The Alexandria City Marshal's race avoided a runoff last night with Marshal Jerome Hopewell getting 51 percent of the vote.

of the Confederate Department of the Trans-Mississippi, . Two of its squadrons served in Vietnam. attention of their comrades to the gallantry displayed by the addressed the 82nd Infantry Division under the command of General Omar Bradley.

No Limit 4 Recovery Clubhouse provides food, clothing, counseling and spiritual support. Later businesses . Preparations for the invasion involved six camps located in central Louisiana. Clyde Neck, director of the Hypolite Home museum, told the Marksville City Council at its Dec. 11 meeting that there were two break-ins over the Thanksgiving holidays that caused damage to the house and its contents.

. . Joseph Marshall Walker (1784-1856), a Bayou Rapides cotton planter, was governor 1850-53 -- the first to be installed in the newly-designated Baton Rouge capital. . You couldn’t go to Lowes or nothing back then. . They had tents and they slept on the ground. After the 1957 rebuilding and the conversion of logging to trucks, there was no need for . . It is the parish’s oldest house still standing on its original site. . The first cornerstone at Second and St. James Streets was laid in 1851. It was also home for the US . —, When Poste du Rapides was established in Pineville the Catholic mission of St. Louis des Apalachees was founded. About the Avoyelles Parish Marksville Detention Center. However, the building's 20-foot wide sidewalk . Bordelon often shares videos of himself on Facebook blowing a duck call, making decoys, building his dugout, and even cooking traditional Avoyelles Parish Creole dishes. Although it is probably that some type of French presence was . —, The Planer mill building is the oldest surviving building at Long Leaf. .

. And now, it’s no more,” Bordelon said. .

So, to this day I don’t have a heater, because I’m trying to honor those old men. . . . Repairs will cost about $20,000.

Almost 70 percent of Avoyelles Parish voters cast ballots for President in the Nov. 3 elections, but only 64 percent voted in the ballot's only parishwide race. Mrs. .

. But, daddy wore them old khaki pants on the coldest days you ever could see. . Most of the state and Cenla approved sports betting but it could be some time before you can cash in. And the French people in Louisiana at the time, they learned this from the Indians when they came here in the early 1700s. They never had heaters in the blind. . . . —, This structure was built on property that once belonged to Alexander Fulton. —, The site for the City of Alexandria was first surveyed by Samuel Levi Wells, II on the land belonging to Alexander Fulton.

will be held on Monday, November 2, 2020 at 11:00 a.m.

Two area men, Fulton and Miller, traded extensively with the Indians who became indebted to them.

. . The division would later become the 82nd Airborne Division and furnish personnel to . . . . . .

The Third Commissary, 1948 This is the third commissary . The engine house, which was known as the "roundhouse" despite its shape, was where the locomotives were kept arid basic servicing between runs was . Log into Facebook to start sharing and connecting with your friends, family, and people you know. The city was platted into 81 squares by Frederick Walther for Fulton on February 1, 1805. —, In 1854 the residents of Smith's Landing, a small trading post on historic Bayou Boeuf renamed their settlement LECOMTE for a famous horse. —, Completed in 1852 and owned by Edwin Epps, a former overseer of Oakland Plantation, the Edwin Epps House is located where LSU Alexandria stands today. He bought this property in 1901, originally a tract . chartered in February 1950. Rogers' Grocery Market have all occupied the commercial buildings on the eastern corner of the street. —, On April 15, 1865 General Robert E. Lee surrendered to Brigadier General Ulysses Grant. —, This "Moon Tree” is a Loblolly Pine grown from a seed that, in Quick. —, The Central Louisiana Chamber of Commerce was founded on March 30, 1914 at the Hotel Bentley by 250 business and professional leaders to foster unity and opportunity for the region. Nicknamed The Warthog by its pilots, the A-10 was designed to provide close air support for ground forces. Bordelon said, “I remember my old dad and old uncle and them. . Durham, MD, had offices upstairs in the rooming house. His trips to the duck blind include decoys he made and painted by hand using no power tools. If the Avoyelles Parish Women’s Correctional inmate search website is not currently online or up to date, call 318-876-2871 for assistance in locating your inmate. In June of that year, General G. Mason Graham wrote to Major D.C. . The two brothers were World War II veterans and were unmoved by the hardships of primitive camp life. These filters will replace previously applied filters. —, Carved of Indiana limestone, originally a part of the Guaranty Bank Building constructed in 1921. —, (Activated Oct. 1940 - Deactivated Dec. 1945) Flavored with a heavy Cajun-French accent of the Avoyelles Parish region, his rich baritone voice includes phrases like “my old uncle,” sounding more like mah-ole-awnkle, with an ardent desire to connect you with his ancestor. . The house is exemplary of the Queen . —, The 23d Tactical Fighter Wing accepted its first A-10 Thunderbolt II in December 1980. —, Life at the Seminary offered few distractions and fewer luxuries to either the faculty or the cadets.

is Property then . Dylan Domangue breaks down the results. The Desfossé House was built in 1790 and was remodeled in 1850. RPSB presents the 2019-2020 average senior ACT scores. Two of Avoyelles Parish’s oldest homes were discussed in municipal council meetings this month. JavaScript is required for full functionality on this website, but scripting is currently disabled.


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—, Built by Baldwin Locomotive Works, Philadelphia, PA, Construction #51175, January, 1919 Baldwin Class 10-32-D #1167, type 4-6-0. Developed by the Clyde Iron Works of Duluth MN, shortly after 1902 and modified several times thereafter. . . . Bordelon is someone who passionately connects with the past. Louisiana. The Alexandria City Council race was one that we were keeping a close eye on for Election Night and we saw a few shake-ups. investigating non-fatal shooting of juvenile, U.S. . Mr. Cook was born in Simcoe Province, Ontario, The Avoyelles Parish Sheriff’s Office has made an arrest after investigating an alleged rape in the Marksville area. Nineteenth century composer and conductor Gustau Mahler once said, “Tradition is not worship of ashes, but the preservation of fire.”. Arizona election lawsuit filed over Sharpies, damaged ballots . The loaded carts rolled on rails onto the "transfer" which moved them over to the rails entering the Dry Kiln. —, A trading post developed at this site on Bayou Boeuf in the early nineteenth century was known as White's Landing. —, This site, located in the town's center square, was set aside for public use on the original town plat commissioned by Alexander Fulton in 1805. . —, In late February 1961, the LSU Board of Supervisors chose a name for the first new permanent building to be constructed on the campus, selecting Oakland Hall in honor of Oakland Plantation, the land on which the campus was located.Construction . Salvaged in 1965 during a major building remodeling, and returned to Guaranty in 1981. Federal Troops . . —, In 1940 Lt. Gen. Stanley D. Embrick of the U.S. Army Fourth Corps Area, Atlanta, Ga., selected central Louisiana as site of training maneuvers to prepare American forces for possible involvement in war in Europe.

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