Maths, accounts, profit and loss type.I was interviewed and questioned six times ( twice by the same individual on different dates) asking the same competency and result oriented questions as if anything had changed from the last questioning. It sounds like you were qualified – but – they chose to go in a different direction with someone else and it might not have worked out. Best approach. I know for one team it took over a year to bring the person on. Also, since most candidates aren’t absolutely perfect fits, I like to sit on them, in case a rainbow unicorn, or whatever we call it, applies, and then I would have wasted the other candidates’ time. The other was a somewhat drawn-out process but it moved a little more steadily — applied, got a call 10-12 days later, phone interview, waited a week or two, in person interview, took another couple weeks for an offer. I told them to piss off. I have no clue what the heck her job there was going to be, she didn’t have a science background, but hey good for her cause that employer pays well. It did move faster because I was the preferred candidate, but HR held it up. in-person interview yesterday and when i asked about next steps, they said they were in the early stages of their process! Hiring practices at higher education is ridiculous. From posting to hire – 2 1/2 months. What is the interview process like at Had to take two assessment tests on line. Here are the resources I recommend starting with: Focus on writing a great resume work history and great bullet points. (I always copy and paste the job ad, just in case it eventually comes off the employer’s site and I hear back months down the line.). Just got an email requesting an interview today for a job I applied to before Thanksgiving. It came at just the right time for me. But that doesn’t get you attention on a blog. What a scam! What are you paying them for, just the time they spend reviewing the application? What are some tips for doing well in the interview. Panel interviews are really hard to pull together, even when the panel members cooperate. For example, in the latest oil bust, every company was laying people off, and virtually no one was hiring. Truly, the best thing you can do after sending off an application is to assume you didn’t get the job, put it out of your mind entirely, and let it be a pleasant surprise if they do contact you. Rules of thumb: the higher up the position in the hierarchy, the worse the delay. Yeah I have a tech friend. It’s like they wanted to get me “in, out, and over with” so they could say they interviewed someone else, but then go ahead with their pre-selected candidate. So many unpaid positions, or positions where people have to pay. Then the HM had to select the final candidate, negotiate an offer with HR, then make the offer.

Now, did they want to use you as a “benchmark”???? When he’s looking for a job he just uploads his resume to Monster or something and waits for the calls to start pouring in, and yes they’re probably same-day. Would you feel comfortable divulging the name of this institution?

I’m waiting to hear back from a place that is large and prestigious, for a decently higher up position at an academic institution… I get these things take awhile, but I wish they would’ve been upfront about it rather than suggesting that I’d hear back in about 2 weeks… It has been over 3 months and nothing. I once applied for a job in July (the site said they were accepting applications until September 1) and got a call for a phone interview in October, long after I had assumed I hadn’t made the cut for a callback. Two days before I started, large Fortune 500 company called to offer me the job. I’ve had this happen with external recruitment consultants. For DHS it took from the time I filled out the clearance process to the time they were going to process the paperwork 18 months. And I’ve had a few (two, recently) where we even had an interview and they have not notified me either way (by this point I’m fairly certain it’s not going to happen but it’s extremely disappointing not to get even a standardized note to know they moved on).

Total scam.

What was great was that you could pretty much just list which companies you were interested in and you were practically guaranteed a first-level interview on campus. Combination of things could have been in play here. But others have told me of getting called in for interviews three years after the fact. I always know when it’s been two weeks since the closing date of one of our ads, because I’ll get a deluge of messages via email and twitter to ask how it’s going, if it’s been filled and to ‘reiterate their interest’. Very, very long, very unnecessary process so lengthy. In my experience, typically higher ed does not use HR except as an initial screening/application-collecting venue. Others wait and look at them all at once at a certain date, which can be as long as a month or more after the ad first goes up. Then we set up an in person interview for the following week. Posting closed June 30, panel interview completed end of August, in-person interview completed mid September, but no offer until end of October. Dang!

For a USA Jobs post, it was almost a year! The academic year.

I could almost see it if the fee is for people who are *accepted* as interns – if the institution is incurring costs in hosting them (I don’t love that either) – I mean, students are often paying for credits at the institution that sponsored them, so they are literally paying to work – but to pay just to APPLY?? What was your reaction when you received that email?

A full year and a few months later they emailed me asking if I’d be interested in the next internship cycle. Just hours after getting home from my in person interview, I got a phone call from HR to talk salary.

At my school, it’s because 1) the position must remain open for 30 days minimum 2) you must interview at least 3 qualified applicants – doesn’t matter if only 2 people applied ever, you can’t offer one of them a job until 3 people have been interviewed 3) HR is understaffed and moves slowly 4) interview committees are almost always required by upper mgmt and it takes a while to coordinate everyone’s schedules 4) the hiring manager can’t just offer the job after selecting the candidate, she has to submit her choice to HR and they draft the offer letter and contact the applicant 5) candidate selection often goes through multiple approvals – once I was selected by my manager, his boss had to approve me, then the assistant VPs had to approve me, then the CIO approved me.

To summarize how long it takes to get a response from a job: If an employer is interested, you will usually hear back within two weeks of submitting a resume.

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