EnerBank USA is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on dirtyscam.com. She stated she could try to get a Specialist on the phone. It is impossible to figure out your loan. So, when the coast of a lawyer is added to what you think you are saving … & I have had a real bad experience with Four Seasons Sunroom; that is how I got evolved with EnerBank USA. WHY? I did find their Service Reps to be very helpful on the phone and was always given the information I needed. Their entire setup is completely unacceptable. payment delivery to thousands of billers. Logoff. We pay our monthly amount for 12 months without receiving a bill. Where can I find my bill? EnerBank USA is located at 1245 Brickyard Rd #600, Salt Lake City, UT 84106, USA. You can’t find your account balance, you can’t email them for help, their paper statements are useless if you plan on paying off your loan before the interest kicks in. I have a $10349.00 loan with enerBank First payment was for $95.67 so I paid a $100. It’s just a terrible experience. Sticking with rating but not the least happy with the opacity of the system. She stated that no Supervisors were available, and that I would have to leave a voicemail. #. I received an automated Payment Receipt email from EnerBank USA on Friday 01/25/2019, stating that the money had come out; but it was for a different amount than I have withdrawn each month, and on a different date, showing 01/25/2019 and not 01/20/2019. You will of course ask yourself, “What is the balance of my account?” Unfortunately, EnerBank USA does not provide you with this information. When starting a new loan that is stacked you send all apps. Now on the second loan I’m at least receiving some type of statements via snail mail unlike before, but surprise surprise, no paperless billing. It looks like they use a “bot” to search for keywords in these reviews, which trigger the same old replies time after time. Logon 2. Needless is to say that the companies that they work with (like the one that I bought the air conditioning from) are extremely unethical and dealing with Enerbank and Aspen Air Conditioning has been a complete nightmare. Even after making payments, the statements arrive showing the payment, but NOT showing interest accrued. Looking at my checking account, the money was still not out of my checking account. You do not receive a statement via email, and they do not display the balance on any of their websites; not even the payment website. I have a question about my EnerBank USA bill. Then they might or might not cash it. The loan was very easy to get for my home improvement project. it was all interest due.We requested a payoff amount be sent to us via mail for the amount due as of the end of July because of the threat of a lien being placed on the house and the woman tried to get us to continue with the loan payments that are in place. The best I can figure out is the only way to tell would be to set up a spread sheet to track the extra principal payments and use it to double check on their calculations.

We were transferred to multiple people all stating this loan was now my mother’s responsibility because she lived in the house and a lien would “probably” be placed on the house if the loan wasn’t paid. 1245 Brickyard Road Suite 600 Salt Lake City, UT 84106. No one hides this much information from their customers unless they are scamming. Second statement arrives I am told I paid $87.27 for principal and $12.73 interest per the statement I was sent. Organize & pay all your bills in one place. Customer service does not help so the only way is to get the monthly statement and write a check and send it in.

It would be more economical to charge your roof on a credit card.

You may not have any other options, but avoid this company if you can!

So why 3 stars if everything is working out well for me? If this was indeed a system glitch, why not send out a quick email to customers with those draft dates, letting them know? each month with the intent of getting rid of them. The terms of the loan are never disclosed. We weren’t trying to avoid paying what was owed but were questioning how the payments were being applied and wanted an accurate amount that was owed now. This is liable to not be the first post on this subject. there is no means to e-mail them – just voice numbers. ******62302. The terms of the loan are never disclosed. Click "Reply" to make your selection.  This is done by verifying your credentials against your phone number. If you’re not able to do the same, definitely consider a bank with better loan terms. I requested to speak with a Supervisor, as Mindy did not sound confident in what she was telling me. You are a nuisance they have to squeeze to get money for their contractors. The down side is online you cannot see what the loan balance is. We took out a 1 year interest free loan for backyard concrete in 2009. When adding EnerBank USA to their Bills & Accounts List, doxo Users indicate the types of services they receive from EnerBank USA, which determines the service and industry group shown in this profile of EnerBank USA. They have been a constant annoyance since then however I will not be making any more payments. After disagreeing, I decided to just pay the $74 amount yet now we owe a few hundred more. Learn I sincerely believe that this is predatory lending. Overall I have been satisfied with the service provided by EnerBank. We were transferred to multiple people all stating this loan was now my mother’s responsibility because she lived in the house and a lien would “probably” be placed on the house if the loan wasn’t paid. The first was paid off on time via the auto pay, but after sending in the entry form on the coupon book (e.g. The lack of communication for 5 years for a 1 year loan and then now being harassed for “finance and late fees” is simply unacceptable. All in all, this call took 35 minutes, or more, to find out something that should have taken 3 minutes, tops. The bill was paid with additional payments sent in stating to apply to the principal – these payments were still applied partially to the interest and the next bill stated no payment was due until. If you only pay this amount you will do nothing to reduce your principle balance. Well, I just received my first actual statement from EnerBank and have come to realize that I am paying more on interest than on my principal. She came back and stated that no Supervisors and/or Specialists were on the phone, but that she was speaking to her Trainer, a woman named Taylor. you will end up paying double the loan amount – 20 year loans at super high interest. So this is #1 way they make if difficult to pay off your loan. I telephoned them and said I didn’t see how my payment could be received so late unless they had a very bad receipt system (Visa was sued for just that), and they said they would “waive this one-time fee, but it was a special exception.” Well, they just sent me another bill for that old fee they waived. This was one of the worst decisions I have ever made; they are an absolutely terrible company. Luckily I got a knowledgeable service person. The payment that covers the interest that EnerBank USA unjustly charged you for their meandering. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services. Even on paper statements sent, there is no current balance shown. Unbelievable. The other thing I notice is that the replies to upset customer reviews here are considerate and professional. How much monetary loss is incurred by EnerBank USA’s customers? See something wrong? You now know how to view your balance with Nedbank SMS Banking. enerbank.com. The 2-star rating “Meh, I’ve experienced better” applies here, but it wasn’t that bad of an experience for me. Now, there is nothing wrong with them doing this and there is a large and bold text on the statement that should help you understand but once again it took me a phone call to really understand how they were doing this. about doxo  Click "Reply" to begin. protect users' payments First question should be, ‘what bank do you deal with’? You can contact EnerBank USA by dialing. When you go on the website it give you no option to pay off the loan. This might be hard for many people has I know a lot of people that no longer have ‘hard’ checks. The #2 way they make it hard to pay…kind of…is that the monthly statements “amount due” only represents the interst amount that is accrued monthly. Balance enquiry.

Not surprised by the negative reviews, this company is difficult to deal with and is somewhat in the dark ages [1980’s]. Customers that follow EnerBank USA most often also follow: Common questions, curated and answered by doxo, about paying EnerBank USA bills. I never had a negative experience with an individual, although I understand it can happen. Also Known as:  No endorsement has been given nor is implied.

The only explanation is that their intent is to defraud their customers. How many reviews are submitted by EnerBank USA’s consumers? It was great that we had the option to defer interest if we paid in full before a certain date. Logoff. doxo is not an affiliate of EnerBank USA. DO NOT get a loan from this company, if something happens to you and you are unable to talk to them they will refuse to talk to a family member especially if you were in the process of paying the loan off before the interest started. In late 2014, Enerbank reached out stating that we owed an additional $74 outstanding balance. I am paying 144.21 every month. Communication was very snail-speed. Just make it stop. In 2016 I’d assume I could make online payments and check my account balance and easily get my payoff amount…but you cannot. doxo enables secure bill payment on your behalf and is not an affiliate of or endorsed by EnerBank USA. Step 3 - You will be prompted to enter the first six digits of your ID number. Your email address will not be published. Balance for account ******6230Avail R6 198.92 Curr R698.92 Balance shown may not reflect all recent transactions.

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