This is a great, if slightly unpleasant, question and it’s certainly one that anyone considering becoming a firefighter may think about. The information and other content provided in this blog, or in any linked materials, are not intended and should not be construed as medical advice, nor is the information a substitute for professional medical expertise or treatment.

This video shows the basic procedure used by firefighters with a standard ring cutter: The process of removing a stuck ring is usually simple.

It’s a common step in first aid for strains and sprains. Most fire stations and emergency rooms have a tool that can cut the ring off in a matter of seconds, and you will still be able to take the ring to a jeweler for repair. Avoid tugging too much.

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Whenever a ring gets stuck on your finger, you just have to call the firehouse and ask for their help. Depending on the material the ring is made of, the jeweler might even be able to resize the ring so you won’t have the same problem in the future. A jeweler has the perfect tools to cut off a stuck ring without harming your finger. Your finger has swollen due to trauma or injury.

Firefighters, What Does A Burning Body Smell Like?

The man went to the fire station by himself to seek help.

They can also ensure minimal damage to your ring during the cutting process, which is something the fire department can’t promise (they’ll be more focused on your safety than saving the ring). You have a ring that once fit you, but you’ve since grown in size (but neglected to remove the ring).

It works by compressing your finger, making it easier to slide the ring off. A specialty tool called a ring cutter can cut the ring without damaging your finger. If the ring doesn’t come off, remove the dental floss and get emergency care. Also read: How to Put Out a Fire on Someone’s Clothes: A Guide. Finally, they’ll polish the ring until the change is virtually invisible. My site is dedicated to helping answer questions people have about the fire service. As long as the ring isn’t too severely stuck, it should slide off after enough effort.

Hence, there is a high chance your ring can be restored to its original beauty after it is cut. While the fire department might be the first place you think of calling when you’re dealing with a stuck ring, they’re not the only ones who can free your finger. Rings can get stuck on your finger for several reasons. Fully submerge your finger with the stuck ring into a cup of ice water. When the swelling subsides, gently try to remove the ring. You’re retaining fluids due to diet or a condition, such as kidney disease or thyroid disease. Tools from Rescue 104 were used to remove a ring from a patients hand this morning.

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