I think he is one of the most inspirational players of this time. So, the Dumble we call the ‘problem child’… I got that amp with an EV in it, and I was like, ‘This is the worst-sounding amp, in any price range, from $5 to whatever.’ But I put a Celestion in and it works. http://www.RiggioCustomGuitars.com. There is something about a flat-pole pickup; they’re different from the staggered ones.

It was never gratey. If you want to sound like Joe Bonamassa, there are two main challenges you need to overcome.

But I find with maple-neck Strats, 10s sound the best. Well there we have it, everything you need to sound like Joe Bonamassa. I’d like to share your stuff with some rock musician friends. Dial in mids and add some treble to get sheen. I would of taken one look at the band below and not taken them seriously.

Plug it into a Hot Rod DeVille and you could rule the world with that.”, Don't miss the latest deals, news, reviews, features and tutorials. “I believe it’s probably a 50/50 blend of Fender and Dumble in the mix. Anyone have any input? The Fender Twin will definitely help you to sound like Joe Bonamassa. Some friends and I have been trying to figure out who the maker of that guitar is for years !!! Truthfully, I don’t think that you need to play thick things if you want to sound like Joe Bonamassa.

curious about some of his effects n amps ect. super frustrating to wake up and look at 1,100 sqf of unfinished/unusable space. But the comments I hear are that they’re very true to vintage spec. It’s all about re-tuning the rig. Is this a pic of you David? So by no means are they essential to add to your rig, but they certainly won’t hurt! Click here to remove banner ads from this forum. Here’s a shot of one of the last one’s I built for Gigliotti Guitars. Our engineer, Scott, probably tweaks that depending on the room a little. Uh, some of the acoustics that are standard tuning are .12-56, but most everything we have is .11-52.

If it’s a dark room, the same but Fender versus Dumble.”. Here's a clip of me going for that Joe Bonamassa type sound on the Maz 18 Jr. Next you have your EQ section here. Then I would use the tubescreamer for the main overdrive.. That along with Electro-voice speakers gave it a unique sound. Do you think I’m playing it here? Joe Bonamassa reveals his guitar tone secrets: "What surprises me now, more than anything, is the affordability of a great sound" By Jamie Dickson 21 February 2019. Cranking a small amp doesn’t have quite the same effect, so we have to look at alternative ways of getting those searing Bonamassa tones. Gaining a similar level of aptitude with the controls on your guitar will not only help you to sound like Joe Bonamassa, but it will greatly improve your playing and blues tones more generally. This is a ’55. If your rig is set for high output pickups, the signature pickup would be a shocker with the gain. When I used the Marshalls and the Dumbles, or the Van Weeldens, whatever the old rig used to be… the way I used to get the point on the notes and the articulation was EVs. But if you compare ’em to other vintage guitars, they’re pretty much on the money. “I’d rather play an evening where the guitar sounds a bit dull, than an evening where the guitar sounds a bit, ‘Holy shit… is that bright.’ Ear fatigue is a big thing about going to a guitar show. I really don't know how this info can help you in any way since I am of the belief that "it's the singer, not the song" in that I've heard awesome work done on what others consider crap and horrendous abortions on great gear I'm big on gear for making music but weak on recording it. In fact he got into a little hot water following this interview in 2017, when he said the following: I’ve really gotten over pedals.

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