Please remember that all top level comments must be helpful and support related. Do the farmers do any farming, if you have mob greifing turned off they will neither farm nor pick up food. Have to find a new farmer first.

Press J to jump to the feed. Farmer movement planting, tending to crops focused on center blocks, outer blocks are often missed completly.

Farmers are basicly just vomiting crops all over the place inside the working area inefficently. -- Notch, June 12, 2011. With the Potatoes-etc farms, you need a second 'always hungry' villager. Performance is indeed improved but yet still mostly ineffective. But that's still 6x16=96 blocks; well more than you describe as the 'impact' range. My focus is to get them to breed rn.

Villager farm stops working when too far away. What am i doing wrong? And yes, Ik hey could be struck by lightning. It is possible that this is a SMP issue. The chunks are not unloading. The Key wolrd here is ALMOST. I would suggest searching your village for the villager who did take that site the next time you place your Lectern.

Two of them standing on top of the farm (Unarybit's design - altered by Nathan something - links in Unarybit's tutorial video). You can get a new villager and fill up their inventory with seeds so while they break wheat and replant the seeds, can't pick up the wheat so the wheat ends up on the ground to be picked up by the hopper minecarts. It is not an issue of a nearby village.

If it's a square then those "lost corners" needs to be found and then treated the same as those are closer to the composter. When it comes to an open corner, it can go through as if the two blocks forming the corner don't exist.

If I AFK 45 blocks away, I get nothing.

I honestly dont know :p been playing mc for 3 months or so all together.. This way, I don't get uncontrolled villager population.

There's a secondary trick to getting the farmer to visit that villager frequently.. and the best method I've seen for that uses a piston driven piece of farmland, and a tripwire.. the farmer stands in the tripwire to plant the blank square of farmland, and when he walks away, the tripwire releases, causing the piston to pulse the farmland, breaking the plant.. creating a new blank space that needs planting. Running back to it too often.

The newly attached images are presenting the work of the farmers.

© 2020 MagicFind, Inc. All rights reserved. Sorry about that goob.. I built an auto carrot farm using the technique where a farmer villager tries to throw carrots at a hungry villager, misses and then drops down a chute for me to collect. MC-150541 Performance is indeed improved but yet still mostly ineffective. Thanks for the tip! This kind of farm only works with wheat. Ads by Fandom. Also, I’m building this over a village.

My villager breeder isn’t working. When the farmer's food supply runs low, he'll harvest. If not, it could be an indication that there are more 'valid doors' in the area throwing off the center and/or increasing the village diameter of the 'breeder' village such that it overlaps the farm area.

I also have a Cleric Master. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. share. Ill try that next. This site works best with JavaScript enabled. The Mob Griefing gamerule affects the ability of all non-player creatures to interact with the world around them, specifically in negative ways. There are carrots everywhere and they won’t take potatoes, carrots, bread, or beetroots.

I'd suggest bringing in a few goons to bloody up the villagers, but the game has no Pinkertons. Make an airlock system so one farmer goes in, it closes behind him and opens a one-way exit, when the farmer exits flood the field and reset. Food wars need to be stopped?

Hey im having trouble with my farm - its not the same problem however my farmer villager keeps escaping into the breeding pen - then all 3 villagers are able to escape into where the babies should somehow ??

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