He wanted Herzer’s two younger children, Christina Chamchoum, 25, and Kathrine Herzer, 19, along with his three granddaughters, to read poems or prayers. “Sumner did not say or articulate the flattering words,” she claimed. Name of his father is not disclosed but her mother, Manuela Herzer, is the former companion of billionaire businessman Sumner Redstone. “I didn’t want her money,” he says. Then Redstone heaves himself over the armrest of the chair, and the two women direct their attentions toward him. This was an odd development, since both Dauman and Dooley have full-time jobs at Viacom, in New York. (Shari’s spokesperson, Nancy Sterling, wrote in a statement, “Shari initiated discussions to sell her interest in National Amusements Inc. back to the company. In the latest twist, the aging billionaire’s ex-girlfriend makes her final demands—of sentimentality. He wanted his close friend Tony Bennett to sing. She replied that Redstone wanted to speak with her and Andelman alone and that she should leave. Probably not. “We have hit a snag,” Herzer’s attorney, Pierce O’Donnell, told the Times. Instead he bequeathed to Herzer $50 million in cash and the Beverly Park mansion.

She was now the only person in charge of Redstone’s health care, she wrote in another declaration to the court. But does she love him? He said they would call to tell her when she could come back. “You are all invited to stay with me and visit me any time. “On both occasions,” Dauman wrote, “[Sumner] was engaged, attentive, and opinionated as ever.” He asserted, “I care deeply for Sumner and will do whatever is necessary to ensure that he continues to receive superior care.”, On November 23, Herzer removed her clothes and personal effects from Beverly Park: “When I went to the house to retrieve my things, they divided the house with the biggest, longest black curtain I have ever seen,” she recalls. It was only 6:30 P.M. She woke him and asked him if he wanted to go to bed. According to the onetime close friend, when Redstone re-did his will, in September, to eliminate Holland, he wanted to give the bulk of his personal estate to Herzer, but after discussions with Leah Bishop, his estate-planning lawyer, he changed his mind. The family has no financial interest in the case and always understood and supported Sumner’s plan to honor his legacy by leaving his estate largely to charity. A legal battle is raging, churning up personal recriminations, power plays involving billions of dollars, and a slew of extraordinary and embarrassing revelations that, by all rights, should never have been made public. My sincere wish is that there is no litigation—between anyone.

These are his words. With Holland’s banishment in the summer of 2015, Redstone’s health again deteriorated rapidly, according to Herzer. (At the time of this writing, Read’s 37-page report has not been filed publicly, but the court was due to consider releasing it in mid-March.).

She has his best interests at heart. (Andelman declined to comment; Tuanaki could not be reached for comment; and Bishop did not respond to repeated requests to comment for this article. ), But now one source close to the maelstrom tells me that Herzer is open to settling once again. On December 11, 2015, Sumner sent a letter to Shari seeking to restore his relationship with her.

She said hello to Redstone, but he did not acknowledge her. In October, Redstone had unceremoniously dumped Manuela Herzer, his four-decades-younger former lover, and removed her from his will—a move … In fact, it was a pretty comprehensive list for a man who had always insisted he would live forever. Thanks,” she replied. “I give you my heart and soul.”, On a regular basis, Pilgrim says, Holland would fly to Sedona by private jet, spend the day with him, and then fly back to spend the night at Beverly Park, presumably without Redstone’s having a clue where she had been or what she had been doing. Pilgrim was concerned that Holland was living with Redstone, but, he says, she assured him that her relationship with Redstone was not based on genuine emotion; it was a financial investment, designed solely for cashing in on Redstone’s wealth. In 2009, Redstone “surprised” Herzer and her children by buying her a home not far from his Beverly Park mansion. A 2015 version of his will gave her $50 million in cash, plus the Beverly Park mansion, worth around $20 million. When she got back to the house, later that morning, Herzer says, security wouldn’t let her through the front gate. Don’t worry, I’ve got your back.”, On November 3, Dauman wrote in an affidavit, he again met with Redstone for 90 minutes at his house. The Hollywood Reporter spoke with Holland's attorney Brad Rose who said; 'Sydney Holland and Sumner Redstone have had a caring and wonderful relationship for over five years. Vanity Fair may earn a portion of sales from products that are purchased through our site as part of our Affiliate Partnerships with retailers. On tap was Steve Jobs, the film about the late Apple co-founder. You have everything. He’d be like, ‘No, I’m paying for everything.’ Don’t forget, Sumner’s not about money at all…. But by early April, after more than six months of infighting, it appeared that a settlement had been reached between the two sides. When she was two, … According to people who shopped and traveled with her, she had nearly unlimited access to Redstone’s money, which she used to charter private jets and buy expensive clothes. Ad Choices, With lawsuits, accusations, and sordid revelations flying, even the C.E.O.s of Redstone’s Viacom and CBS have been dragged into the mess. And I’m just like looking at myself in the mirror like, ‘Why, God? “I previously directed that certain family members not be allowed to attend,” he wrote in a June 2015 directive, likely referring to his estranged son, Brent. She spoke to Dauman, the filing continued, and he explained that her supposed lie involved giving Keryn Redstone permission to use Redstone’s credit card to pay for her move to Los Angeles. (Reached by phone, Elroy declined to comment about his work for Shari Redstone.) He no longer understood the significance of recommendations made to him, was no longer able to follow the plots of movies and TV shows, lost interest in current events and business news, and lost the “ability to modulate his emotions, often experiencing spontaneous crying spells.” He was no longer interested even in the stock prices of CBS and Viacom, or in his tropical fish, a longtime passion.

The 92-year-old media mogul kicked his girlfriend of five years, Sydney Holland, 43, out of his home after becoming suspicious that she was having an affair with another man. They opposed Herzer’s request that her doctor examine him on an expedited basis. On January 29, Dr. Stephen Read, a geriatric psychiatrist, examined Redstone. “He didn’t want [Holland and Herzer] to pay for a fucking thing, not one thing,” says the onetime close friend. For her it’s a job almost, it’s a job.”), Pilgrim says he couldn’t believe his eyes when he read about Holland and Redstone in Vanity Fair, especially the passages about how much Holland loved Redstone, how beautiful his hair was, and how he had such soft skin.

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