It's comfortable, fantastic carrying capacity, easy to ride, decent enough mpg, dead easy to service and reliable.

Apart from this, no problems. A pair of Hagons have sorted that. Speaking of floorboards, the Hondas have a cool cutaway beneath the rider that allow feet to easily reach the ground without inducing that splayed legs feeling. I'm going to make my own hand guards to give some protection from wind chill when it gets really cold. Whether racing the rats to the office or the sun to the horizon, the Wing's 600cc motor/tranny combo gets the job done in a smooth, efficient and thoroughly pleasant manner. We ask that you be polite and also introduce yourself on your 1st post. The fuel injection’s slick and delivery’s seamless but fuel economy can suffer if you really cane a Honda FJS600 Silver Wing. Text: Chris Myers • 2019 Silver Wing sales numbers, Maxi Scooters sales in USA? Advertise • Despite offerings in either naked or fully faired trim and receiving increases in displacement and power over several model years, the Silver Wing just never caught on. Office papers, laptop, iPad, camera, tripod, crash helmet, rain suit - it all goes in. Hi, Welcome to the Silverwing 600 Forum. Best features of the bike Charging point in the left luggage compartment, massive under-seat storage. The Honda FJS600 Silver Wing is beautifully put together and well designed, making it not just useful but also a real joy to ride. I also fitted a home made front mudflap to protect the radiator and fitted some Oxford heated grips. The Honda Silverwing IMO is the best of the lot in the Honda scooter line up . Glad it has ABS. I like the hand brake very useful on this bike. Job done. Those with wanderlust can easily stow a respectable amount of gear in the waterproof confines should the urge to explore come a-callin'. Great engine and the CVT keeps it in the right zone.

The panels can be a bit rattly and vibey at times. Currently owning a PCX150, I expected more of an increase in ride quality in the larger, heavier Silver Wing.

VAT no 918 5617 01 I was at a Honda dealer for a test ride day and after doing a Pan and Crosstourer I was waiting for a guy to come back with a Dullsville when the sales guy said why don't you have a go on the Silver Wing. Free expert DIY tips, support, troubleshooting help & repair advice for all Silverwing 600 Motorcycles. Only complaints would be tank size which seems to start flashing at 100 miles and I've never dared do more than 130 miles (which seems to be 13 litres- I cant believe that the tank is 16 litres, and I'm not risking it) A Bona Fide Silver Rush Who needs "gold in them thar hills" when a lighter, more maneuverable Wing of silver is perfectly adept at taking care of business. On a '64 plate. That should work out to nearly 200 miles between fill-ups - that's a whole lot of sightseeing on one tank. Yes I know there are better maxi scooters out now (not £2k to £3k better though). There is site that is geared for all scooters and motorcycles. Contact Us • I've still got the big trailie (1200cc) and sports tourer (1000cc), but the scooter does more miles per year than the other two combined. While the Silver Wing may not have all the big-time touring accoutrements of its larger brother, it is no less prepared to hit the long road. Hit top speeds on the motorway and it’ll weave a little, though: unnerving but not treacherous. The finish is excellent. I changed the standard screen for a Givi screen which eliminated buffeting, and I altered the riders buttstop to a backrest which was quite simple to do and cost pennies to achieve. The seat’s vast and plush, there’s loads of leg room and the screen/fairing works a treat. I had to fit a new front brake light switch for the MOT. It is great- it is quick, solid, well made and very comfortable. Supremely capable, do it all maxi-scooter. Pulley sliders - which ones do I have? Operating in three stages, this sophisticated setup uses the engine's strong power and torque to the best of its capacity. A sort of Gold Wing 'lite' if you will. Fuel economy isn't brilliant at 45mpg but I do tend to cane it a bit ! Twist and go really does accelerate well for a heavy bike. Seems to be well-built, like a Honda should be. This section is for all of us to share information on performing maintenance for the Silver Wing. This gives even more rider seat room. ... no problems. This really didn't prove to be much of an issue once we got used to the angle of the spacious floorboards and dialed in the five-position adjustable backrest.

Only usually needing a soft squeeze to hault even from speed.

The handling along a backroad is most entertaining, although you won't be chasing sports bikes. The quality and attention to detail are without question, which may explain the motorcycle's somewhat inflated price.

I consider that a steal. No corrosion yet (this is a ten year old bike.) The underseat storage coupled with my Givi Maxia top box means I can carry all my stuff regardless of what I'm doing. Remember the original Silver Wing? I have added heated handgrips for winter riding. Never dangerous but you need a bit more concentration which, IMHO, is no bad thing. However, reports on the forums of reliability and smoothness coupled with Honda reputation sold it for me. But despite all that it's still what I was looking for, more so than anything else available. One tip is to get some wind mirror extenders (about a tenner off Fleabay) as the standard mirrors appear designed for the narrow shouldered.

As a commuter it makes no more sense than a GS or Blade (too fat for town work) but as a cross country toy or two up tourer it is an incredible machine. TECHNICAL SPECS:Honda FSC600A Silver Wing, MSRP $ 7,949 / $ 8,449 ABS Warranty 1 year, unlimited mileage, limited warrantyImporter/Distributor American Honda Motor Co., Engine Type Twin cylinder, four stroke, 582cc, DOHC, 8-valve Fuel unleaded Fuel Capacity 4.2gal (15.9l) Fuel Mileage 47mpg (5l/100km) Theoretical Fuel Range 197mls (317km) Bore x Stroke 72x71.5mm Max Power 50hp Ignition computer controlled transistorized Starter electric Lubrication wet sump Cooling liquid Transmission automatic V-matic belt drive, Chassis Front Suspension 41mm telescopic fork, 4.7in travel Rear Suspension twin shocks, adjustable preload, 4.7in travel Tires & Brakes Front Tire 120/80-14 Rear Tire 150/70-13 Front Brake one triple piston caliper, 256mm rotors Rear Brake twin piston caliper, 240mm rotor Dimensions Length n/a Width n/a Seat Height 29.1in (739mm) Wheelbase 62.8in (1595mm) Dry Weight 500lbs (227kg) / 511lbs (232kg)ABS, © 2020 RoadRUNNER Motorcycle Touring & Travel.

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