In 1978, Corowa defeated Steve Proudlock, the winner of the prestigious Stawell Gift race that year, in a 100m challenge race.

Fastest: Peter Schuster. Strongest: Paul Gallen has the record for biggest bench press. Strongest: On raw numbers, Shannon Boyd is the strongest in the gym when doing squats and bench press. Fittest: Andrew McCullough. The "Black Flash" was blessed with plenty of gas and he used it to great effect, scoring 65 tries in 100 games for Balmain including 24 in one season. In terms of general fitness, Sam Stone and Jack Cogger are rated highly. Fastest: Jordan Rapana is the quickest over 10 metres recording times of around 1.55 seconds over 10 metres. “He is the top marker on any of our fitness tests and relative to body weight would also be ranked very high in terms of strength.”. "There's no point looking like Tarzan if you play like Jane.". Fittest: “In relation to running-based fitness Shaun Johnson and Roger Tuivasa-Sheck would be the leaders at training and in game,” Balin Cupples, head of athletic performance, said. This was obviously reflected in Round 19 when he made 73 tackles while running close to nine kilometres. Check out the poll results below, but first here are the 10 entries. Strongest: Bunty Afoa, 21, owns the bench press.

Former Queensland prop Beattie, who returns to the NRL with the Sydney Roosters after a two-year stint with French Super League team Catalans Dragons, credited "good habits" and an injury-free run for his superb physical condition. Fittest: Dylan Edwards. The former Eel recorded a 220kg back squat for three reps during the pre-season. The Hall of Famer, who ran competitively for the Randwick-Botany club in his youth, held the professional world 100-yard sprint record of 9.3 seconds in the early 1960s. “Fitness is the ability to endure long periods of optimal activity with very little depletion in effort,” Bulldogs manager of athletic performance Don Singe said. Fastest: Reimis Smith, the son of former Kiwi international Tyran Smith, is the quickest over 100 metres. Strongest: Marty Taupau boasts a 310kg dead lift as his one rep max. Find out more about our policy and your choices, including how to opt-out.

He is the most consistent performer in on-field fitness testing. A Roosters official said: “without giving too much away, the ground he covers in a game and the fitness testing results is how we’ve come to declaring him the fittest.”, Strongest: Forward Chris Smith dead lifts more than 200kg. Lee Oudenryn beat English winger Martin Offiah in a highly publicised sprint.

Formerly the leader of the pack at the Melbourne Storm ahead of the flying Ryan Papenhuyzen, now Grant’s also taken the lead from Josh Reynolds at the Tigers. Strongest: Josh Mansour dead lifts 270kg, which is the heaviest dead lift recorded at the club. The hooker dominates the club’s version of the beep test. Fittest: Josh Jackson. He once won the professional Canberra Gift race and later took out the NSWRL 110-yard Championship in 1958, running 11.1 seconds in full football gear to defeat Ken Irvine. “You can have all the fitness testing you want but in terms of rugby league fitness, the fittest is Cameron Smith.”. Find out more about our policy and your choices, including how to opt-out. “Scott’s all round fitness and his grit and determination in training makes him on of the clubs all round fittest player,” head of physical performance Nigel Ashley-Jones said. The Raiders only test speed over a short distance, so they can focus on a player’s speed off the mark and acceleration. “It not only helps me but the team. Fittest: The club declined to provide an answer. Tongan powerhouse Finefeuiaki won the Sea Eagles "strongman" contest although he does weights only once a week. His incredible reactive strength allows him to do that,” Rabbitohs head of high performance, Paul Devlin said. 19) Derrick Henry. Halfback Josh Lewis, the quickest man at the club, completed 31 chin-ups at a recent session. Jayson Bukuya is the biggest squatter and Sosaia Feki, who weighs in at 101kg, dead lifts 240kg or 2.38 times his body weight. "He's the most powerful thing I've come across … and the quickest I've seen in a big guy," Knowles said. “Dane Gagai is our strongest player overall, when you combine the lower and upper body lifts,” Ayoub revealed.

Fastest: Jai Field. Fittest: Daly Cherry-Evans. “Alex runs 10.2 metres per second. Sea Eagles player Marty Taupau lifting huge weights. Fittler encouraged by Blues learning ‘huge lesson’, Casualty Ward: Brimson, Murray out of series; Wighton, Capewell OK, Everything you need to know: Ampol State of Origin 2020, Mass changes unlikely: Fittler backs halves as Yeo firms for debut, You have skipped the navigation, tab for page content. The Knights hero earned the unofficial title of the NRL's fastest man after winning a race on The Footy Show in 1999, while he was also crowned Super League's quickest during a stint for St Helens in 2004. Nicknamed the Foxx, the NSW and Australian star's blinding pace has helped him score 63 tries in 84 Telstra Premiership games. The real surprise packet has been Chris Hicks.

Utility Luke MacDougall has also impressed teammates since joining from South Sydney, particularly after squatting his body weight 85 times on a one-legged press machine. A freakish try-scoring winger who played for Souths and Western Suburbs in the 1950s, Moir was also a beach sprint champion.

Fittest: “While it’s tough to measure Jack Littlejohn has shown himself to be our fittest player,” Marcus Kain, Wests Tigers head of physical performance, said.

I’ve helped a few people out, not that I’m the king of diets, but I’ve shown them what (former NRL player) Kayne (Lawton) has shown me and that’s helped them out.”. Former Eels, Gold Coast, Warriors and Cowboys winger Oudenryn laid claim to the title of league's fastest man when he downed Martin Offiah in the aforementioned match-race in 1992. “Other than having a maximum speed that is higher than 10 metres per second, Valentine also has an ability to maintain very high speed while changing direction,” Gray said. The prop bench presses 150kg for three reps, followed by 25 reps of 80kg to improve endurance.

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