Note on the 7 different types of forklifts: Class IV, V and VI forklifts are all very similar. They're generally used in applications where air quality needs to be considered. This class is for a 3 year certification.

This class is for a 3 year certification. We provide forklift instructor training courses throughout California. Of the seven forklift class types, Class VIIs are definitely the most durable and rugged! Forklift classes I, II and III are powered by electric motors. Certified Forklift Training Center takes pride in the fact that our programs are designed to promote participation by the operator trainees. What Are Transportation Accessorial Fees? They include straight mast and telescopic forklifts, extended boom lifts and extended reach trucks. ✓ Reach type outriggers Previous certification required. • 1104(9) List the exclusions from Manufacturing (different definition from PST legislation) •Farming or fishing •Logging •Construction (see CRA online definition) •Resource / energy sector restrictions Class 2: Electric Motor Narrow Aisle Trucks, Class 3: Electric Motor Hand or Hand-Rider Trucks, Class 4: Internal Combustion Engine Trucks—Cushion Tires, Class 5: Internal Combustion Engine Trucks—Pneumatic Tires, Class 6: Electric and Internal Combustion Engine Tractors, Your Forklift Center of Gravity and the Stability Triangle, Safe mounting of forklift and importance of seatbelt use, Make Sure Your Mobile Equipment Is Properly Insured, Decoding the Symbols on Your Commercial Auto Policy, Pedestrians and Forklifts - Awareness Can Help Reduce Accidents, Here Are 4 Reliable Dump Trucks Used in Construction Projects. If you have questions about the classes of forklift license your employees need to comply with OSHA regulations, call our certification consultants at (888) 278-8896 or click here to contact us online. REQUIREMENTS regarding the operation of powered industrial trucks. Regardless of the forklift classes used at your business, our online training modules cover everything your drivers need to know about operating different types of forklifts. All programs are in compliance with the O.S.H.A. Learn About the World's Top Renewable Energy Companies, Learn How Forklift Rodeos and Operator Competitions Sharpen Skills, 7 Pallet Storage Methods for Your Warehouse, The Balance Small Business is part of the.

© 2020 All rights reserved. This forklift type is just like Class IV, but with air-filled tires. They can be used either inside or outside for virtually any type of application. Class II trucks are probably the best choice for maneuvering through narrow warehouse aisles. The most trusted online resource for OSHA forklift certification and training since 2002. 1-day & 2-day courses are available. Regardless of how much your workers may think they know about the 7 different types of forklift, FLC’s training will help ensure their safety and keep your business in compliance with OSHA regulations. (FLC) has a great selection of forklift classes to all the different powered industrial trucks as defined by OSHA. The Instructor Development Program is designed for the in-house trainer. Group rates and Spanish language text and instruction are available. What Is a Pallet and How Are They Used and Designed? Both types are compact electric trucks that can maneuver through narrow warehouse aisles and other areas that can’t accommodate larger-sized forklifts. … ✓ Side loaders We provide OSHA safety training courses for any subject. Because of that, these forklift trucks can be useful in low-clearance applications. Our comprehensive online Forklift Training Kit covers forklift classes I through VII, and can be completed in about one hour using a smartphone, tablet or other digital device anywhere there’s an internet connection – your operators can be certified as soon as today! These include electric motor-powered rider, and counterbalanced trucks with either solid or pneumatic tires. Rough terrain forklifts are in a class by themselves. . Sign up now and your company will enjoy a safer, more productive workplace! Forklift has training and certification courses that cover all 7 different types of forklift along with the varied classes of forklift licenses.

At, we’re thoroughly familiar with the 7 different types of forklift and the training requirements for each different type of forklifts your company needs to become OSHA compliant. The forklift operator is assigned to drive a different type of forklift. These vehicles are powered by industrial batteries and use transistor motor controllers to control travel and hoist functions. People are often confused by the differences between Class II & III forklifts. As an employer, you’re responsible for seeing that your employees receive OSHA compliant training for all seven forklift classes. Electric motor narrow aisle trucks and Class III – Electric motor hand trucks hand/rider trucks. now requires under its current mandate (C.F.R. ✓ Turret trucks, Of all the 7 different types of forklifts, Class IV is often the most confusing. Class IV internal combustion engine trucks with solid tires are for indoor use on smooth floors, while Class V internal combustion engine trucks with pneumatic tires are used outdoors on uneven terrain. Class VII – Rough terrain forklift is a generic term used to describe forklifts typically intended for use on unimproved natural terrain and disturbed terrain construction sites. Classification depends on factors such as applications, fuel options, and features of the forklift. Electric Motor Rider Trucks. These forklifts are used inside on smooth dry floors for transporting palletized loads to and from the loading dock and the storage area. ✓ Walkie/riders. Title 29, 1910.178). Powered by batteries, gasoline or LPG, Class I’s are warehouse forklifts, and come in both stand up and sit down models. These forklifts can be equipped with either cushion or pneumatic tires.

Tractors powered by either electric or internal combustion engines. Forklift classes I, II and III are powered by electric motors. They’re designed for use inside warehouses, since they don’t emit toxic fumes and are less noisy than their gasoline or diesel-powered counterparts.

These trucks are most commonly seen in warehouses. ✓ Swing masts OSHA requires all operators to routinely inspect their vehicles by going through a daily checklist before starting work. ✓ Low lift pallets Our training courses include free lifetime customer support and refresher training. What's Not Covered by Auto Liability Coverage.

Includes all literature, written tests & driving tests.

After you pass written examination, you will be trained on pre-operational inspection,  basic operation of the forklift, forward and reverse driving, and obstacle course. AMEX, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, Check, Cash. Forklifts equipped with solid cushion tires powered by internal combustion engines. Forklift classes IV and V are powered by gas, diesel or LP gas engines. The cushion-tired lift trucks are intended for indoor use on smooth floors. These forklifts can be equipped with either cushion or pneumatic tires. These include, ✓ High-Lift straddles These vehicles have unique features that are designed to minimize the space occupied by the truck and to improve speed and efficiency. Certified Forklift Training Center takes pride in the fact that our programs are designed to promote participation by the operator trainees. Class VII forklifts are sit down riders designed for use on rough terrain, and are the most rigged and durable of the seven forklift categories. We’ll teach them everything they need to know about the seven forklift classes, including safe operating techniques, the types of forklift licenses needed and much more. This forklift is for companies that opt for very narrow aisle operation.

7 different types of forklift classifications. This class has a CCA rate of 20 percent.’s training courses will teach your workers about different forklift classes, safe driving techniques, OSHA regulations, accident avoidance and more. The pneumatic-tired models can be used in dry, outdoor applications. This class is for a 3 year certification. OSHA’s 7 different types of forklift classifications: Electric motor rider trucks. These vehicles are battery powered, and the smaller capacity units use industrial batteries. Learn more about the key differences in each class of forklifts so you can do a better job selecting the right forklift for your needs. They're often used at construction sites to transport and lift building materials to various job site locations. These are forklift trucks with pneumatic tires designed for outdoor use over rough terrain. This is basic forklift 101! Rough terrain forklifts are fitted with large floatation tires for outdoor use on difficult surfaces. They’re frequently used on construction sites and lumberyards, and are able to operate on uneven terrain. Because of the large capacity range of this series of lift truck, they can be found handling small single pallet loads to loaded 40-foot containers. Training is conducted either on-site or off-site, depending on your specific needs. Powered by batteries, gasoline or LPG, Class I’s are warehouse forklifts, and come in both stand up and sit down models. We provide affordable training for all forklift classes, including everything your company needs for your operators to meet OSHA’s requirements, so sign up now. The cushion-tired forklifts are lower to the ground than forklift trucks with pneumatic tires. Class 8 also includes electronic communications equipment, data network infrastructure equipment and systems software for that equipment. The U.S. Industrial Truck Association (ITA) has established 7 different types of forkliftsbased on criteria such as the type of motor that powers the truck, its tire types and whether the operator rides on the body of the truck or operates it by hand. We have train the trainer courses and certification at your location. These lift trucks can be powered by internal combustion engines and are available for use with LPG, gasoline, diesel, and compressed natural gas fuel systems. By using The Balance Small Business, you accept our. This class of forklift goes into the heavy duty category, and is best exemplified by a sit-down rider with a draw bar pull of at least 999 pounds!

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