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A branch of biochemistry called enzymology then developed. Molecular masses determined in nondenaturing conditions are preferred, since in these conditions the enzymes should maintain their in vivo aggregation states (not only their quaternary structures if present). To obtain a wide range of velocities, the substrates are usually varied from 0.25 to 5 Km values. Owing to partial inactivation, the optimum temperature is not a true property of enzymes and therefore should not be included in the characterization.

When kinetic constants are determined by computer analysis, the errors due to graphical analysis are immaterial. It is also possible to use the Microsoft Excel program to perform nonlinear least-squares fitting, provided that additional steps (macros) are used to generate the standard deviations and errors Billo (2001). Solve for the [ES] term (for reasons that will be given in the next step): The actual reaction velocity measured at any given moment is given by: Multiple both sides of the above equation by k2: The maximum possible velocity (Vmax) occurs when all the enzyme molecules are bound with substrate [ES] = [E]total, thus: Substituting this into the prior expression gives: This is the mathematical expression that is used to model your experimental kinetic data, It is known as the Michaelis-Menten equation, The general approach is to add a known concentration of substrate to the enzyme and to determine the initial reaction rate for that concentration of substrate, The Vmax and Km terms are intrinsic properties of the particular enzyme/substrate combination that you are studying, There are a limited number of enzyme molecules and they can only perform a single reaction at a time. Examples of therapeutic inhibitors are given, and examples of serum enzymes used for diagnostic purposes are provided. Stress enzyme kinetics are dictated by the complementary nature of enzyme-substrate interaction. Substrate saturation curves and double reciprocal (Lineweaver-Burk) plots, including the applications and components, are shown and discussed. Estimated based on the diffusion limit, commonly, enzyme reaction free energy barriers are higher than 11–12 kcal/mol (Alberty & Hammes, 1958). Enzymes are protein catalysts that accelerate the rates at which reactions approach equilibrium.

Enzyme kinetics is the branch of biochemistry that deals with a quantitative description of this process, mainly, how experimental variables affect reaction rates. Today, kinetic constants are determined by computer using various programs such as SigmaPlot or GraphPad Prism; the K m and V max values determined in this fashion are used to draw the Lineweaver-Burk lines of ‘best fit’ for illustrative purposes in journal articles.

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