BUY . You can even use this quiet keyboard in an open-space environment without worrying about disturbing your surrounding co-workers. The goal of this subreddit is to provide daily links to interesting mechanical keyboard content. If you can look past these two drawbacks, this keyboard deserves your consideration. These switches are excellent options if you work in an office environment and want tactile feedback without the clicky noise. As a wireless keyboard, the G613 Lightspeed is incredibly versatile. Generally, there are two types of gaming keyboards: membrane and mechanical. While this keyboard has an all-plastic frame, it is remarkably sturdy and free of any noticeable flex or creaks. You can also program macros through the Logitech G Hub Software, but you can’t store profiles since this keyboard doesn’t have onboard memory. than the competition's standard mechanical switches. You can even program specific keys to light up or stay dim, giving you better visual cues in certain games. It also has hotkeys that let you control media playback easily. In terms of build quality, the G613 Lightspeed is primarily made of hard plastic, including the wrist rest. If you need a portable keyboard that you can throw in your bag and take anywhere you go, the G915 Lightspeed is an excellent choice. Although this feature makes the keyboard fit for office use, the clicky switches make it less ideal for noise-sensitive environments. You can also purchase a wrist rest separately if you want to prevent wrist pain, especially if you play games for extended periods. One thing you must consider when choosing a mechanical keyboard is the environment wherein you plan to use it. PRO X. Keyboard lovers Clicking and Clacking in a content rich, friendly place. SO!

Share your thoughts in the comments section below! Most notably, its cable ends in two USB plugs to accommodate the USB pass-through so you can hook up other peripherals and place them on your desk. This keyboard is primarily targeted towards budget-oriented gamers, considering its appealing aesthetics and extra gaming features. I have the Havit low profile keyboard with Kailh switches, but they're an early version of them and use proprietary keycap stems. These tiny components take on different shapes and sizes to deliver various levels of resistance, tactile feedback, and audible noise. The G Pro comes with the proprietary Logitech Romer G Tactile mechanical switches. So maybe I'll try out the G915 / G815 despite the ridiculous price. is unique for a couple of reasons. Overall, the G613 Lightspeed is an excellent wireless gaming keyboard. Compare. 45-Key Modifier … It has a stylish brushed aluminum frame that gives the device stability in addition to an elegant appeal. The Smallest Wireless Speakers Reviewed: Amazing Audio in Small Packages, Best Gaming Keyboard with Blue Switches: Logitech G513, Best Gaming Keyboard with USB Pass-Through: Logitech G512 SE, Best Brushed Aluminum Gaming Keyboard: Logitech G413, Best Gaming Keyboard with Dedicated Macro Keys: Logitech G910 Orion Spectrum. You can pair up to two devices at the same time and switch between them without a problem. Chassis exhibits some flex . Doubleshot ABS 104-Key JTK Bianco Keycap Set . However, there are many other factors to consider if you want to ensure that your keyboard of choice meets your expectations. It comes in an elegant metal chassis and is efficiently designed to make use of every inch of space. With a metal frame and hard plastic back, build quality is outstanding for the G915 Lightspeed. The Logitech G413 is a sleek full-sized gaming keyboard that looks relatively reserved compared to the other alternatives on this list. The form factor is another important consideration when buying a gaming keyboard. On the other hand, mechanical keyboards employ individual mechanical switches underneath each key to register keystrokes. While you can always buy a wrist rest separately, having one included in the package gives you a complete and comfortable experience right out of the box.

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