Caterpillar 3208 diesels. is lots of floor space on both sides of the (Imagine bringing that rode and 45-lb. One of his projects involved building a single point electrical system-every 12VDC device on the boat is attached to a single negative ground terminal and a single hot terminal. CQR. The genset runs two hours a day to keep things cold, and the system works almost too well. The 65-gallon holding tank is also located in the engine compartment, along with the macerator and handling pumps and valves 4th of July doesn't have stabilizers or a bow thruster. Since washing clothes is often a case of a simple wash and rinse, having a clothes dryer aboard is tremendously convenient. The boat carries 650 gallons of fuel in two tanks, and has the necessary system of filters and valves at hand without gymnastics. Cruising in southern waters, especially the Bahamas, doesn't really require radar, at least not a top-of-the-line unit.

you could likely buy two competitor models. wind would push water up the nearly vertical sides

mounted aft of the engines, there's plenty of access Her builder, American This is a very good idea, especially when someone is moving around the side decks of a boat balancing a tray of sandwiches and drinks with a short-handed crew of two-and the boat is moving along at cruising speed. on my Garmin GPS. In case of emergency, Ken installed a solenoid that brings all batteries online for starting an engine should there be a problem. Several boats of any given model might be found in a particular boating region, but the tastes and needs of the owners will usually result in variations in the boats that reflect the owners' individuality. dry, she did have spray rails on the bow, but the Insurance and Issues of Law, 600 They removed the icemaker, and use the space for tool storage-something the Bartels would never do. the deck is glassed to the hull so there are no leaks While the flybridge may be missing all the tools of modern navigation, the lower station is well equipped. Their ideal schedule includes exploring during the day, followed by cocktails at anchor at 1700, with dinner served at 1800. Enjoying an active retirement, they balance their lives with cruising, golf, and travel. Ken installed a truck block heater in the system to keep the boat from freezing when they are not aboard during the winter. Given the great economy and range of this kind of boat, full tanks can take them a long way, and with a little planning, they have not had difficulty obtaining fuel while cruising the Caribbean. It is possible to keep a boat at their home dock, but the Watters feel the relatively long transit time of passing through the ship canal and lock is too cumbersome on a regular basis, so they keep 4th of July on the Duwamish River, which offers easy access to the Puget Sound. They want to track straight and stay that are full of iron. While all electronics (except radar) are repeated at the inside steering station, Jack doesn't find himself using the lower helm position very often- unless the weather is truly miserable. Soaking in a hot spring in a remote wilderness is invigorating for the body and soul, and both Ken and Harriet love this oustanding benefit of cruising in the Pacific Northwest. The Watters normally keep their dinghy (a rigid bottom inflatable) on chocks atop the aft cabin, but only during the off season. One of the popular design features of the GB42 is a comfortable flybridge, and it is where Jack spends most of his time while under way. But you must be prepared for other conditions. He would not leave home without them. of these are correct. They report it works well, and they have had no problems with bad or dirty water on any of their cruises.

Ken and Harriet report the system works great, and provides a high level of comfort for them to cruise all year long-despite cold, snow, or rain. 5BTA-5. They know their limitations-so they don't invite trouble by being out with reduced visibility. They didn't really consider other boats in their search, having found the overall quality and design of the Grand Banks to fit perfectly with their cruising style. Any ideas out there? This is one reason rendezvous events are so interesting-we get to see how other owners make their own boats special, individual, and in many cases, better. From their experience, doing laundry in the Caribbean can be time consuming and costly, and more than a little inconvenient. Model # Built Grand Banks 32* 861 Grand Banks 36 1,124 Grand Banks 42 1,400 Grand Banks 46 203 Grand Banks 48* 64 Grand Banks 49 125 Grand Banks 50* 65 Grand Banks 58 7 Grand Banks 66 3 Alaskan 45* 8 … The weather and the intense sun were concerns, and they also wanted comfort, more accommodations, and controllable performance. a nice, easy motion at slower speeds that was not The heating system on 4th of July is outstanding, and worth a closer look. Dubbed a Trawler Yacht, The two 120hp Lehmans were an economical alternative to a single, so it suited them just fine. many builders insist on putting the electrical panels which, in part, is what keeps the price up compared In this way, there is never any doubt that both people know what is going on, and that both people are aware of the other person's intention and situation. They have a summer home on Long Island Sound, and manage to spend a lot of quality time aboard their boat on frequent month-long cruises. We hope you enjoyed this two-of-a-kind comparison. In fact, they take great pride in accommodating as much of the individuality of the owners as is possible for a production boat builder. To aid ventilation while underway, Jack fitted 6-inch catches on both doors to hold the doors open part way while the boat is moving. This brings welcome ventilation into the salon and lower helm when it is raining, or when there is a lot of spray. But with that big, deep keel, the Robertson autopilot Needless to say, they don't swim much-it is just too cold. Even though they enjoyed their wood GB, they were at that point in their lives where less maintenance was a definite plus, so they opted for fiberglass. Not a bad idea, especially when Harriet lands a big salmon or halibut. The people at Grand Banks present a variety of engine, equipment, layout, and trim packages to allow broad customization possibilities for new boat owners. All Rights Reserved.

Radar doesn't help here, and LORAN isn't reliable in fringe areas like the Bahamas. It didn't have a thruster, stabilizers, or other then-exotic equipment, but they loved the boat. When she was reintroduced in 1996, the Europa was built on a new, slightly larger hull allowing for an enlarged forward stateroom and stairs to replace the former flybridge ladder. During the cold weather season, the heating system not only keeps everyone aboard happy and cozy, but keeps the engines warmed and ready to go in an instant. The result of such flexibility is that the boats are all similar-and different. Ken grew up around the water, and has always had a boat of one type or another. The aft cabin in Felicity has the normal double berth on one side, single berth on the other side. It is still important to have provision for overboard discharge, but the Watters find it less and less necessary. imitated but rarely equaled. Ken and Harriet spend a lot of time cruising the west coast of Vancouver Island, which is pretty remote. If this suggests that we all run around in copycat boats, don't worry, it just isn't so. With the additional modifications to make her better suited for liveaboard cruising for up to 10 weeks at a time, 4th of July continues to serve the Watters as an able seaworthy vessel that not only looks like a boat should- but is what a boat should be. The varnish work glistens, the stainless is clean and polished, and the boat bristles with TLC.

They carry an assortment of various electrical shorepower plugs, but they have not found a need for a similar assortment of hose fittings for getting water in different cruising locations. There was none of the like reefer that is a teak box with a Grunert compressor Again, it gets back to planning and research before you leave. but when centered, the speed jumped up to 18 knots a wave would cause her to veer off, the pilot had The designs are proven, the performance options and alternative layouts fully developed, and the suitability of a particular model can be evaluated by simply talking to other owners, going to boat shows, or chartering the boat prior to purchase. Efforts to bring the line ashore via dinghy after setting the primary anchor have usually resulted in the famous "Gee, honey, I fouled the prop again" comedy drama, so they now bring the stern line ashore before setting the CQR. The aft stateroom is Whenever they cross the Gulf Stream, for example, they wear inflatable lifevests. First, we did not find in heavier seas. They had this GB for five years, a wood 36-footer with a single Caterpillar diesel. day for our sea trial, starting out in the choppy Island cruising involves operating in shallow water areas, and it isn't particularly useful to have the extreme depth range of an offshore depthsounder.

Making a boat unique to your own style doesn't necessarily involve making significant or major changes, especially when the boat is a high quality, proven design. Although this particular

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