Other than an interview with a talk radio show, these depositions are pretty much all we get of Epstein. Ultimately, the shoddy storytelling does a great disservice to the women so bravely sharing their trauma on camera. She repeats, of course, her charges against Prince Andrew, to whom about ten minutes of the third episode are devoted, complete with agreement from everyone (except Dershowitz) that he came out from the Newsnight interview looking even more guilty than when he went in. This Article is related to: Television and tagged Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich, Netflix, TV Reviews. We underestimate the courage it takes to speak in front of the world about the worst day of your life. Predict the winner, Strictly Come Dancing 2020 celebrity line up: meet this year's pairings, The BBC’s bias on Brexit has been proven beyond doubt – your move, Tim Davie, Last night’s TV: what Telegraph reviewers made of Educating Greater Manchester and more, What’s on TV tonight: The Disordered Eye, Life & Rhymes and more, Sheila Hancock: I hid my illness for fear of losing out on work, Educating Greater Manchester, review: an intriguing primer for One of his lawyers, Alan Dershowitz, is in fact the only one of Epstein’s A-list cronies who consented to be interviewed for this. That includes the "sweetheart deal" negotiated in Florida between Epstein's legal team and former U.S. attorney Alex Acosta, who later served as President Trump's Labor Secretary for two years, before stepping down over his involvement with Epstein's 2008 plea deal. The subjects of this Netflix documentary are all correctly credited as “Survivors,” heroic women coming forward to discuss the times they were raped, abused, and trafficked by Jeffrey Epstein. This was denied, in a model ruling by the judge, Richard M Berman, before the maybe-suicide that has robbed them all of true closure. But we’re not sure why Recarey’s face was pixelized in those interview videos as well as the video where they execute the search warrant. At one point late in the film, as a talking-head describes the dangers of the Manhattan jail where Epstein was found dead, Bryant cuts to footage of a rat scurrying across a city street, the type of weary symbolism that would feel cheesy in a Court TV documentary. Reporter Vicky Ward's work, however, exposed allegations of sexual assault that ultimately didn't find their way into the 2003 article -- to her stated frustration, and for reasons that the magazine disputes. But viewers actively searching for conspiracy fodder, more material to add to the string-covered cork board of the mind, will instead find a carefully sourced, self-consciously scrupulous attempt to untangle some of the mysteries in Epstein's biography while also giving voice to the many young women he abused. It's grainy and raw, a fair description of this four-part documentary, which squarely focuses on the story from the alleged victims' perspective. (Ward is now a senior reporter at CNN. J effrey Epstein was a free man, and a living one, when production began on the Netflix documentary Filthy Rich. The series gets into the weeds of Epstein’s various brushes with the law in an attempt to discover how he eluded justice for so long (the first allegation appeared in 1996), but it’s nothing that can’t be learned from his Wikipedia page.

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