be a Main Event in Leviathan Commander and a Side Event in Dual Commander, and the inverse the other day.

For the ones who doesn’t know me, I organize, with Mimicherie whom you know doubtless better, the Demonic Tournament Commander, the biggest Commander event around the World.

What’s worse, it severely threatens creature-based value strategies, as it’s nearly impossible to stick utility guys against it, forcing people to run extra artifact removal just for 1 potential metagame card.

20 HP = 60 cards singleton, I think one of the biggest mistakes was to remove the commander damage.


The original spirit of the format wich is intended as a multiplayer format was tainted, crippled with “duel commander” and it would be a nice thing if people keeps both stuff clearly sepparated. We had plenty of people that wanted to play powerful cards (Grisselbrand, Iona, Stasis, Armageddon, mana rocks, etc) but didn’t want to invest in duel lands for legacy. @Raizen: if only someone had told them it would look like that 2 months ago! Whatever, happy games to everyone!

Over time we invested more and more into our decks and the meta really balanced itself, it was quite impressive.

Yes it’s okay to punish nonbasics with stuff like Blood Moon etc. Leviathan/kraken/octopus themed deck. As someone who is regretfully stopping Duel Commander, I think this is a bad idea. I also disagree with creating a “Leviathan” format (as I commented in the other post)… that is exactly the same as DuelCommander was already. Moreover, the new rules/bans inclinate way more to Highlander than Duel Commander. FAR more than standard.

This annoying message will go away once you do. So my question is, what are you comittee going to do about this total unbalance?

I suggest you to visit this page for more informations. ), this is THE group that does not like changes so you can take your Skythirix and have fun again.

This deck is Leviathan legal. DuelCommander: Leviathan could be cool… if there were new rules that made it different. I never stop playing duel commander with 30 life. I wanted to … I can’t run Necropotence / Yawgmoth’s Bargin without life gain, and you crippled Toxic Deluge which I often relied on for killing a Kalia, Kytheon, Narset, tokens, etc. Dead, while countering their removal. If you want to go for a more tribal wizard approach you could use. My friends and I pretty much play commander exclusively and I have a question about the deck that i've been working on. You should join forces and create one…. Help | We understand that you’re seeking to improve the format but you’re clearly making decisions that will divide you community. Dont’ worry about the community split being permanent, though. The following cards are also banned from being played as a commander (but can still be part of your 99 cards): Baral, Chief of Compliance.

Commander damage is useful and it’s the trademark of the great brand of Commander/EDH, zurgo, geist, surgo, geist, titania, zurgo – unknow.

Does it mean that other players have to play 30HP “illegally”, as a secret guild who make dark rituals?

I have lost 2 decks in 2 years playing this format and it cost me a lot of money.

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