I found this to be really annoying and I ended up taking a picture of the map with my phone every time I left an area. The hack features an all-new map, new enemies, bosses, items and more. Part of the reason it’s so long is the map is huge. If you like playing classic Metroid games, you might want to check this list out!

I kept finding a door that was grey – unable to be opened. NoFanfare - This removes all item fanfares and replaces them with a short sound, it also speeds up the message boxes. – There are no clues for where to go, ever. It may have been a bug, or maybe I really did miss something, but once I got the item in the room, I was able to proceed to the area I wasn’t ready to enter before getting it. – More Information & Download This is a patch the enables a debug mode in Metroid Fusion. One of the older and more popular Super Metroid rom hacks. Because I love Metroid for Nintendo (NES) and Super Metroid for Super Nintendo (SNES) I decided to create this top list featuring the best Metroid rom hacks released so far. The controls even feel a bit better at times and have some features that really add to the game. It’s basically the 16-bit version of Metroid. – M NES = Metroid, Nintendo Entertainment System. I really like the feel of Redesign. Important Tips: – More Information & Download Metroid & Castlvania spawned a new genre of platform games known Metroidvania’s. It features a new level design and only one map to play on. * Game & System Abbreviations Used In This List *

I didn’t have any problems with this at all.

If you’d like to try any of these, I suggest playing the original Super Metroid first, just to familiarize yourself with some of the nuances of the original.

Wii Dual – HDMI, RGB and Component Upgrade, Wii Virtual Console Games vs. the Originals, Scaling Retro Gaming Captures with Virtualdub. These can all be played by people who can comfortably beat the original and aren’t too crazy. Super Metroid – Control Freak. I haven’t played it, but it’s next on my list… Other cool 2D Metroid Stuff: AM2r – Another Metroid 2 Remake. – Created By: Grimlock, Optomon, snarfblam - Team/Contributors – Created By: Drewseph

Important tip: If you’re stuck, bomb and shoot everything and try to find “hidden walls”, including in the ceilings. This is Super Metroid with it’s map edited to match the original Metroid game and some of the game mechanics changed;  You can shoot diagonally, but you still can’t crouch. until next time. The gameplay has been revamped, tweaked and feels even better than Super Metroid in my opinion. Metroid: Rouge Dawn is the most popular Metroid NES rom hack and it’s also the best.

Also, I’d like to some day try Zelda: A Link To The Past fan hacks, but the ones I’ve seen are either really complicated, or require the use of an emulator and savestates.

Created By: SBniconico If you’ve played through Super Metroid, you’ll encounter differences in the level design often. I really never get more than thirty minutes into this one, but can anyone convince me it’s worth giving it a fair chance? I went back again and randomly it was unlocked!!! i will update it when i can. Because the events of this game take place before “Zero Mission” you’ll play as Zero Suit Samus without her Varia Suit armor.

Super Metroid Phazon takes place in pure darkness. This is an amazing fan remake of Metroid 2: Return of Samus. All levels, enemies, unlockables and level warps are brand new.

There is also changes to the story, I won’t spoil it! If you’ve visited a map room, it’ll retain that info, but it won’t save any room you’ve already visited (they’ll all be blue). It’s currently a playable beta, but definitely worth trying out! (i[r].q=i[r].q||[]).push(arguments)},i[r].l=1*new Date();a=s.createElement(o),

Finding secrets is extra fun in Eris. I’ll make sure to post a full review when it’s finished! Well, that’s it. Most levels have decent designs, but this game is difficult. I have no idea why or how this happened. InfoHud - This adds this extra information to the HUD useful for speedrunning purposes: 1 - By default shows the first loaded enemy's HP, this can be toggled using controller 2 L/R to show charge timer, x-factor timer or shinespark timer instead.

- Supporters.

Feel free to go back to the main SNES page. – The first boss is hard and out of order from the original SM, but I loved how doing it this way required me to learn it’s moves and compensate, rather then just blast away.

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