"I first attempted the application process for a UK settlement visa on my own.

You are in the workpermit.com archive section. 3-5 years of work in the field listed positive list within last 3-5 years, then 15 points.

Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Mumbai Call us at 8595338595. In some cases your academic credentials must be assessed by the Danish Agency for Higher Education. Work Experience: As per number of years you have worked you get points accordingly. Following is the distribution of points on the basis of various factors: Language proficiency: On the basis of his language know-how, an applicant may earn 50 only if he has an experience of working in a place where English language is the primary medium of communication, or has a Masters Degree in English or has appeared for the IELTS and has scored 6.5 in each band. The minimum mark to become eligible for Denmark immigration is 100. Education Your email address will not be published. For 34 years and younger, will score 15 points. It does not constitute an application and does not replace the evaluation by the Austrian authorities.

Workpermit.com's team of specialists has over 25 years of experience in immigration services, and have helped thousands of people to study and work in countries all over the world. We will see if you are fitting into the categories that Denmark under Danish Agency for Labour Retention and International Recruitment.

The points calculator is a service for your first orientation only. Every year, innumerable people, from across the globe, immigrate to the country with a view to live a peaceful life and enjoy lovely sunsets at some of the most the crystal-clear beaches found in the world. 3.

1. Immigration to Denmark & Points Calculator. Age=23 years IELTS=6.5 Band Working Experience= 1.5 years as Network Administrator Regards, Raza Zaidi June 03, 2009

We know that most of you might be knowing that Denmark Green Card is open but we, Go For Visa, still want to give all steps how to get Denmark Green Card and it is for whom. Points can be earned for both one Scandinavian language (Danish, Swedish, or Norwegian) and either English or German, but not for both English and German or two or more Scandinavian languages. If the score is 6.5 minimum, then 20 points. In some cases your academic credentials must be assessed by the Danish Agency for Higher Education. Therefore, it will be great if you prove Bachelors with one year of more education. Copyright © 2020 Immigration Visa Online. Copyright © 2020 SIA workpermit.com, Riga, Latvia - All rights reserved, Expedite US visas for Uyghurs lawmakers urge, UK immigration deportations to be outsourced, UK Immigration and Brexit after the EU Referendum, Coronavirus Update 06 May 2020 06.05.2020, UK Tier 2 Sponsor Licence Update March 2020, Positive List of Shortage Occupations for Danish work permits, Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science's website, Diploma (1 year)/Polytechnic and College of Technology, Individual assessment in comparison to (possibly part of) a Danish vocational qualification (EUD), Diploma (2 years)/Polytechnic and College of Technology, Diploma (3-4 years)/Polytechnic and College of Technology, Individual assessment in comparison to a Danish vocational qualification (EUD), Postgraduate Certificate/Diploma in Engineering/Polytechnic, Bachelor of Arts/Science/Commerce (Pass), 3 years, Bachelor of Arts/Science/Commerce (Honours/Special Degree), 3 years, 2 years of a Danish Bachelor's Degree (in certain circumstances, a full Danish Bachelor's Degree), Danish Bachelor's Degree (in certain circumstances, a professional Bachelor's Degree), Master's Degree/Master's of Arts/Science/Commerce,1 to 2 years, 4 years of a Danish master degree (if a thesis is included, the degree may be comparable to a full Danish Master's Degree), Danish upper-secondary education or 1 year of Danish university studies at bachelor level (individual assessment), 1 or 2 years of a Danish Bachelor's Degree (individual assessment), 4 year Bachelor's Degree (16 years of education altogether), 2 years of Danish university studies, possibly a Danish Bachelor's Degree or professional Bachelor's Degree (based on individual assessment), 1 or 2 year Master's Degree on the basis of 2 to 3 year Bachelor's Degree, altogether 4 years of higher education, 1-2 year Master's Degree on the basis of 4 years of university education, 4 years of Danish university education, possibly a Danish master degree if 6 years of studies and thesis, Postgraduate Diploma (PGD)(vocationally oriented higher specialisation/further education), 1-2 years, Level 1 (Prøve i Dansk or equivalent test), Level 2 (Prøve i Dansk or equivalent test), Level 3 (Prøve i Dansk or equivalent test), Study Test in Danish as a Second Language (Studieprøven or equivalent test), Completion of at least one year of study in higher education in the EU/EEA or Switzerland, Completion of at least three years of study in higher education in the EU/EEA or Switzerland, At least one year of work and residence in an EU/EEA country or Switzerland, At least two years of work and residence in an EU/EEA country or Switzerland. It gives you the right to find a job paid or unpaid while you are in Denmark. Points are granted for work experience or educational qualifications, once a person has completed at least one year of study at a higher educational program in a country from the EU/EEA or Switzerland. If the score is 3.5 to 4.5, then 10 points. The living standard of its people is higher than those living in some of the so-called most developed global economies. To score points for Education, you must have the Danish equivalent of a bachelors degree. 4. Under the Danish Green Card scheme, points are score under three areas: education, language skills, and adaptability.

This means that even if you are a native language speaker, or have completed a course of study taught in a language, you will still need to provide language test results.Results must be from an official Danish language test (either Prøve i Dansk or Studieprøven) or a test approved by the Association of Language Testers in Europe (ALTE).

In addition to points scored for your degree, bonus points can be awarded under Education for having a degree from a top school as ranked by the QS World University rankings: Additionally, you will gain 30 bonus points if your degree allows you to work in a shortage occupation on Denmark's Positive List.

Minimum hundred points are necessary under the Danish Green Card Scheme. Please give me some time and calculate my points for Denmark Immigration,I shall be very thankful to you for this kind regard. Obtain Help Denmark Immigration Advisers in India but be Vigilant.

It is possible for you to score enough points for a work and residence permit based solely upon points earned for Education. These (points) are credited on the basis of the aspirant’s language proficiency, age, education, employment and individual adaptability. Language: The best for all in India or mainly in Asia, the test to give is IELTS. If the score is 5.0-6.0 then 15 points. If the education degree is lower than Danish Bachelors degree then you will lose your points of education. 3-5 years of work in other category, then 5 points. For more information and advice on Danish immigration law and Danish visa applications please contact us on 0344 991 9222 or at [email protected], Call for paid service +44 (0)344-991-9222.

He may also be required to submit a duly attested copy of statement from his very last employer stating the usage of any of these languages which will be termed as a proof for his language expertise and know-how. To successfully qualify and make the cut, each candidate needs to score a minimum of 100 points.

Educational Qualification: An applicant may score 60 points for 3 years of Masters Degree, plus two years of Masters Degree from a recognized college/university and 50 points for 3 years of Masters Degree, and 1 year of Bachelor Degree. Master’s degree, 60 points.

Individual Adaptability: The candidate may gain some earn extra (but highly useful and valuable) points if he is connected or linked to the EU/EEA, and this includes Denmark, through work experience or education qualification as this signifies his ability to sooner adapt into the Danish work environment. The Denmark Points Calculator mainly refers to the Danish Green Card option where points are awarded on the basis of an assortment of factors. Denmark has special requirements for degrees earned from universities in certain countries, including India and Pakistan. Apart from its eye-catching natural and man-made beauty, the ‘happiest country in the world’ is also world famous for unlimited employment opportunities and highly developed and fast pace of life. Under the Danish Green Card scheme, points are score under five areas: Education, Language Skills, Work Experience, Adaptability, and Age. You can also gain 5 bonus points for Danish language skills, these points are in addition to any other points gained for language skills.

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That was a big mistake. Having said this about the European country, like many other countries, the Denmark immigration procedure is also based on what is called the Points Calculator. The Denmark immigration is also based on the immigration point’s calculator.

For a full and up to date list of countries for which Denmark has special education requirements please see the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science's website. You can only claim points for either education experience or work experience -- not both. Bachelor’s degree plus one year of Masters degree, 50 points. Age: if you are 35-40 years old then 10 points. For example, an applicant with a level 2 score in Danish and a level 3 score in German would earn a combined total of 30 points.

Again, would like to tell you how to calculate the points and if the total is 100 or more, you are applicable to apply for the Green Card. To successfully qualify and make the cut, each candidate needs to score a minimum of 100 points. "Easy-to-read" information is available in German. So to calculate points:

After paying a huge amount and getting the whole thing wrong", So, if you want this visa, then just get in touch with. It means if one is younger, he has an edge over those who are senior to him in age.

Education=BSCS(Hons) 4 years and MSc(Telecommunication Systems) 2 years. Go for Visa, will tell you proper that most of the Danish Bachelor’s degrees are 4 years rather than 3 years.

Master degree or education level higher than that. Denmark Immigration Consultant Home / Denmark / Point Calculator . Points Calculator and Immigration to Denmark. For full details of ALTE approved tests please see this list. Also it is possible to get or granted residence permit to people who are looking to work in Denmark.

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