Traditional storage vendors, cloud providers and pure-play container storage companies like Portworx are switching to CSI. Some of the new solutions focused more towards distributed filesystem or object storage as Alluxio. LongHorn and OpenEBS had almost double of PortWorx. This backend looks very promising. Like I mentioned earlier, cStor offers a plugin for Velero that allows a backup to include snapshots of the volumes. Initially, Kubernetes had integrated volume plugins to connect to these company’s storage backends. Details you can find in the previous blog.

We Replaced an SSD with Storage Class Memory. Unfortunately, CPU usage is quite high even when the system is idle, and when for example upgrading a workload or restoring from backup, attach/mount times for the volumes are often too long compared to the other options.

Customers can choose from a variety of open source projects and commercial implementations. The last test case verified mixed read/write IOPS, where OpenEBS delivered almost twice higher than PortWorx or Longhorn on read as well as write. GlusterFS Heketi was second worst in performance results and its improvements are zero and it is mostly a dead project (Heketi as REST orchestrator not GlusterFS itself).

The chart only shows data for offerings used by at least 1% of respondents with at least one Kubernetes cluster. In 2019 I published a blog: Kubernetes Storage Performance Comparison. It’s the only AI-assisted, full stack and completely automated intelligence platform that provides deep insight into dynamic, web-scale, hybrid cloud ecosystems. To work around this issue, you can change the Jiva storage class so that the Jiva pods are created in the openebs namespace instead of the volume’s namespace. The last step is to create a default storage class with 3 replicas definition. For example I use a disk mounted in /mnt/openebs: OpenEBS is an excellent solution for storage in Kubernetes and offers several engines to fit every need. I use Wasabi as S3 compatible storage and I usually just delete the default snapshot location and then kubectl apply the following: I don’t have much to say about Local PV (other than I love it because of the performance), because it’s very simple and doesn’t have all the features that Jiva and cStor have. After I had finished these steps I was able to dynamically provision a new volumes via K8s PVC. One thing I would like to mention though is that the default storage class for the hostpath option, openebs-hostpath, sets the directory where to store the data to /var/openebs/local. If you look at their official GitHub, you can see that they are placing it into a near-maintenance mode and there is not any update in terms of cloud-native storage features. I also wrote a post on how to install it, because the process is very different from the rest. It’s interesting that OpenEBS Jiva backend is actually based on Longhorn or at least initially it was its fork. Customers could attach Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) volumes on AWS, Azure managed disks, Google Persistent Disks and to Kubernetes worker nodes running in AWS, GCP and Microsoft Azure. Tests are specified in the entry point of Docker image: At the start, I ran Azure PVC tests to get a baseline for comparison with last year. File systems like Ceph are often seen as competitive to cloud storage, versus offerings from more traditional storage companies. Further analysis of Kubernetes users who cited storage challenges (data not shown) reveals that consideration of Rook, Ceph, and OpenEBS is 50% higher among those with storage challenges. What Can You Do With OpenShift Service Mesh 2? I am currently using Local PV because I don’t need replication at the storage level and I love its performance, but the other storage engines have interesting features, especially cStor with the plugin for Velero backups. Rancher’s Longhorn announcement solidifies the OpenEBS story. This assumes that you are using either cStor or Jiva with DeployInOpenEBSNamespace set to true. Longhorn is cloud-native distributed block storage for Kubernetes, developed by Rancher. Implementation challenges were common for early adopters of third-party, best-of-breed solutions.

I have tested this successfully even with volumes containing databases (e.g. It’s super easy to install and configure, and I didn’t run into any serious issues during my testing. Usage of NVMe which is designed for high parallelism and can have 64K queues compared to SCSI which has only one queue.

As of January 2019, the CNCF storage landscape and solutions have changed. By continuing, you agree Longhorn is definitely a valid option for simple block storage use cases and it is quite similar to OpenEBS Jiva backend. All three have CSI drivers. Streamlining the infrastructure supporting Kubernetes workloads is one of the most significant criteria when IT professionals evaluate their technology roadmaps. By default it stores the data in a directory on the main disk of the node, although the location can be configured in the storage class. And restoring the same volume from backup worked great, but was also painfully slow. Many Kubernetes users included their current storage and cloud vendors on their cloud native shortlists. The best open source storage, CEPH orchestrated via Rook, produced 2 new releases and introduced a new CEPH version called Octopus. OpenEBS. I extended my testing scope to include 2 more storage solutions: Let’s start with the storage backend updates and their installation description, then we will go over the AKS testing cluster environment and present the updated performance results at the end. Longhorn implements distributed block storage using containers and microservices. Repositories in Kubernetes: OpenEBS vs Rook (Ceph) vs Rancher Longhorn vs StorageOS vs Robin vs Portworx vs Linstor. The storage controller and replicas are themselves orchestrated using Kubernetes. This is still not bad since native Azure pvc was slower than most of the other tested storages.

The interesting parts are also scaling and stability. I haven’t really done much testing with closed source offerings like Portworx or StorageOS because I prefer open source and because I couldn’t afford them anyway :). OpenEBS — The containerized storage. The vendor-neutral events feature domain experts and key maintainers behind popular projects like Kubernetes, Prometheus, Envoy, CoreDNS, containerd and more. For each persistent volume, Jiva creates one controller pod and one pod for each replica in the same namespace as the volume, by default. Here is What We Learned. A control plane implemented in CSI concept and data plane. 3 min read. However compared to 1GB hugepages, this is available almost in all environments physical or virtual. Longhorn creates a dedicated storage controller for each block device volume and synchronously replicates the volume across multiple replicas stored on multiple nodes. Snyk provides 6 months of dev-first security services for free. It scales with a number of controller replicas, which can bring extra networking overhead. OpenEBS and Longhorn perform almost twice better than local disk. Openebs. A self hosted alternative to Ngrok, Next: I will write a separate blog about what is longhorn, it’s features and why we chose longhorn, but in short, longhorn employs a clever and simple approach to container data connectivity, data availability (replication), data protection (snapshot). Updated full test outputs from all tests from 2019 plus new MayStor and Longhorn tests are available at Openebs. This blog shows how significantly an open source project can change in a single year! Governed access plus pervasive protection for data, apps, hosts, containers and serverless — this is the proper foundation for the journey to the cloud. Lower on the list were offerings from established storage-focused companies like Dell EMC, NetApp and Pure Storage. The main difference compared to the previous backend is leveraging, Another advantage of this storage design is that it runs completely out of the kernel in the host userspace and removes differences caused by the variety of kernels available in different Linux distributions. Random read test showed that GlusterFS, Ceph and Portworx perform several times better with read than host path on Azure local disk. Container-native storage exposes the underlying storage services to containers and microservices. So, instead, I mounted the volume directly on a directory on a node so to do the transfer outside Kubernetes. You can do this inside the cstor-pool container of the pod for the specific cStor pool you are looking into. IMPORTANT NOTE: The results from individual storage performance tests cannot be evaluated independently, but the measurements must be compared against each other. You can add more storage by either adding disks to a cStor pool, or expanding a pool if you can resize the underlying disk (some cloud providers allow resizing disks). It is better to mount the disk there before Longhorn installation. All 38 of the survey’s choices were evaluated by at least 5% of Kubernetes users. It was designed primarily for microservices use cases. — What would I do if I had my study time again? DataStax gives users and enterprises the freedom to run data in any cloud at global scale with zero downtime and zero lock-in. My goal was to evaluate the most common storage solutions available for Kubernetes and perform basic performance testing. Prisma, the industry’s most comprehensive cloud security suite, helps customers accelerate their journey with risk visibility and continuous security.

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