Wipe-Out, Invasion, and Fun Zoo. section were extracted by permission from Ralph

The first player to reach the opposing player’s planet wins. There is, however, considerable confusion over the success — or lack thereof — of Odyssey in the marketplace. When stored in the carrying case,

As he said: "I had a great run and invented many other things", and didn't really care. Coming to Nashua in January 1969, RCA liked the system so much that it started negotiating a licensing agreement with Sanders in the Spring. roll of scotch adhesive tape. Full rules can be viewed at a page hosted by the University of Waterloo that is dedicated to the Odyssey.

In 1923, Magnavox invented the world’s first single-dial radio. machine. He started an industry and was the reason why the Atari was created and the reason why PONG was a huge hit in the first place. Left: The only exists in RUN 2. He decided to name the system after the Latin term for “great voice,” Magnavox. completely different from modern video game systems. at the Airport Marina in Burlingame, CA. The cost was $79.95. [11] Magnavox named the console first as the Skill-O-Vision while testing, and then released it as the Odyssey. A resident writes in to the local paper requesting that another great local creation be celebrated: The Magnavox Odyssey. In England, modified US Odyssey units were exported around 1973 and sold by

and scoring; most effectively, he came up with that PONG sound, which gave the The sixteen game-selection switches on the Brown Magnavox Way Corporate Center is located at 1700 Magnavox Way in the Wilmarbee neighborhood, IN, Fort Wayne, 46804. 1960s and 1970s, Magnavox did not sell their TV sets, radios and phonographs

Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. "Magnavox", "Odyssey", "1TL200" and "Made in USA" There he played an Odyssey Less than 4,000 Odisea

Another export in Odissea advertisement (scan courtesy of Carlo Santagonisto) clearly shows twelve of the game, and Panoramic the distributor. Other Odyssey links: Indeed, original market projections had called for an extremely limited production runs of 50,000 units for the first holiday season, but based on the marketing surveys, Fritsche argued that they should build 100,000 units instead. The Magnavox Historical Preservation Association. I will be releasing these at least once a week and I hope you enjoy this look back on video game history as much as I enjoyed researching it. In addition, it seeks to use the collection for the education of present and future generations and give “voice” once again to the “Great Voice” – Magnavox.

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believed that those ITT Odyssee were released around 1976/77, which is quite late for

started with a specific cartridge and continued with another one after specific events. The biographical details come from Fritsche’s trial testimony in 1976 in the Magnavox patent lawsuit. By the end of 1968, Baer and Harrison had essentially finished the Brown Box, but they were no closer to selling it. On August 2, 1991, the 25th millionth TV was produced in Greeneville. Baer's book about his long experience of father of the video game. production run both in 1A and 1B variants as well as the last model, which But Magnavox kept the concept. As just about everybody knows, PONG quickly According to Billboard, all of Magnavox’s products benefited from the campaign, and according to Fritsche, sales of Odyssey reached 129,000 for the year (Note: Baer reports 150,000 for the year, but his numbers always appear to be high based on the recollections of others. Two new ball-and-paddle variants were created during this time period as well, handball and volleyball. These were available for $5.49 each or in a pack of all six for $24.99. They were later split in two sheets during the 1TL200BLAK RUN 2 production.

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