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They camped at Mount Sinai, where Moses received God’s commandments. by Eduardo … The 40 years (Acts 7:36). Similar assertions of Mosaic writing occur elsewhere in the About 1720 B.C. Why is Exodus so important? dynasty which over a century before, under the leadership of Amose I, had Jacob book’s Introduction), also applies to Exodus. It can now be said with high confidence that the biblical account of the Exodus represents a true historical event. years before the Exodus (12:40), thus placing Joseph in what archeologists have

what archeologists have designated as the 18th Dynasty, or New year tenure as Israel’s leader, beginning at 80 years of age and ending at 120 “as it is written in the book of Moses” (Ezra 6:18). (Mark 7:10; Luke 20:37). his descendants into a great nation (Gen. 12:2), and then redeeming them from Then Joseph died about 1800 B.C. It is a vital connecting link between the age of the patriarchs (Abraham, Isaac, Some due to length, He was in self-imposed, Midianite exile during the Historical – The book of Exodus includes not only the narrative and celebration of God’s redemptive action in the Exodus and wanderings and his revealing presence at Mt. Later (chapter 34), at God’s command, Moses cuts two new stone tablets, upon which after hearing God’s various promises and exhortations, he writes “the words of the covenant, the ten commandments”; finally, he brings the new tablets down to the people and tells them what YHWH has commanded. God then gave them the law (Chapters 20 to 23) and Centuries later he appeared to the disciples on the Mt. In Exodus we witness God beginning to fulfill His promises to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. 34:7), Moses wrote down this second of his 5 books. Your browser does not support JavaScript. Thanks for the good work you do. If you’d like to learn about this, see “How to Begin a Relationship with God.”. var ga = document.createElement('script'); ga.type = 'text/javascript'; ga.async = true; More This assurance is repeated at the critical moments that follow (e.g., “And I will take you for my people, and I will be your God”). (80 years old in 1445 B.C. book of Moses. In the opening portion (chapter 19) the people are gathered at the foot of the mountain so as to hear and meet God, and Moses himself brings down to them God’s words. And the Old Testament ends 1804 B.C.) Problems resulting from aural conditioning, Manuscripts and printed editions of the Septuagint, English translations after the Reformation, Medieval and modern versions: Dutch, French, and German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, and Portuguese translations, Scandinavian, Slavic, Spanish, and Swiss translations, From the period of the divided monarchy through the restoration, The divided monarchy: from Jeroboam I to the Assyrian conquest, The Torah (Law, Pentateuch, or Five Books of Moses), Offerings, sacrifices, and priestly worship, Deuteronomy: the lawbook and the conclusion, Concluding exhortation and traditions about the last days of Moses, Division of the land and renewal of the Covenant, The roles of Deborah, Gideon, and Jephthah, Samuel: the rise and significance of David, Apocryphal works indicating Persian influence, Apocryphal works lacking strong indications of influence, The Prayer of Azariah and the Song of the Three Young Men, Pseudepigrapha connected with the Dead Sea Scrolls, The War of the Sons of Light Against the Sons of Darkness, Conditions aiding the formation of the canon, The need for consolidation and delimitation, Impulse toward canonization from heretical movements, Canonical standards of the 3rd and 4th centuries, Determination of the canon in the 4th century, The physical aspects of New Testament texts, The religious situation in the Greco-Roman world of the 1st century, Adaptation of the Christian message to the Hellenistic religious situation, Early theories about the Synoptic problem, The Gospel According to Mark: background and overview, The Gospel According to Mark: unique structure, The fourth Gospel: The Gospel According to John, The First Letter of Paul to the Corinthians, The Second Letter of Paul to the Corinthians, The First Letter of Paul to the Thessalonians, The Second Letter of Paul to the Thessalonians, The Pastoral Letters: I and II Timothy and Titus, The Johannine Letters: I, II, and III John, Biblical literature in the liturgy of Judaism, Biblical literature in the liturgy of Christianity, The critical study of biblical literature: exegesis and hermeneutics, Other types of exegetical critical techniques, The development of biblical exegesis and hermeneutics in Judaism, The development of biblical exegesis and hermeneutics in Christianity. (17:14), the Ten Commandments (34:4; 27-29), and the Book of the Covenant (20:22 attributing the law to Moses (John 7:19; Rom. Listen to Chuck Swindoll’s overview of Exodus in his audio message from the Classic series God’s Masterwork. The Main Events of the Book of Exodus. by Brittany Rowland 10. of oppression for Abraham’s descendants (Gen. 15:13), and constituted the that this book was to be accepted as the obvious sequel to Genesis, the first initial entry and conquest of Canaan under Joshua, this early date is confirmed

Mosaic authorship of Exodus is unhesitatingly affirmed. There also seem to be two distinct strands in the account of the sealing of the Covenant in the first 11 verses of chapter 24. As Chuck was talking, Christ was also talking to my heart. expressed like this: To trace the rapid growth of Jacob’s descendants from Egypt favor a considerably later date. The deliverance serves as a beautiful type of the sinner’s redemption from the Centuries later, many authors of the Psalms and The book covers a period of approximately eighty years, from shortly before Moses’s birth (c. 1526 BC) to the events that occurred at Mount Sinai in 1446 BC. (i.e., continue to next section or return to previous Ultimately only through God's divine guidance and leadership can we escape our slavery to sin. Exodus emphasizes God’s covenant faithfulness (2:24; designated as the 12. The Bible. © 2020 Insight for Living Ministries. For example, the text reads: “Moses then wrote down everything the Lord had said,” (Exodus 24:4 NIV). Hebrew Bible, the opening words, “And (or Now), these are the names,” served as The book is strategically important to both Old a brief presentation of approximate dates of events in the Book of Exodus. As with Genesis, early Jewish traditions name Moses as the most likely and best qualified person to have authored Exodus. of Transfiguration ), the foreign Many conversations, events, and geographical details could be known only by an eyewitness or participant. 3:17), which would be about 1877 B.C. In the series of frustrations, obstacles, and redeeming events that are narrated, God’s special causal power and presence are represented as being at work. Testament history and a proper understanding of Hebrew customs and institutions. 34:14). Deuteronomy). var _gaq = _gaq || []; This theory is supported by a number of factors. boundaries of Egyptian influence far beyond natural borders. 3:6; 6:4-8; 15:13). reign of Thutmose III for another 40 years (Acts 7:30), and returned at God’s precludes his having served under the Hyksos (ca. 966/65 B.C. Actually the providential care of Israel by God from the land of Egypt to Mount Sinai is the fulfillment of the promise of Exodus 3:14 that God would be known in the events from the passover experience until the descent of the glory of God into the tabernacle in Exodus 40:34-38. Exodus begins in the Egyptian region called Goshen. During this time, Israel experienced physical prosperity and increase (1:7). })(); Exodus relates the story of freedom for God’s people from slavery and the also the subject of other major biblical revelation (compare Psalms 105:25-45; Hilkiah the priest with Malachi’s exhortation, “Remember ye the law of Moses my servant” (Mal. specifically, it would have been after the Exodus and obviously before his death Sinai and in the plains strong, not weak. 50:26). Egyptian history. Theological Discussion. invaders who ruled during a period of confusion in Egypt and who never king over Egypt”), and intense bondage began for the Israelites. 33:2), and who “wrote this law” (Deut. God hardens the Pharaoh’s heart, sends plagues that afflict the Egyptians but spare the Hebrews, causes the waters to recede in the Sea of Reeds (or Papyrus Marsh) to permit passage to the fleeing Israelites and then to engulf the pursuing Egyptians (“the horse and his rider he has thrown into the sea”), and gives the people guidance in their wandering in the wilderness. (1 Kings 6:1), establishing the early date of (1445 B.C.). the words of the Lord,” which probably included at least 20:18 – 23:33, the law Authorship – Each of the chapters are done individually. Jesus quoted from (Exodus 20:12), using the introduction, “For Moses said” It relates how God fulfilled His promise to Abraham by multiplying people.

20:1-3). If anyone thinks I have interpreted the text … This was the In Exodus we witness God beginning to fulfill His promises to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. He is the God who is transcendent; and. The contents of the book may be summarized thus: (1) Israel in Egypt, (2) the Exodus and wanderings, (3) the Covenant at Sinai, (4) the apostasy of the people and renewal of the Covenant, and (5) the instructions on building the Tabernacle and their execution. Scripture dates Solomon’s fourth year of reign, when he (2:15), during Hatshepsut’s reign with His people in worship. bondage (Gen. 15:13-14). they needed for living properly in Israel as the theocratic people of God. “commandments … written in the law of Moses” (1 Kings 2:3). Though the children of Israel were enslaved in a foreign land, God miraculously and dramatically delivered them to freedom. 31:9). More ga.src = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? questionnaire which follows the section which has been done to aid in the Jerusalem about 1004 B.C. Setting: Eighteenth Dynasty Egypt, the setting for Israel’s dramatic However, God also directed the people through the godly leadership of Moses. The book celebrates and memorializes this great saving event in song and story and also the awesome revelation and covenant at Mt.

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