Shuriken attack which summons the fires of hell to deal Dark damage to enemies along a straight path. 3 comments Become comfortable with your weapon, increasing attack speed and decreasing skill cooldown time. This site uses cookies. Shinobi Guide Hi, I have returned to Aura Kingdom and would like to know some of the stats , envoy path that would go well with bard/crusader as a subclass, thank you ! Getting the right eidolon and star bonuses is something you need to worry about post +20, otherwise you have your gear priorities set wrong. Test your Staff skills in many battles, greatly increasing Crit Damage. Work out to gain a slight increase in health. Envoy:16% skill dmg on Envoy's path( Idk why us serve translate it to crit dmg, but it actually is skill dmg). saying cdmg stone is useless and recommending ele secret stones, yes it might be common sense but you have to know, when people DO read guides (which is well, like who the f does that anymore), its mostly new player and they probably want more actual comparison that they can relate to, not just some "NO MATTER WHAT" or "ITS JUST USELESS", it might surprise you but most of them don't even know how crit damage works, let alone boss damage or elemental damage for that matter, so you really need to touch on those which bring us to my second point, to be blunt the guides you are writing is no where near "comprehensive" again no offense, its prob just your way of wording, not the actual content itself, yeah sure your guide is new and more up to date, but its not doing more than what a one line comment can do. Holy sword.

Whip the enemies into such a furor that coming aftfer you is all they can think about. more dmg stat, and +25% dmg dealt to elite helps you clear mob quicker.

Easy to get 2. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). Keep your eyes on the prizes slightly increasing enemies' loot drop rate. it is skill dmg not cdmg.. it was a translation error that was fixed recently even tho they forgot to change description ig :haHAA: Changed my envoy last night. c) no spd. You can change some point if you need. read your own guide and criticize it yourself before posting, read it like you are someone looking for guides not like you writing it, this will help you with wording, 5.) This accessory is better in Time Library, if you don't have too many eidos. Bard weapon has MOVE SPEED! Study Staff magics, slightly increasing Crit Damage. 3, So, Ninjutsu: Destruction (Envoy) and Buff of Umbral Ambush only increase it a part. When your enemy is on the ropes, all you have to think about is how to finish them off.

3, No matter 12% -def, or 18% dmg taken, they are both debuffs, which means: a, Your teammates will enjoy it.

May 8, 2018 @ 1:38pm reaper/ninja envoy path hi guys i ... You can find the recommended Envoy's Path for Reaper/Shinobi {LINK REMOVED} here. Long hours of intensive practice of Soaring Slash has dramatically increased its damage output and lowered its cooldown. Also, if you're not full +20 you shouldn't worry about eidolons yet, 3-star eligos will do the trick for the time being. Conduct extensive research on the particulars of Shuriken combat. they are not useless... ultimates have invincibility frames, and its good when fighting bosses, you just need to get used to jumpcasting. Study monster behaviour to learn when they're about to attack, increasing your evasion. Know where to hit enemies in order to make them drop their valuables, significantly increasing loot drop rate. 1,When you can break def, def-12% is always better than 18% dmg taken. Delve deeply into monster psychology and observe them in the wild, gaining a sizable increase in your evasion. Gather arcane energy with your Staff, infusing the Harp's strings to generate a melodic barrier that lowers the damage allies receive. Brandish your Sword and Shield like a pro, greatly increasing Damage. Strive for excellence as a master of Staves, assaulting enemies with potent and precise elemental energies. Know where to hit enemies in order to make them drop their valuables, significantly increasing loot drop rate. Armor: Holy Spirit. Light your sword on fire and slash the enemy repeatedly, then leap up and launch a volley of smoldering arrows to finish them off. Become proficient with Staves, significantly increasing Damage. 3, Inflicting dmg frequently (making debuff on targets quicker), Analysis of Main Skills/Masteries/ Weapon Mastery. Magic bottom has more crit, but less dmg and dmg dealt and crt dmg to boss. Keep your eyes on the prizes slightly increasing enemies' loot drop rate. Take the experiences you've learned in battle to gauge the best way to strike foes.

Toughen your body through many fierce battles to gain a sizable increase in health. Train to protect yourself from harm, slightly increasing your defense. Incant holy words from your Grimoire, then magnify their energies with your Staff to radiate life's brilliance upon your party members, recovering their health. Eido ult= 6s. I really hope this guide can help some people. Use your Grimoire to fill them with arcane energy until they shatter in a shower of glassy shards. If you would like to use all features of this site, it is mandatory to enable JavaScript. You need the Lightning Combo, cuz it has stun. Drill in blocking blows each day, increasing your defense. sunvil. Deep insight into the delicate nuances of the Great Fireball has massively increased its damage and effective radius. 14% skill dmg .

Comprehend the essence of wielding your weapon, increasing attack speed and decreasing skill cooldown time. Full +20 IS in fact an average player. If we emphasize on f2p eidos that much, then uzuriel is the best and easiest option since you can 3 star her in pretty much 1 day by leveling up 2 alts to lvl 35 or so (and again her spells are way better comparing to Cyril). Learn monsters' weak points, making you more likely to land a critical strike. Strive for excellence as a master of Sword and Shield, defending allies with a strong body and an unbreakable will. #2. Keep your eyes on the prizes slightly increasing enemies' loot drop rate. Thorough study of the theory and practice of Thunder Cut has given it a huge boost to its damage output. Yeah i know, you shocked atm. utilize forum function more, like these... kinda thing, try to make your guide steered towards newer players, maybe players that are in thier 80's. The post was edited 2 times, last by CatSayMeow (Feb 23rd 2018). User Manual; 1. Ignite the engine of your curiosity, significantly increasing EXP gained. This is a good option. But Spd+4174 is really attractive. Go out into the world determined to see all kinds of things, slightly increasing EXP gained. I didn't calculate your first wind doesn't have urmbral's buff for 2 second, so I don't put 1.2 in the 4th second, but it you still have bonus mark. Wind, Umbral, Wind (3s) < Wind, Fireball (2s). Combat in long period time + no danger = AoL or Boxes. But it really fun. So, like 11 storm 3 dmg dealt, its little bit better. ONE MORE TIME, only for fun. 5 in strom, 30 in crit. There was indeed some damage increase on my crippling but nothing too fancy tbh, considering I increased its damage by 16%. Slash wildly with your Dual Blades, somersault, then channel energy through your Sword & Shield to unleash a devastating shock that drains the enemy's health to restore your own. 1. React quickly to monster attacks, slightly increasing your evasion. Weapon: 2*orange. Long hours of intensive practice of Ice Storm has dramatically increased its damage output and its effective duration. Brush up on the basics of Great Axe, slightly increasing Damage. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. So we keep using Storm dmg for them. Unleash a flurry of kicks and slashes with the katars, then channel all your power into a massive overhead axe smash.

There are some new feature after lv60. It depends on your eido wish and achiev. Know where to strike a monster to have a higher likehood of dealing a critical blow. Painstaking research into the Blood Corruption technique has significantly reduced its cooldown. Storm skill dmg+ dmg to Lightning, Storm, Holy. Stick to your beliefs even when times are tough, slightly increasing your personal healing. If you wanna make a video to show nuke. So don't tell me that 2/7% only increase dmg to specific elemental target. 30dmg+15 ms+ 20dark+20 ice+20 fire +20 lightning+15 storm. Become comfortable with your weapon, increasing attack speed and decreasing skill cooldown time.

Train daily with your Sword and Shield, slightly increasing your Crit Rate. Shuri's 95gold is useless. Put one foot in front of the other with style, slightly increasing movement speed. Long hours of intensive Maple Star practice have dramatically increased its damage output. 6. This guide will help you if you are struggling to build your Holy Sword and Shinobi. Ignite the engine of your curiosity, significantly increasing EXP gained. So you can kill bosses before your teammate see them. Edit source History Talk (0) Comments Share. Stun. i agree with you on this one lol, why did you type so much text when you can just win with this (still using uzuriel btw). hi guys i want to do reaper/ninja build. Wizard Guide | Hall of Philae Guide | Sky Tower Nuances & Tips, Sylver_Aura - Wizard/Bard (since 2014) | Princess_Garnet - Tachi (since 2015), So its really does CDMG not DMG, but really its so confusing since some player said its DMG and even AKDB says its dmg but in the description says CDMG, but if thats the case guess worth to change and take 4,8% crit + 4% shuri crit.

Grants a substantial increase in CRIT DMG.

React quickly to monster attacks, slightly increasing your evasion. 5%dd < 2% Pen, no dd < 8% dd < 2% pen+ dd. Practice handling your weapon to slightly your attack speed and decrease skill cooldown time. The other of my guide is focus on this one. All Lords+ Arcane + Tooth + Time code + 2 orange weapon. again i'm not trying to demotivate you to write guides, but you have to know the truth on what's happening in the community, and when writing something for a community be sure to be open to feedback both positive and negative, people are sharp tongued but most of them normally has their point, and look im writing essay too now, and this is special for you because you are trying to do something, no one forcing me to write but i write anyway with HOPE that you can improve, its the same when you are writing guides, things in world will turn out unexpected most of the time, if you really really want to put up a comprehensive guide despite all this i recommend you to, 1.) Use your familiarity with fighting monsters to your advantage.

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