Therefore, in an unexpected turn of events, Stal wasn't destroyed. as you can see by the image below.

Connor followed Jschlatt wondering where his coin was but Jschlatt simply turned to him and told him that it was, in fact, an exit scam. We finally killed the ender dragon.

Jschlatt then decided to speak to Carson one-on-one in an attempt to get him banned which did not work. During a heated staring contest between Twomad and Jschlatt, Cscoop arrived at the Nether Hub and proposed that Jschlatt and Connor consider his new underground elicit substances business as a potential investment. Voiceover Pete joined the game to be greeted by Jschlatt and ConnorEatsPants who told him about what Jschlattcoin is and gave him a tour of their facility. Asaii gave Jschlatt 120 diamonds in exchange for 6 Jschlattcoins. Jschlatt [Pronounced: /d͡ʒɛɪ.ʃlæt/, JAY-schlatt] (aka Schlatt, 2 Scoops,  70 Nic (previously known as 50 Nic),  Addict,  Adolf Schlattler,  The Age of Empires,  Al Pacino,  Alinity,  The Amazing Grapist,  Amazon Prime,  An E-boy,  AntVenom,  Apple man,  Asianschlatt,  BSchlatt,  Baby,  Balls of Fury,  Beethoven,  Beyblade,  Big Gay Man,  Big Guy,  Big S, Bilingual,  The Blade Runner,  Blades,  Bladez,  The Blev,  Bovine Boy,  Breaker of Chains,  The Bread Boy,  The Bread Man,  Bucket Man,  Buda,  Buddha,  Build Bob,  Build Boy,  Build Man,  Bukowski,  Button Man,  Captain Price,  Carson,  Cat-Flap,  the Cat Whisperer,  Chrome Guy,  Chuck,  Cigarette,  CockSchlatt,  Colonel Sanders,  ConarEatPant,  ConnorEatsPants,  Cosby,  Counter Strike Man,  CringeSchlatt,  Cumschlatt,  DEFINITELY NOT GAY,  Dad,  Dan Schneider,  Demoman from TF2,  Doctor Shakey Jones,  Double Time,  Dropper Dude,  Dyin' Bryan,  Eagle Eyes,  El Presidente,  Elon Musk,  Elton John, Emperor Of The Nited States, FEELING JACKED,  FatSchlatt,  Fifty Mick,  Finger Good,  Fitz,  Flap-Schlatt The Lawnmower,  Flight Man,  Floyd Mayweather,  Flying Man,  Fod,  Freddy,  Funny Mic,  Furry,  Gay,  Gay Slut,  Gayass,  Gayshlatt,  Genocide Schlatt,  Gerund Gerald,  Glass Guy,  Glizzy Gobbler,  God,  Gongaga,  Greek Philosopher,  Gundham Tanaka,  Hackerman,  Homewrecker,  Homosexual M Jason Schlatum,  Hook Line and Sinker,  Hospital,  Hot Gay Man,  House Man,  Igorsh,  Inspector Gadget,  Is Half,  Isaac Newton,  Isawitcoming,  Islam,  J Money,  JFK,  JFLAT,  JMcChill,  JSOUP, JShlaticus,  JUULSchlatt,  Jack,  Jack Frost,  Jackie Robinson's Golden Boy,  Jacob Schlatt,  Jake Gyllenhaal,  Jake Nicholson,  Jamaica Schlattville,  James Charles,  James Franco,  Jamie Foxx,  Jamie Hyneman,  Janye Schlest,  Jason Mamoa,  Javier Barde,  Jay,  Jay Hatt,  Jay Scott,  Jaylor Schwift,  Jebediah Schlatt,  Jeff Bezos,  Jefferey Epstein,  Jesus,  Jgun,  Jimmy Neutron,  JizzSlurp,  Joaquin Phoenix,  Joe Jonas,  Joebunga,  John,  John Travolta,  Johnny Sins,  Joko,  Jonathan Schlatt,  Jondar Shit,  Joseph Stalin,  Jsalt,  JSchalt,  Jschitt,  Jschlatt Basculus,  Jschlitt,  Jschlong,  Jschwatt the widepeepoHappy cumfart streamer,  Jshat,  Jshit,  Jshmuck,  Jslat,  Jslur, Aschlatt, Bschlatt, Cschlatt, Dschlatt, Eschlatt, Fschlatt, Gschlatt, Hschlatt, Ischlatt, Kschlatt, Lschlatt, Mschlatt, Nschlatt, Oschlatt, Pschlatt, Qschlatt, Rschlatt, Sschlatt, Tschlatt, Uschlatt, Vschlatt, Wschlatt, Xschlatt, Yschlatt, Zschlatt, Justin Trudeau,  Katniss Everdeen,  Kelp for Brains, King of Tekkit,  Krabs,  L'Schlatt,  LW-Lanceron,  LW-Sheol,  La Cara Del Troll,  Ladder Man,  Larry the Lobster,  Lightning McQueen,  Little Girl,  Logan from Big Time Rush,  Logan paul,  Lord Business,  Luigi,  Magic Fingers,  Mail Man,  Man,  Man of Steel,  Man of all tricks,  Man of the Scripture,  Maracana,  Master Oogway,  Metronome,  Misfits,  Monitor Man,  Morton from Mario Kart 8,  Mr President,  Mr Business,  Mr Cobble,  Mr Cobblestone,  Mr Minecraft,  Mr SMPLive,  Mr Skid,  Mr Tekkit,  Mr Windex,  Mr 8-Ball,  Mr Answers,  Mr Fortnite,  Mr Goop,  Mr Hands,  Mr Health n Safety,  Mr Jellicle,  Mr Jokes,  Mr Krabs,  Mr Minecraft,  Mr Moustache Man,  Mr Mutton Chops,  Mr Rabbit,  Mr Twitch,  Mr Serotonin,  Mr knife,  Muscles-Glasses,  Mutton Man,  Nacho Libre,  New Guy,  Nice Catch,  Nice Catch 2,  Nice Shot,  Ninety Thousand Dollars In Debt,  No Plan Andy,  Noob Pooper,  Nostalgia Critic,  The N Schlatt,  NutSchlack,  one of the Hexxit Heterosexuals,  One Tablet Twice a Day,  One half of the Hexxit Hebrews,  Oschlatt,  POOPOO MAN,  Pablo Picasso,  Pancake with Cinnamon,  Paul Walker,  Pence Man,  Pewdiepie,  Piledriver,  Pokiman,  the Pool Boy,  Powerplant,  Power Point,  Precum,  Prime Minister of the Gaylord OPPS,  ProJschlatt,  ppschlatt,  RbxljnP7z3,  Renaissance Man,  Roll Man,  SMP Sunshine Overlord,  Sack Schlatt,  Scary Man,  Schlag,  Schlattbama,  Schlatt Cat,  SchlattDoesMinecraft,  Schlatticus,  Schlatticus Maximus,  Schlattina,  Schlattorious,  Schlatty Boy,  Schlitt,  SchlittleStick,  Schlonic the Hedgehog,  Schlurp,  Scott Slanders,  Sea Cock,  Sea Salt,  Secretary of Steel,  Semen,  Shakey,  Shakey Bones,  Shart,  SheepBitch,  Sheldon Cooper,  Shit,  Shlunk,  Shroud,  Sinus Infection,  Slur Man,  Slut,  Smokestack,  stupid idiot gay man,  The SMPLive Wiki,  Spacex,  Spitshine,  Stal,  Successful Business Man,  Sue Sylvester,  Sun Rise Guy,  Sunrise Guy,  SwaggerSouls,  Sweaty Balls,  Swiss Army knife,  Sword Man,  Technoblade,  Tekkit,  Terraria Man,  Texas Instruments,  That one dude from Javier Bardem interview,  The Businessman of Doom,  The Cuck Shed Man,  The Curator,  The Deity,  The Ebay Man,  The Fisherman,  The Foot Man,  The Fruit Ninja,  The God of Wii Fit,  The God of Yoga,  the guy paket phoenix indihome commercial,  The Hexxit Hombre,  The Hole In One Man,  The Hook Man,  The Hooker,  The Horned Cuck,  The Human Hula Hoop,  The Inventor of Loud = Funny,  The Man Behind The Slaughter,  The Man with a Plan,  The Maraca Man,  The Mist Schlatt,  The Night Owl,  The North Tower,  The PVP God,  The Pacifier (starring Vin Diesel),  The Parkour God,  The Parkour Prince,  The Rep Man,  The Steel Toe,  The Sword Man,  The Winner,  Tiny Dick Boy,  Tiny Dick Man,  Tony Hawk,  Traves,  Trollface,  Twisty Neck,  Two Piece,  Two in a Row,  Tyler (Ninja) Blevins,  USPS,  Uh Oh,  VOICEOVERPETE,  Video GameSchlatty,  Vschlatt,  Wage Cuck,  Wall Man,  Warrior,  Water Bitch,  Water Man,  Weak Bladder,  Whatever the fuck they want when they see how JACKED and SHREDDED I am,  Wheels,  Wilbur Schlatt From Schlatt House,  Wilbur Soot,  Wilbur's Pretty Princess,  Will Schuester,  Wings,  Word Hunt,  Word Smith,  Wordsmith,  Work Guy,  World Record Rabbids: Go Home Holder,  Yes Papa,  Your Man, The Joker, and perhaps the most iconic of all; 'J for Joe Rogan' Schlatt), is a veteran of SMP Live with very iconic jokes of his such as the infamous Schlattcoin, the "funny mic", "what's poppin" and the "Schlatt-Walk". In response, Jschlatt liquidated more of Connor's share so that the shares were now a 30% / 70% split in order to try and teach Connor to be more assertive. You see, during the battle, there were explosions, and all of Jschlatt's stuff, including Stal, was destroyed.

Date Joined 9k.

However, In a later stream, something about the stal disc was uncovered, something which people also discovered on Twitter. This is when their true rivalry began as Jschlatt discovered that Ant's favorite music disc is 'stal' which is objectively the worst one. Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, "The beginning of my minecraft server...", Jschlatt is a sworn enemy of Donald J. Trump, 45th POTUS,, “I’m pulled back to a world where nothing really mattered, a world where I was actually happy.” [A tribute to minecraft], "Beth is the most condescending annoying downright racist and homophobic person I have ever met! Later that day, HankVenom joined the server. As of now, there hasn't been a rise in a JschlattCoin's Value. "big hot men" About a week later, Connor and Jschlatt became the cops of the server and were given uniforms, guns, and an enforcement stick. Connor also revealed the Connor Complex, a giant blue tower in Spawn City that he now owned and he would dedicate a floor to a Jschlatt & Co. office.

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