Find the family emblem – a stag’s head and buckle – high up on the portcullis’ wall, just before entering into the castle proper. Scanned image of E 21160. Cawdor castle is a fascinating place to visit.

01463 219 219. London, published for the Proprietors by Geo. Scottish Charity No. Read more about our adventures in Scotland: Thank you so much! There were further additions by Alexander Ross in 1884. And the Tapestry Bedroom, where the 4-poster bed is the actual 1662 marriage bed of Sir Hugh Campbell and Lady Henrietta Stuart. Among the many contraptions in the old kitchen, you will find an old ice-box, various flat-irons, and smoothing-irons, as well as a pestle and mortar, a bucket – yoke, and many earthenware jars. Fishing on the Findhorn: Titled: 'CAWDOR CASTLE NAIRN-SHIRE.'. That 1370’s castle wasn’t the first building upon this storied land, however.

Although sympathizing with the Jacobite cause, the Campbells of Cawdor spent most of the 18th century residing on their Welsh estates. Legends have it that in 1370, William, the 3rd Thane of Cawdor, had a dream that he was to follow his donkey, laden with panniers of gold, until the donkey laid down. Much of today’s castle has evolved over the more “modern times” of the 14th to 17th centuries as a private fortress by the Thanes of Cawdor. Titled: 'Cawdor Castle, near Nairn'. A previous building, mentioned as 'Calder Castle' in 1398, may have occupied the site. Some were hurt…”. The flower garden was originally laid out in 1720 and in the early 20th century was remodelled on a theme of Dante's passage through hell. In 1981 Lord Cawdor designed and planted a holly maze in the northern section. The allegorical design and the inscription in dog Latin have never been satisfactorily explained or translated. Compared to the more formal designs of the two older gardens, the Wild Garden is a rambling, winding array of paths through flowering shrubbery set amidst old trees. She moves to a small cottage in the village during the summer when the castle is open to visitors, although she is a frequent visitor and can often be seen walking the grounds. Cawdor Castle. The central tower of Cawdor Castle, listed category A, was probably remodelled in the mid-15th century. Scotland is indeed a land of castles. In Cawdor Big Wood are splendid trees and nature trails. Both have now gone. Woodland runs along the river valley and Cawdor Wood forms part of that belt. First laid out early 17th century, the policies and woodland planted in the late 18th century, altered in the mid-19th century and the Flower Garden replanted in the 19th century and again in the mid-20th century. T. Barber. The trees near Tomnaghuail Wood have been incorporated into a new plantation in a long finger-like shape. Titled: 'Cawdor Castle (Nairnshire). Alas, I have no photos to share of the Wild Garden. Truly stunning! The oldest of Cawdor Castle’s gardens is The Walled Garden. Historic Scotland, 'Cawdor Castle', {Gardens and Designed Landscapes},,,, Historic Environment Scotland Gardens & Designed Landscapes Inventory, Historic Environment Scotland An Inventory of Gardens and Designed Landscapes in Scotland.

The Castle is the ancestral home of the Campbells of Cawdor and has been since the 14th Century. Tower Road Engraving showing general view of Cawdor Castle. The golf course at Cawdor Castle has been in use since 1976 and covers 25 acres of beautiful parkland. Filled with a wealth of plants and animals (keep a special eye out for the Red Squirrels), the gardens are always a joy to behold. The kitchen also boasts an amazing 19th-century cooking range. Cawdor Castle is still inhabited and in excellent condition. Little is known about this garden in the 18th century when the family were absent. Historic photograph showing general view of Cawdor Castle, and river, © Courtesy Historic Environment Scotland: Reverend W Fergus Harris Collection. According to the late Lord Cawdor it comprises a towerhouse with curtain wall and dry-moat built c. 1396, with 17th century additions. The tree exists to this day, standing at the heart of Cawdor Castle. Is Cawdor Castle now on your list of places to explore one day? Mason's marks from Scottish churches, abbeys and castles recorded between 1857 and 1861 on 29 drawings in the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland Collection. The old kitchen was in active use between 1640 and 1938. The old kitchen is said to date from 1640 and was used right up to 1938. On the north side the rich plain of Strathnairn is farmed and to the south the land is mainly heather moorland.

Three distinct gardens, to be exact! The arched Entrance Gate was built in the 18th century and a portion of the old Castle wall is incorporated into the round-headed entrance which has a pair of studded doors. By 1725, according to his own report, Archibald wrote that he had 'levelled a considerable piece of ground a part whereof was a deep morrass and the rest a hill, of which he has made a handsome garden where all sorts of fruit grow that are in Scotland'. The four-poster was the marriage-bed of Sir Hugh Campbell and Lady Henrietta Stuart who were married at Darnaway Castle [q.v.] The Dowager Countess still lives in the castle for part of the year.

In the photographs, each compartment was filled with plants, either colourful flowers or rows of vegetables and no lawn could be seen. There are several trails to choose from that run through the big wood. For (predecessor) house of Old Cawdor (NH c. 858 512), see NH85SE 9. It lies on the Cawdor Burn, a tributary of the River Nairn, in the northern foothills of the Grampians overlooking the river valley. The early tower may well have been surrounded by a walled courtyard with outbuildings on the present lines, but these ranges have been extensively rebuilt. The sessile oak trees in Cawdor Wood are believed to be part of an ancient primeval forest and host the largest variety of lichens in the UK. In 1848 the Castle was restored and remodelled by Thomas Mackenzie who died in 1854.

Though a very modern addition in 1981, the Walled Garden’s towering holly maze is the perfect place to wander, to dream a little, to capture the ancient essence that permeates the area. The Dining Room includes a stone fireplace with a mantelpiece that commemorates the marriage between Sir John Campbell of Argyll and Muriel Calder of Cawdor in 1510. These may have been grown in the Lower Garden. With its low doorways, turnpike stairs, massive walls warmed by rare tapestries and its original kitchen, Cawdor is a place where you can slip right into Scottish History. Oblique aerial view centred on the castle and walled garden, taken from the WNW. And yes, there still exists today a castle room built around a tree, aptly named the Hawthorn Room. Photogrpah album with views by J Valentine of exterior and interiors of Cawdor Castle c. 1890 and view of Helmingham Hall and Peckforton Castle including many interiors. Our Top 10 Scottish Restaurants in Inverness, Inverglen Guest House 7 Abertarff Road Inverness IV2 3NW, Tel (from the UK): 01463 716 350 Tel (from outside UK): 44 1463 716 350. Today, roses are still grown in the ovals surrounded by lavender. Access from the hall to the upper floors was by a spiral stair in the thickness of the wall. Inverness Permalink Grass also covers the steep banks of the old moat to the north of the Castle. The Gate Lodge and Entrance are individually listed as category B but are listed category A as a group with the Castle. The policies and woodland were laid out in the mid-18th century and altered and replanted during the 19th century.

This room was used as a kitchen from at least the 17th century to 1938, and retains much of its old equipment. The Castle lies just above the alluvial plain of the River Nairn and the soil in the Gardens is a good loam. Cawdor Castle W elevation, Cawdor, Highland, Cawdor Castle N elevation, Cawdor, Highland, General view from the NW. Drawing showing masons' marks from the Old Castle of Duffus and Cawdor Castle.

Cawdor Castle View SW from Tower, Cawdor, Highland, Cawdor CastleView N from Tower, Cawdor, Highland, Cawdor Castle Drawbridge Tower, Cawdor, Highland, Cawdor Castle River Bank to SW, Cawdor, Highland. There are several young plantations of mixed conifers and hardwoods such as beech with larch and Noble fir with Juniper. Cawdor’s three outstanding gardens are not to be missed.

Oblique aerial view of Cawdor Castle and policies, taken from the SSE.

There are proposals to replant the southern sections as a medieval garden with an orchard similar in style to the one mentioned in 1635. Oblique aerial view of Cawdor Castle Golf Course, taken from the SE. The first mention of a garden and an orchard was in 1635. Illustration in Views in Scotland. An arched walk stood on the east side.

The native Juniper grows as an understorey especially in the central area where it grows with sessile oak and birch. As in, they actively live within the walls of Cawdor Castle!

His son Hugh, the 6th Earl, succeeded in 1970 and in 1981 with his wife laid out a holly maze in the Lower Garden. The rock strata dips towards the west ensuring that throughout the year the water permeates and keeps the … Cawdor is renowned for the quality of its larch many of which have grown with tall straight trunks. Some of the compartments also have flowers such as perennials and small shrubs. Colourful Primulas and spring bulbs carpet the banks. On certain days walk to nearby Auchindoune House to explore the Tibetan, formal and vegetable gardens as well as an orchard and arboretum. With its low doorways, turnpike stairs, massive walls warmed by rare tapestries and its original kitchen, Cawdor is a place where you can slip right into Scottish History.

It comprises 18th- and 19th-century parkland, large tracts of woodland and formal gardens. Oblique aerial view of Cawdor Parish Church, taken from the W. Oblique aerial view of Cawdor Castle and policies, taken from the SSW. Country Life, May 11th & 18th 1945 - text & photographs, Scots magazine. Its 1161 yards (par 32) offer a variety of challenges that will keep both seasoned players and beginners entertained. Dictionary of Scottish Architects (People), Dictionary of Scottish Architects (Building), © Historic Environment Scotland. The Castle: A fairy-tale castle which you can touch and see and sense for yourself, Cawdor is a splendid house and home to the Dowager Countess Cawdor. More work is planned. Oblique aerial view of Cawdor Castle and policies, taken from the SE.

Oblique aerial view of Cawdor Castle and policies, taken from the WNW. There are long views to the north and north-east across the Moray Firth and to the Highland uplands beyond. Why it’s over 600 years old! Still a garden most awesome indeed. Cawdor Castle consists of mainly 17th century buildings, incorporating a keep which probably dates from about 1454. Walk around the castle’s exterior, admiring it’s slated roofs, crow-stepped gables, and towering turrets. It has some of the most sumptuous interiors you could imagine. Designed & Powered by. Do share in the Comments section! Two windows are to be built in the King's room upon the west side and the position of the door altered. Highlights include The Drawing Room with its fabulous fireplace and minstrel’s gallery, as well as The Tapestry Bedroom with its magnificent four-poster bed complete with gilded and silvered Venetian headboard. Were you impressed with this incredible gem of Scottish history? © Courtesy of HES (Society of Antiquaries of Scotland Collection). The mantelpiece commemorates the marriage between Sir John Campbell of Argyll and Muriel Calder of Cawdor in 1510.

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