You’re my life, my soul, my heart and most of all, the reason for my existence.

Just pick the birthday greeting that helps you best express the love, pride and dreams you have for your beautiful boy. Every single day since you were born, you've added something amazing to my life. You have been the bright daylight of my life that shined through each day of my life since you were born.

Son birthday wishes, at their very best, can be as beautiful and unique as your son. Happy birthday, son!”, 49. We’ll be there. I love you, son. Choosing shorter, more lighthearted “happy” birthday messages may be a better way to go. 24) The sitcom of our life became a blockbuster hit after you came in a supporting role and later took over as the lead. “It is great to have a son who you can love. No matter how many of your birthdays come and go, you will always be my little slugger. May you have success, happiness, and joy all your days. I can’t believe how lucky I am. Happy birthday, kiddo!”, 11. “You changed the world as soon as you entered.

No one deserves it more than you.

The apple of our eyes, you will always be.

Now more than ever, our hearts are bursting with pride, because you've grown into a remarkable person — so full of love, caring and joy. There’s no limit to how much we love you!”, 7.

“They say that love is all you need… So I didn’t get you a present this time. The son birthday wish below strikes a certain chord...for both sons and parents. “Each year on your birthday, I think of the moment I first heard you cry. You will always have a piece of my heart.

My birthday wish for you is that each year brings you: more wisdom; more dreams; more laughter; and more wishes.”, 34. Happy birthday my boy!”, 88. Happy birthday, son!”, 82. I wish you a great day filled with presents and great desserts.”, 50.

“On your birthday I wish that I could stop time. I love you son. We’ve watched you grow into an amazing man. “Dear son, you are the only reason we look forward to life with a smile, and you will be the only reason we look back on life with a smile. I love you so much! Best 16th Birthday Wishes for Son for His Special Day . May your birthday be filled with boundless humor and joy.”, 42. By  Kevin (aka "Message Guy") Copyright © 2013-2020 You’re totally rad, and you know it! You’ve always been a beacon of light for us. Make it grander by wishing him the best in life with these birthday wishes. Hope you have a truly wonderful birthday.”, 30. Your existence has given my life a meaning and a purpose. Is It Safe To Go For Hair Rebonding During Pregnancy? “Son, whatever the destination, know that you deserve all the awesome things life has in store. You say it best when you say it from the heart. “You always manage to fill my heart with love and positivity. Simply start with an option below that best captures your feelings...and go from there. All I wish you on your birthday is that your life be filled with all the colors from heaven. Happy birthday dear son.”, 79. I can’t explain how happy I’m today to be with you on this big day, my child. Son, you're our greatest blessing. If I look at everything in my life, you're easily the best part of it. The older ones dislike “mushy” messages. “Words are simply not enough to express how amazing I feel to have you as my son. I feel so blessed and lucky to have you as my child.

“Sometimes I wonder what I did to deserve a son so wonderful as you. I can’t imagine my life without you in it.

Stay happy, healthy and blessed on your special day...and every day of the year. “Our toddler, you will always be.

It’s something you must earn — and you've become so wise over the years.

We hope you have the happiest birthday and an even happier, healthy future. Wish you a very happy birthday.”, 6. Wish you a very happy birthday!”, 32. “On your special day, I wish you strength and determination to achieve all your goals and touch the stars! All trademarks and service marks are the property of their respective owners.

“Do you know what famous person was born on this very special day?

Happy birthday, son!”, 98. Thank god you are showing at least some sign of growing up. “The naughty smirk in your eyes, I thought you have grown up to be wise. Happy birthday, dear, dear boy!”, 21. Time flies so fast you have become a lot stronger and bigger, but you will always be my baby.”, 46. Happy birthday to the apple of my eye.”, 58. Kevin, the "Message Guy" who writes the birthday wishes, quotes, poems, toasts and speeches on, has been a content writer since 1993. Wisdom is not a gift we can give you, son. We love you, happy birthday son. We wish that all your dreams and hopes will come true!”, 8.

May your special day be filled with tons of cake and presents.”, 13. “Our toddler, you will always be. Hope you have a truly wonderful birthday. Remember to always continue to wish and dream.”, 44. Happy birthday, son! Doesn’t matter how old your son may be, he will always be your precious child. Birthdays are special, especially if it’s your child’s. Happy birthday, son. “You always go the distance & never give up. Keep reading this post for the finest birthday wishes and messages for sons.

“Son, may every dream and wish you have not only come true but also lead to an amazing future for you!”, 71. You're a one-in-a-billion miracle to us. Words are simply not enough to express how amazing I feel to have you as my son. “You give me so many reasons to be proud of you: you’re smart, funny, and courageous. Happy birthday, sonny.”. “Dear son, I wish many such happy and beautiful occasions will follow this birthday.

“Two tips on your birthday: forget the past, you cannot change it. Use any of these loving and thoughtful birthday wishes for your son that will be long remembered. Happy birthday, our wise, kind man! Loving you, son, is our greatest joy. I love you! All rights reserved. Happy birthday, dear boy! “The road ahead of you holds endless possibilities! You make my life complete. “We’re so fortunate to have a fantastic son like you. Son, we think the world of you and love you very much. Happy birthday!”, 3. We’ll be there. This is one of my top picks because it's all about living in the moment, the type of message a father or mother would want to express in a card or eCard for their son. We hope you have the happiest birthday and an even happier, healthy future. Happy birthday, kiddo! 101 Best Father And Son Quotes That Reflect Love And Care, Couple Sleeping Positions And What They Are Said To Mean, 13 Ways To Deal With Jealousy In a Relationship. “You grow wiser with each passing year. It was the most beautiful moment of my life… Happy birthday, son!”, 43. Happy birthday! You want to wish your son the best on his birthday, but are words failing you? When it comes to birthday wishes, nothing will compare with these inspirational birthday wishes for a son. Happy birthday, son.”, 93. “You have grown in the blink of an eye, my son. We've always been proud of you. Please read our Disclaimer. You are my everything. He’ll love these for sure. Time flies so fast! “Having a son like you is one of the greatest joys in my life, so your birthday is a joyous occasion fit for a celebration. Site  Powered By Solo Build It (SBI) Build Your Own Website.

Sons are the perfect blend of wonder, warmth, joy and love. We're so lucky to have such a great son like you. I have cherished all the precious moments watching you grow up, and the tender memories will remain close to my heart forever! I have the most magical son in every way.

“Your naughty pranks and complains, your mischief repeated time and again; still you are the best son anyone can ever ask. “Son… you make every single day of my life feel like Mother’s Day. Wishing I could slow time down, happy birthday sonny.”, 70. “My joy in having you as my son is something that can’t be measured. “Just think, if we hatched out of eggs like birds instead of being born, we’d have to tell people Happy Hatch Day!” instead of happy birthday.”, 90. Happy birthday, son.”, 22. You've always been a beacon of light for us. 2. “Thanks, son, for giving us the opportunity to become the best parents that we could ever be.

Thank you for letting us be the best parents we can be, just by being yourself — a wonderful, wonderful boy. Happy birthday, dear!”, 86. Happy birthday to my mischievous, darling, and absolutely adorable son. Sending all my love to you on your special day, my dear! Need some help along the way? The best route? But figuring out what to write for them is hard. “Son, no matter how old you get, you’ll always be my little prince. But you are still at your mischievous best, and still, you are better than all the rest! “Regardless of whether you are a young teenage boy or an old man, you will forever remain our little bundle of joy. “We’ve always been proud of you. Happy birthday, dear boy!”, 81. Some sons are not very comfortable with birthday wishes that are too cute or heartwarming. You’re welcome!”, 97. The cleaning and chores are all yours this year. The copyrights of all birthday messages on this website belong to the individual authors. “You will always be my sunshine, my little angel. Wishing a very happy birthday to the most adorable son in the universe.

Happy birthday to one such son.”, 67.

“Dear son, today is your big day! Happy birthday, darling!”, 87. “You are the reason I get out of bed every single day of my life. “Dear son, as it is your birthday today, why not lie in and watch videos or play games on your computer all day.

Have a great day dear boy!”, 28. “A son is love that lasts a lifetime. Count on us to be there. Happy birthday.”, 74. Happy birthday, dear, dear boy! You could write almost anything for adult sons. © 2020 Wishing my long-distance boyfriend a very happy birthday today! The bond between a mother and son will always be a special one. Now more than ever, our hearts are bursting with pride, because you’ve grown into a remarkable person – so full of love, caring, and joy. Does Age Gap Really Matter In Relationships? It’s not because we have lots of time — we have lots for you. “Son, you are the world’s greatest TV watcher, mess-generator, game player and fridge raider! “You are a wonderful person and deserve a wonderful life. “You are getting taller and taller with each birthday. Special occasions bring joy to our lives and hearts, and what better way to celebrate than by sending happy wishes to your friends and loved ones. “You are my pride and joy, a man after my own heart. Even if it's only half as wonderful as you, it will still be the biggest birthday celebration of the year. Still, you are my golden boy. “You are not just a son to me. I love you anyway. Happy birthday, son!”, 65.

Just want to talk? May your special day be filled with untold splendor. If you don’t want to borrow words from anyone, pen down your own words, no matter how simple they may seem. Is he turning 18? Happy birthday, dear boy! You make my life complete. A mix of cute and happy...with a touch of the sentimental (and a sprinkle of pride). You have blessed our lives with your funny, kind and caring ways. Son birthday wishes, at their very best, can be as beautiful and unique as your son. Need help? Happy birthday, son! 59. Happy birthday, sonny.” Birthday Wishes For Son …

You bring me everlasting joy and affection. “You have always wanted us to treat you as an adult, so this birthday we decided to grant your wish. Have a brilliant birthday, dear son!”, 80.

Happy birthday.”. Happy birthday. Worry not. “May your heart be filled with loads of love and compassion. May your future be as bright, starting with your special day. So, I want to wish you a happy birthday. 83. Happy birthday baby boy!”, 55. “If your birthday is only half as wonderful as you are, it will be the greatest celebration of the year. “Dear son, you are our life’s most awesome home run. “I never thought a son could be so wonderful, so kind, so smart, so sweet, so the opposite of what I thought boys were like. But you my son, have taught me the most important thing of all – how to become an amazing father.

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